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File: 1612214894623.jpg–(82.78KB, 850x485, sample_fc2b3306b28e9a7eb16fd538df96681c-1.jpg)
Restoring a G Chan classic

Discribe how youd kill the pictured character

And yes you can discribe for a character that was already claimed

Lets start with Bridget of Guilty Gear
¨ No.5
first a spinal tap, so she can't move, I'd place her body under a mirror and use a turnequet just aboveher elbow, take a small filleting knife and cut from just behind the wrist up to the elbow, she wouldn't feel anything but the shaky shock of her body being cut, i would keep going until I hit bone

then I'd cook 5hose slices, close enough that she could smell it, and know that shes just meat now, then feed her her just a small slice, i would do the same with her other arm, and her legs over the course of a few weeks, to allow her body to make more spinal fluid, once her sensation is back, i would lift up her right hand, now rotting and infested with maggots and hold it in front of her face, while she watches i would take bolt cutters to the part right below the wrist, and cut down so she could hear the crunch, then shove that down her throat,forcing it down, while she struggles not to choke on her own vomit, the maggots would eat away at her stomach lining, and through her body, acid would leak through her internal organs, afterwards i would dump whats left of her body into the alley, with the rats in the trash

sorry if its too edgy, this is the first time I've tried to rp, i had a bad experience once so its hard to
¨ No.6
1612581424259.jpg–(199.46KB, 793x1024, large (13).jpg)
Its awesome but Bridget is a trap aka feminine looking boy

¨ No.8
yeah i know, I just dont want to cause idiots to run off topic with bullshit

would drive railway spikes through her feet and hands into a wooden block, and cut small circular incisions around her wrists and ankles, I would turn a heatlamp up to whatever temperature her skin needs to tan and shrink, from what i can tell the only useful part of this dragon is its skin, the meat would be too tough, so I would moisturize her skim every few hours to keep it soft, once the skin has tanned enough, I would give her a light acid wash to wash off any undesirable features, and further soften the previously tough dragon hide, and I would make an incision down her back to take the leather I want from her, pulling it smoothly off her skin

I would put a zip on that leather, and give it to a servant to wear, as soft as it has become it would retain elasticity, and become form fitting, I would dye it black, and fuck her on top of the dragon, her blood on our skin as she begins to enter cardiac arrest from shock and pain as our friction tears at her vulnerable flesh

posting this makes me want to learn more about making and using leather
¨ No.9
1612746907208.jpg–(41.10KB, 564x564, 3764c73c30a8a3f40e35074c20c44130.jpg)
Tracer from Overwatch
¨ No.17
1613015424519.png–(2.24MB, 2048x2029, 1612924923386.png)

the only correct answer is clearly to steal her time toy and kill her in all the ways you can imagine, jumping through time to do it, but i think it would be more fun not to kill her

I really like meatgrinders but I've always hated how quick they kill, but it would be very fun to attach whatever time device she uses to her head, and then put her through feet first, every ten seconds time would reset for her and she'd experience it again, but she wouldn't ever die

should i namefag since you guys are? ive only ever lurked here since 2010
¨ No.30
1614115549513.jpg–(144.07KB, 850x638, image1709.jpg)

Zero Two grunts as she tries to lift herself up. I place my massive boot between her tits and force her back to the ground. Her perky breasts rise with each breath as she glares up at me, piercing me with her cyan eyes.

"Just ... just make it quick, please."

I grin and pull a grenade from my pocket. "You're in luck, as that's just what I had in mind."

Her eyes bulge as I kneel and force her legs apart. "Oh no!"

"What? You asked for quick, not painless or clean." I stretch her labia and shove the device into her womanhood. I pull the pin and run.

I take cover behind a large rock Zero Two's piercing screams cease as an explosion roars across the forest. Specs of blood rain down. A chunk of thigh flesh smacks me in the head before tumbling to the dirt between my legs.

I look over the rock. Everything below her chest and above her knees is gone. A coat of blood covers the ground, chunks of flesh and tissue litter the scenery; a piece of intestines hangs down from a tree branch.

What remains of her spasms for a minute. I look stand over her lifeless corpse and gaze into her vacant eyes, before leaning down and kissing her on the lips.

"Well, it's been fun." I take out another grenade and place it between her tits. After pulling the pin I stroll out of the clearing. The shock wave ruffles my hair and coat seconds later.


Here's Mikasa, defeated after her comrades fail to overthrow the government.
¨ No.31
1614142046243.jpg–(170.89KB, 1113x1200, 07C94054-D3A3-401E-A4A5-4B4D948769E2.jpeg)
I’d just strangle her to death. No flourish, no afterwards rape, no mutilating the body, no nothing. Bare hands or with a string, it doesn’t matter. Maybe tack on an extra six minutes to the strangling once she stops breathing just to be sure. And afterwards, strip her nude and leave her out in an isolated clearing for the crows to eat.


Now, how do you lot kill Sugar from OFF?

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