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File: 1612776648086.jpg–(76.23KB, 1283x1710, IMG_20210103_092837.jpg)
No.10  [Reply]
Looking for an rp where you, the dom, is free to do whatever he wants do a shota/loli ranging from cuddly love to cruel and sadistic torture. I have absolutely no limits and hope to hear from you~:3
If you wonder which one I prefer just know I'm a bit of a masochist <3

Scenarios go to alternate worlds, kidnapping, sick games and school bullies.

Discord: Baka#3599

File: 1612582028939.jpg–(63.37KB, 567x800, 491a7bca40897cfe0fb7102d4bdbc280.jpg)
No.7  [Reply]
I've been carving for a while a gore starbound-like RP of my character travelling the stars, alone or with a friendly partner / party, chasing bandits and claiming bounties, exploring ruins and dangerous caves and gathering resources... all for the dangers of space to take their toll on her (or them) through gory means ranging from amputations and mutilations to rape, death or slavery, although her ultimate survival is preferred, i'm flexible, if any of this intrests you, just throw me a PM in discord

A pokemon boi#9851

File: 1612367769345.jpg–(60.41KB, 600x800, 3c2b762ba48d364f74a866ac6049a36890e61d67991e71fcc5)
No.4  [Reply]
Looking to rp a prison, a butcher shop, a school, a harem, any situation where my moderately kind male or female character has free use to play with and kill lolis and shotas. The more long term, the more free use, the more in-depth a world you want, the better!

FriendlyDom#0158 Discord

File: 1612009471510.jpg–(120.17KB, 870x1200, Dvr-OdWU8AANP0c.jpg)
No.1  [Reply]
Looking for a kinky snuff RP, some kind of a deadly dungeon filled with sexy monsters! Or just bigger guys and girls snuffing me out.
Love humiliation, fighting, breathplay.
Add me to discord~ KittenBoy#9987
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i slowly take off my pant

the lizard peek from within

do you want to continue
yes or no

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