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File: 1612905755871.jpg–(95.31KB, 1024x1024, 1446176634781.jpg)
No.13 Stickied
Before things get out of control with 100s of individual threads consisting of 1 post each, we need to nip this in the bud.


This thread is for your individual RP ads.

Post them HERE instead of creating a thread of your own, and look for potential partners here as well. No one will bother to look through pages of individual threads, that's too unwieldy.

As a common courtesy, state the following:

1. Who you are or who you typically play as
2. What themes you're interested in
3. Kink list or something similar (if available), to know you better
4. What kind of writing you're looking for (random one-shot chats? longer stories that take a while to develop? etc)
5. How to contact you - email / f-list / discord / kik / etc
6. When you are typically available - timezone / rough location

<- Image: Guroccubus by veiled616

I'm just a random anon and not a mod/admin, but if the mods could pin this thread and maybe highlight the all caps words above for visibility, that would be awesome.
¨ No.14
Why the hell did the "subject" line not get posted...
¨ No.15
That's happened to me too. One reason could be that if your post doesn't go thru, maybe cos the captcha failed, and you go back to fix your post, the subject field mysteriously gets cleared.
¨ No.18
1613237461523.jpg–(314.38KB, 2500x3000, fenzgnpzp7a41.jpg)
Ok, let's start this.

Looking to play as an Amazon lady or any warrior, fighting monsters and demons. (Played a lot of Diablo 2 lately, so maybe an adventure in this game world.)

My favorite snuffs types are anything suffocation, but I like when my corpse head turns into an ornament, stuff like that. Love humiliation and dirty talk, tell me how weak of a warrior I am.

Find me on Discord LadyHearts#3296
¨ No.20
I like to play busty women getting their asses kicked.
I'm into ryona. I don't mind lethal ends, although truth be told I'm not too into literal blood and gore. Explosions are fine, burning and melting are adored too. But generally prefer blunt force trauma to piercing/cutting.

My F-List https://www.f-list.net/c/Total%20Carnage
I keep crazy person hours so I'm on at all hours. Don't be shy. We can probably work something out.
¨ No.21
1613339595196.jpg–(36.37KB, 512x384, unnamed.jpg)
Hello gentlepersons of all (legal) ages. The name's Mack and I would love to play out some fucked up fantasies with y'all.

I'm from Sweden but consider myself reasonably fluent in english. I pretty much exclusively play as dominant males or futa characters against females, futas, or (very) feminine femboys.

I'm down for damn near anything.

Drawn out torture? Suits me just fine.

Quick and dirty rapes with a fatal ending? I'm your guy.

Fantasy, sci-fi, modern, AU, canons, furries? I can do it all.

So shoot me a message on discord mackanj01#9260 or via f-list at https://www.f-list.net/c/Theodore%20Anders
¨ No.26
i'm male and searching for female rp partners. I'm searching mostly for one shots/quick roleplay around belly fetish. So punching, stabbing, shooting, gutting, pregnancy and so on. You can write me on discord: BellyBoy#3626
¨ No.27
Heya, I made an f-list account specifically for heart play with just about any (adult) fictional character you want, female or futa. It doesn't just have to be about heart play, but it could involve other dark fetishes, fair game as long as the heart is the focus, there's consent and minimal filth.

While there is a list of characters I'll play, I'll also be happy to hear your suggestions on who you want to play with, or even just post a picture of what character's heart you want to mess around with! they could mess with yours as well if you'd like~

my profile is over at https://www.f-list.net/c/Cardiophilic%20Girls and I'll happily take notes at any time or bookmarks so you can catch me in the chat when I'm online!
¨ No.33
Male looking for any genders to have loving, consensual death roleplays with. Usually 50/50 on being Dom or Sub. Looking to include dead animals and lolis/shotas. Come say hello! List of kinks provided here https://www.f-list.net/c/bryce%20hardhoof

Telegram would be @Deadhorselover and Discord is DeadHorseLover#7826

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