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File: 1613054250483.jpg–(285.65KB, 1150x1410, 1584852862167.jpg)
No.18  [Reply]
Hey guys! Happy to see the chan back up again. Lets hope it stays up for many years to come.

So, speaking of Malachi scat stuff, I remember seeing a scat piece of TK from Digimon by Malachi posted on Gurochan a few years back, anyone have that? I can't find it for the life of me :p
¨ No.19
That art is beautiful, didn't even know Malachi did scat art.
¨ No.28
1614218218222.jpg–(426.71KB, 887x1266, 1512722636291.jpg)
¨ No.29
1614218237814.jpg–(438.95KB, 1216x1734, 1512722669382.jpg)

File: 1612035415485.jpg–(76.52KB, 640x715, 277945-shunzou-vika-fire_emblem_1217651885.640x0.j)
No.2  [Reply]
Does anyone have backup of all content, there were alot of loli shitting and peeing outdoor pics that seem to be lost now

Pls reupload if possible
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¨ No.26
i have a full wget archive of gurochan a day or so before it went down, might upload that but i remember it very big (~10G!) maybe it was smaller idk.
Also i'm really happy to post from tor! :)
¨ No.27
only the /s/ board actually i think

File: 1613649412592.jpg–(64.75KB, 622x700, IMG_3842.JPG)
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1613649528163.jpg–(72.03KB, 700x588, IMG_3899.JPG)

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1613649616511.jpg–(61.30KB, 448x700, IMG_4158.JPG)

File: 1612623055214.png–(1.46MB, 2560x1440, 1489857031257.png)
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1613096608309.png–(1.04MB, 2560x1921, 1554479903102.png)
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1613096649061.png–(545.58KB, 1390x1080, 1489896318950.png)
¨ No.22
1613096691664.png–(1.02MB, 2455x1440, 1489857248488.png)

File: 1612674042683.jpg–(2.70MB, 1920x2670, 81802800_p0.jpg)
No.11  [Reply]
Guess I get to be the filthy harlot that brings back the shit eating thread.

Bonus points if the shit is actively being swallowed or visibly inside a stomach.
¨ No.14

File: 1612238949566.png–(54.20KB, 153x200, 1531970759539.png)
No.8  [Reply]
I was looking for a game from quite long ago, using this image as one of its CGs. I can't remember what game is it. If anyone remembers or have played the game before, I would love to know what game is it. Thanks!
¨ No.9
It's not from a game, it's from a pixiv artwork: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/35032534
¨ No.12
Yeah, but I remember there a game in RPG maker that uses this pic (and another from the same artist) as its CG. I have been looking for the stuff for a while now. Alas, I might have lost it forever.
¨ No.13
1612767306866.png–(1.32MB, 1042x764, asdf.png)
also, this game seems interesting, but no one seems to have any idea where to actually find it

File: 1612177440698.png–(368.76KB, 1572x840, 1529297419716.png)
No.5  [Reply]
posting for the request anon
¨ No.6
1612177482391.png–(398.96KB, 1572x840, 1529297454973.png)

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1612177515476.png–(45.40KB, 726x700, 1529297530320.png)

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