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File: 1613671572057.jpg–(64.90KB, 660x880, 1612405593948.jpg)
It’s time to revive this game.

Although many of you are probably familiar with this, I’ll go over the basics for the uninitiated.

This is essentially a kill-the-above writing game. Poster A posts a character and prompt. Poster B writes a short story in which the previous character meets their untimely demise. Poster B then posts their own prompt so the game continues.

The rules are, as follows;

You must write a story for the previous prompt before making your own prompt. The only exception is if the previous prompt is more than a month old, in which case you may make a new prompt without writing a story.

All characters in the prompt should be human-like and at least sixteen.

Original characters only. You may use the image of a fictional character for your original character.
Don’t post more than five characters in a single prompt.

Put some effort into your stories; a minimum of 200 words.

Stories must end in the death of all characters named in the prompt. Writers are free to add victims not mentioned.

Here’s the template;

Appearance: (Leave blank if you added an image.)
Apparel: (Leave blank if you added an image unless the character’s outfit is different from what’s in the image.)
*Consent: (For both sex and death)
*Type of Death: (Execution, Murder, Assisted Suicide, Etc)
*Setting: (May include location, time period, and genre.)

Anything with an ‘*’ can be omitted and left up to the writer.

Blank template for easy copying.

Type of Death:
¨ No.23
1613671642171.jpg–(504.14KB, 850x1202, sample_feffc3f7b4a61998aac300d7b6c91f1b.jpg)
Name: Emma Dunn
Age: 23
Type of Death: Murder (hitman)
¨ No.29
1614070526005.jpg–(85.59KB, 800x1000, summer_twilight_by_danmakuman_ddcdk5s-pre.jpg)
It wasn't easy at first but after a few days I had finally gotten the target's schedule down in order to take her out. I don't know why they wanted this girl dead, then again a part of me didn't care since I was getting paid; all I had to do was sneak into her apartment and wait for her.

After what felt like hours, she made it back home from whatever she was doing. She was on her phone the entire time, probably never noticed me until I wrapped the wire around her slender neck. She gasped as I made sure she wasn't able to do much of anything. Just the sounds of he gasping for air as the wire slowly squeezed her throat until… silence. I held my grip for a few minutes more just in case she was trying to take being dead, I then quickly snapped her neck as one final check and looked at my handiwork.

I undressed the target and began to photograph the body and send it to the client, ensuring my payment and for his pleasure. Before leaving I clipped off a small portion of her blue hair for my collection and left. What happened next was none of my concern.

Name: Trisha
Age: 24
Personality: bubbly, somewhat of a airhead
Type of Death: accidental suicide/ murder
Setting: private beach

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