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File: 1612088970385.png–(95.36KB, 2000x2000, 100.png)
This was so much fun before so let's get it up and running again! Create a guro story in only 100 words (give or take)! Here's a couple to start you off!

Sibling fun

He’s still in me, buried balls deep in my ass.
I never thought my little bro would be such an amazing fuck. He’d pounded me for hours, or at least my holes feel like it. I’m not on birth control and I’m drenched in his cum but that’s ok, since it will be my last time anyway.
“Now or never, squirt.”
I grip his legs tight and feel the edge of the knife on my throat. When he starts cutting I clench my teeth. I can feel my bladder release. He snorts in amusement.
“Who’s the squirt now?”


They say you won't feel a thing when you die on the guillotine.
I knew they lied.
I felt everything.
I felt the blade slicing through my neck like butter.
I felt my head bouncing off the floor.
I felt my hair being pulled when they lifted me off the ground.
But you know what? That's what I did this for.
That's what I was here for. I wanted to feel it all... all my life, my fifteen years of existence, I dreamed of this day. I died with a smile on my face, because it was worth the wait.
¨ No.10
Birthday treat

He was in bed, naked and aroused; his wife was kneeling between his legs and had his cock between her lips. Smiling, she looked up at him and winked as she worked her tongue over his glans.
"When you're ready, say the magic word Daddy."
His daughter was standing on a chair at the foot of the bed, hands tied behind her back, her eight-year-old naked body trembling with excitement, the noose around her neck tied tight. She chewed on her lower lip and nodded as her expectant gaze met his.
A smile formed on his features.
¨ No.11
Oooh great I used to love this game!

Feeding Time

“He’s gonna eat me first!” Billy boasted.
“No way!” Bettystuck out her tongue. “He’ll spit you right out because you taste of poop!”
“Come on you two,” their mum chuckled, “I’m sure he’ll enjoy both of you!”
“Ready?” the zoo keeper asked the two naked children on the platform.
“Ready!” they chorused.
“Okay then, Three! Two! One!” The crowd joined in the counting. “JUMP!”
Giggling, the naked pair, still holding hands, threw themselves off the platform into the enclosure below.
The hungry beast opened its mouth wide to welcome both at once then closed it with a very satisfying crunch.
¨ No.13
https://wordcounter.net/ should help with this
¨ No.14
The girls with survival implants are amazing, but I prefer mine unmodified.
The whore I bought screamed as I sliced off her hand and then the rest of her arm. I kept fucking her as she struggled against her restraints. The arm I pressed against her anus, spreading the blood like lube. With one sharp push something tore, her screams intensified, and I could feel the arm through the walls of her guts and vagina. With the added pressure, I didn't last long. I cleaned up and left her there to bleed, I had paid the house for her life
¨ No.15
Her beating heart was sizzling on my frying pan, still connected to her body while it cooks. A vibrator inside of her vagina ensures that the organ continues pounding as long as possible. The fact she smiled through this warmed my own heart. Even when it was fully cooked and on my plate, it continued pumping. She was gone by the time I had finished her heart. She died happy that I enjoyed the meal she provided for me. Her love was delicious...
¨ No.16
Very special birthday girl

Sandy didn't always know she wanted this, but when her daddy asked her yesterday to be his very special birthday girl, she understood and immediately said yes. It was as if she'd waited all her life for this moment and now it's finally here.
This morning her handsome daddy had taken her virginity and later he'd take her life. He'd brought her to unbelievable heights, making her scream. And later that day he'd take her to the depths of despair and she'd scream again. But she'd be ready, because she was his very special birthday girl.
¨ No.13503
"Wow! Gurochan is back!" Len exclaimed as he was browsing the web.
"No way!" Rin sprang up from the bed and tossed the book she was reading away. "For real?"
"For real", Len showed her the site now working on a new address. "Not much content yet though".
"Let me...", Rin said, reaching over his shoulder to take the mouse.
"Now can you unplug it please?" she asked after turning on the webcam.
"If there's no content, we should just make our own", she explained and garroted Len with the cord.
"Good thinking", Len approved with his last dying breath.
¨ No.13504
¨ No.13505
Love it! :D
¨ No.13507
Busy day

It was a monotonous job. He worked mechanically, without thinking,.
Suddenly he heard a voice:

"Robert, is it you?"
"Mel, did not see you since school. How has it been?"
"As you see, not so good."
"Yeah, that’s how it goes sometimes."

It hurt a little bit, seeing her after all this time. She was his first love, but he never dared to confess to her. But he could not allow himself to get lost in thoughts about, what could have been. With a short movement he cut her throat.

It was a busy day in the Slaughterhouse
¨ No.13508
So glad GuroChan is back! This one clocks in at exactly 100 words (excluding the title).


A Girl Goes to the Butcher

«Are you sure about this?» I asked. «There’s no going back.»

«Of course! Daddy will be so happy» she said, her face beaming with joy and anticipation.

She kept smiling as I sliced the tasty little breast buds off her chest.

«Do you have a bandage or something?» she said, looking down at her dark red wounds, thick drops of blood trailing down her soft stomach.

«If you pay me first, I'm sure I can arrange something,» I said, motioning downwards.

I fondled her severed breasts while she unbuckled my belt and wrapped her soft, luscious lips around my dick.
¨ No.13511

There was no reason; it was a spur of the moment thing. She didn't plan it, didn't prepare herself for it, just went for it. When she saw the termination shop in the mall she didn't hesitate, she just went in and dropped her clothes in the bin. Life had been good, she had friends and family, but something was missing. Here she found it, her destiny. The past twelve years have led to this point. She was ready. She put her head in the hole, pushed the button, the blade fell and she was gone. Just like that.
¨ No.13512
Knive lover

“Do it when I come!” she whispered and pointed shyly to her navel.
He looked at the knife in his hand and nodded, grinning. Her velvet cunt spasmed around his teen cock, as he started to move in her. Soon he had a rhythm going and his little sister was panting underneath him, her hands stroking his abs, his face, her eyes looking up at him lovingly. Soon her eyes rolled back and she moaned:
“Now... Please!”
He didn’t hesitate and rammed the knife into her body.
When she screamed he came in her and began to saw.
¨ No.13541
Frog girl

If a frog is put into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is being boiled slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.
Thirteen year old Tammy had heard that story a thousand times, today she would find out if it was true.
The soup around her was getting warmer and she was the main ingredient. It was her choice and she knew she wouldn't budge.
She closed her eyes and started to touch herself. It was a dream come true. She smiled.
¨ No.13575

This is my moment to shine. I look deep into the camera. I give it my best flirty grin, my teeth play with my lip.

In my best sultry voice, I speak to whoever’s watching.

“You’re watching people die on Snuffhub,” I tell them, and cum out of sheer fear and excitement.

There’s sharp pain, and my head drops into the basket.

That’s it. That’s the whole thing. I just killed myself to make a five second commercial. Despite my terror, I smile up at the camera and watch it go grey, and far away...

Totally fucking worth it.
¨ No.13579
The Club

“Mom, will it hurt?” eleven year old Lucy asked.
Yes, dear. But it’s supposed to. That’s what we’re here for.”
“Then it’s okay.”
The naked blonde girl closed her eyes, breathed in and braced herself. She felt the eyes of the audience on her, burning with arousal and anticipation. She felt the shackles on her limbs and knew her mother felt the same. Then she heard the circular saw between her legs starting to spin.
Soon the blade would rip her apart and her death would entertain the members of the club, including her father. And she smiled.
¨ No.13590
günlerden bir gün bir adam kazı yaparken yirmili yaşlarda bir kızdı cesedi bulmuş cesette ilk dikkatini çeken şey bütün yüzünün grimsi bir sıvı tarafından çevrelenmiş olduğuydu bu sıvı yüzünden kızın yüzü bile görünmüyordu cesedin elindeki yüzüğe baktı bu yüzüğü sanki daha önce görmüştü ama nerde gördüğünü hatırlayamıyordu ayakkabılarına baktı bunlarıda yüzük gibi daha önce görmüştü dur bir dakka bunlar hayır olamaz bunlar iki yıl önce kaybolmuş kızının eşyalarıydı son olarak dikkatini çeken şey ise kızın elindeki üstüne grimsi bir sıvı bulaşmış olan siyah renkli zarfı farketti kızın elinden alıp açtı zarfın içinden fotoğraflar ve bir not vardı önce fotoğraflara baktı hayır inanmak istemiyordu ilk resimde kızını yüzüne gri maskeli bir adam kafasından vuruyor diğer resimlerde ise cesediyle....... hayır düşünmek istemiyordu nota baktı kafasına birisinin silah doğrultuğunu fark etti silahı tutan kişi notta yazanı gülerek söyledi "eğer ölüyse tecavüz değildir"
¨ No.13591
Brave little girl

My name is Amy, I’m nine years old and I’m about to die.
You probably feel bad for me, but don’t. I want it.
I want to die. I even gave my daddy the knife, he’s going to do it with.
I undressed myself for him, placed myself on the bed and spread my legs for him, because I know it makes him happy. I know it will hurt, I heard Lucy scream, when she did it for him, but I will be brave. It is my present for him, for my handsome daddy. My beloved killer.
¨ No.13596
"Where are you skipping to so merrily?" you ask the Kagamine twins, approaching them.
"To our birthday party", Len answers.
"It's going to be the best one ever!" Rin gleams.
"Oh, and here I wanted to take some snuff photos of you", you sigh. "Well, maybe after the party?"
"Why wait?" Len looks confused.
"Right now is fine", Rin agrees.
"But aren't you looking forward to that party?" you ask.
"Of course we are", Rin laughs. "More than anything!"
"But dying now won't make us miss the party", Len explains.
"Because there won't be any party without us!" Rin concludes.
¨ No.13602
Can't argue with that logic😄
¨ No.13606
Killing Beauty

“Dad tell me once again why you wanna kill me” 12-year old Rebecca said while slipping out of her panties.
“Because you are just too beautiful, your angelic face, you’re perfect body. Baby, I won’t just kill you, I’ll literally destroy you. And I’ll make sure that you stay alive as long as possible to break your mind too. Because there’s nothing more erotic than to destroy an innocent soul.”
Rebecca shudders at her father’s words and slipped a finger through her dripping pussy. She smiled and winked at him.
“Well, what are you waiting for? Fucking destroy me, daddy!”
¨ No.13608
Wait! Japanese twins?
That gives me an idea!
*Does minimal research*
"abstaining to the puppies that acted hypocritically"
Japan is weird.
¨ No.13609
Sorry, what?
¨ No.13610
That was my reaction too...
I suspect something was lost in translation...
¨ No.13611
Yeah, I've googled the line and found that it was from a song (also by the link you give there's a better translation in the comments).
That did not at all clear up my confusion over what was the idea my story gave you and why it made you mention that song. What does anything any of these things has to do with any other?
¨ No.13612
Oh I see. Well in the Death Factory there are these Japanese twins that come to a bad end, as suggested by Loke. I just created my own characters Miyu and Miku, based on his ideas, but then reading your stuff about Len and Rin gave me some more ideas to flesh the characters out a bit - maybe they are cosplaying as the Kagamine twins. But it turns out Len is a boy, so that might complicate things. Anyway I had fun going down that rabbit hole. It was an education.
¨ No.13615
1612624730659.jpg–(1.18MB, 2046x1280, kim_possible_by_laikendesignz_d9tvb28.jpg)
[b]Happy Birthday, Kimberly.[/b]

As an underage vigilante crime fighter, you are almost untouchable. Supervillains might have plans to conquer the world, but even [i]they[/i] have standards. Who the hell hurts [i]children[/i]?

Either you recognize your advantage and use it wisely... or you foolishly think that you really are [i]that[/i] good.

Until one day you are suddenly not.

Kim Possible was lying on the floor of Drakken's laboratory, squealing, both hands trapped between her crossed legs. Blood gushing from the large bullet hole in her crotch was pooling under her hips.

"Aw, look at you," Shego smirked, holding the railgun. "All grown up now."
¨ No.13616

Dinner time

10-year old Natalie stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. Then she looked in the mirror, her hands slipped down her wet body. She looked at her clothes on the floor.
“I will never dress again. I will never eat again. I will never see my friends again and play with them.”
She looked at her chest and lovingly caressed her hard little nipples.
“I’ll never have boobs.”
She took a deep breath and went to the kitchen. Her parents were waiting for her. She saw the knife in her father’s hands and smiled.
“I’m ready.”
¨ No.13627
"Getting squished and crunched feels so nice", Rin cuddled with her brother under a road roller.
"Squished and crunched?" Len chuckled. "Sounds like that story from gurochan, Death Splatter or something, where they dread death and pain as the most frightening things ever".
"Poor things, going through such horrors just because they're in the wrong story", Rin felt sincerely sorry.
"Indeed, what's the point of writing fiction if it's more terrible than real life?" Len agreed.
"I wish everyone could have a happy end like us", Rin concluded.
"Happy end!" they smiled to each other and their skulls got crushed.
¨ No.13628
Ha! Where worlds collide... That really made me laugh.

I'm sure Len and Rin don't deserve to be in one of my stories. But who does?

I love the blissful disregard for reality in your tales, Aoi!
¨ No.13629
Ellen and I were kicking around an idea once about a bunch of girls who realise they're in a gurochan story and try to work out whose it is, hoping for the best!
¨ No.13630

It was a biker tradition and this year it was her father’s turn. He was an important leader of a big gang and as such it was his obligation to supply the yearly sacrifice.
Twelve year old Erica wasn’t happy with it, but she knew that it was important for her dad, so she accepted her fate.
Now she’s lying on the ground, her limbs chained to four massive Harleys. Soon she felt the mighty machines come to life and closed her eyes, as the drivers stepped on the gas. She started to scream, when the chains began to rise.
¨ No.13637

At age 9, her left arm is cooked in stew.

At age 10, her right arm is made into sausage.

At age 11, her left leg is marinated in vinegar.

At age 12, her right leg is pot-roasted.

At age 13, her torso is prepared for spit-roast.

Her father tearfully inserts a spit into her anus. She cries as it penetrates through her, out her mouth. Over the fire, she slowly stops blinking. Her rotisserie body drips with juices and coconut milk.

Her bones are used for stock.
¨ No.13641
And nothing goes to waste... beautiful
¨ No.13642
I moan as my cock slides into my girlfriend. There's no better feeling than that first penetration in a warm, wet, inviting hole. I look down at her radiant face and start stroking, in and out, relishing the feel of her. She's gasping, babbling incoherently now, her eyes rolling back in her head as I move faster and faster. She feels so good around my cock, I'm not going to last long. I come, holding her tightly against me.

I slide out, admiring the mixed blood, semen, and brain matter dripping out of the hole drilled into her skull.
¨ No.13647
you fooled me! Very nicely done.
¨ No.13648

Rachel moans into the pillow as well-oiled hands kneads her back. Then breasts pin her down.

The masseuse coos, "Relax," and pulls Rachel's arms up. Rachel holds her breath.

Blades separate each arm from its shoulder.

The pillow muffles Rachel's scream as blood spills into bowls. "Relax, relax." The masseuse bites Rachel's ear, turns her onto her back.

Rachel writhes. Her feet are bound in chain, one pulled above her head. A giant blade is aimed directly between her legs.

Rachel gasps, "Do it," and is bisected down the middle.
¨ No.13649
Shit, a typo.
Damn, it's too late now.
¨ No.13650

Guest of honour

Steam rose from the golden-brown roast that was neatly placed on a silver platter on the middle of the banquet table. The guests applauded as I rose from my seat and raised my glass.
“To Tiffany. Without her this feast wouldn’t have been possible.”
“To Tiffany!” the others exclaimed.
I took the knife and stepped up to the delicious roast. I placed it on the rump and started to cut. The skin was crispy, the flesh underneath deliciously pink. I looked over to my daughters head on the decorated center piece.
“Thank you darling” I mouthed silently.
¨ No.13651
To protect children from exploitation, the law is very specific about what they can do, especially as actors.

Before she turned thirteen, her nude scenes were completely nonsexual. She often stripped on beaches and at home, drawing comments on her beauty. Growing breasts and pubic hair by eleven made it no less innocent.

Before she turned sixteen, sex scenes could not be explicit. Directors kept genital contact hidden, allowing it only as method acting.

Before winning her emancipation at seventeen, violent scenes had to be faked. Now she was finally free to have her severed head roll on the set.
¨ No.13654
Allie eyed the construction skeptically. She didn't honestly think it would hold. But her stupid neighbour begged and begged it to test her, so she shrugged, stepped forward, put the noose on herself and pulled the lever.

To her surprise, the trapdoor actually opened, and the rope didn't snap immediately, leaving her rasping and gasping hanging by the neck above the hole.

"So this guy is good for something after all," was Allie's next to last thought.

"I wonder if I can come before I die" was the last one.
¨ No.13655
*her to test it, jeez
¨ No.13658
Anna tied her rats' nest of hair into a bun and stripped off the last of her clothes. Her ass and breasts were more boyish than girlish, but the small pink slit between her legs had held her to impossible standards. She sighed with discontent as she laid down on the processing line. She was so close to being an architect. If only she hadn't been caught with Sue's hips on her face.

Anna's legs rose high in the air, the conveyor guiding her neck to the blade, and then carrying her corpse away to be butchered and sold.


Hi, all. New to posting, but I've been lurking for 7 years or so. Glad y'all are back, and I figure there's no time better to get involved than now.
¨ No.13659
Thanks for joining in! I must have lurked for... wow, ten years or so before I was brave enough to post so well done for taking the plunge! Glad to have you aboard! :D
¨ No.13662
When you turned 20, you weren't supposed to have to worry anymore. Zoey placed her leg on the counter, allowing the workers to shave her crotch. It had been 6 months since her 20th birthday, so why was her number called? She was supposed to go get drunk, fuck boys, party, enjoy her life. She crawled onto the oiled pan and laid her chest directly to the cool metal, and let her juicy pale ass hang in the air. At least she was roasted like the beauty she was, instead of butchered for parts like a lesser sow. She deserved that at least.
¨ No.13663
Kimberly was trying to pop the zit on her back. It was so stupid that she even cared anymore, but she cared nonetheless.

When she reported to the cafeteria, the staff ordered her to disrobe, making her bare her beautiful, ebony, tween body. Her whole body was rubbed with oil and spices, with her perky apple-sized breasts getting more than their share of attention. She was glad they hadn't commented on her flaws. She didn't know it was because she had none to speak of. After she was seasoned, her head was removed, before her body was deep fried and served to the boy's football team.


Sorry I keep spamming these, it's not intentional. I submit one, then I go do something else, then I think "this might be a funny little blurb", and here we are. Think I might try something a little more long form soon, though.
¨ No.13668
Sublimation Chamber

The Sublimation Chamber. Anything that crosses this door becomes gas.

Alice and I snuck into the lab, naked.

While we made out, Alice stuck one arm in, then the next. Skin, then muscles, then bones became mist.

I kissed my armless lover, then sat inches from the open door. She sat on my dick, facing the door. As we fucked, her legs bucked into the door and evaporated.

My beautiful handheld Alice was coming. I pumped her hips into mine. She moaned her final climax out, then fell in.

My Alice was now mist in the Sublimation Chamber.


I thought I'd do something more fantastic this time.
¨ No.13669
Don't worry, your posts are contributions to the thread, not spam, and I liked them very much.

Great to see that you're taking up writing. I'm looking forward to see what you come up with :-)
¨ No.13674
Ella gulped. When you're a young girl, you idolize girls like Jessica McClain or Meredith Hill, the first girls to be spit roasted and oven roasted, respectively. You never think you're going to be a first too. Ella was excited as she stepped into the binds. She just hoped with all her little tween heart her meat turned out delicious.

Her body was hit with high energy light, which made her squirm. There was no noise, no heat, just her meat rapidly cooking in infared and uv light. She was done in an hour, and while she lacked seasoning, ultimately became another Big First.


Figured I'd do something a little more theoretical, too. It's dangerous to cook with UV or IR, but very doable. Probably gonna try to do at least one of these a day, just to keep the muscles going.

As a chemist, I love the idea of a girl subliming. Even if it's a little silly. Not enough sublimation or liquidation stories. Also a lack of acid content. This is very refreshing.

You're very kind, sir. I gotta say, I never thought I'd find one of the most supportive writing communities in the guro sector.

¨ No.13677
A smaller star

Tindouf kept his mouth shut as he saw his rival crossing the street back to her garage. His hands balled into fists and his heart racing, swallowed to not give her the satisfaction of making him retort. He closed his eyes to calm himself but a honk blasted bringing him back to witness a massive truck ramming into Merme making her disappear underneath in a brief shriek. Tindouf stood up and ran to the scene where little chunks of her peeked out between the wheels. He smiled thinking of how much flesh he will remove from those axles in celebration.
¨ No.13678
To be honest I picked the term sublimation because I couldn't think of any term other than "evaporation", and that means a liquid becoming a gas, not a solid becoming a gas. (Though of course I know the human body is not a pure solid. The concept isn't exactly hard sci-fi.)
Now that I think about it, maybe "dissipation chamber" might have worked as well, though at this point I kind of like the sound of "sublimation chamber" better.
¨ No.13679
I keep forgetting to put my name here
¨ No.13680

Like mother like daughter

“Will you do the same to me?”
I turned around. Little Cindy was standing in the doorframe, her teddy in her arms, her eyes big and fixated on her mother.
My girlfriend was lying on the bed, eyes empty, tongue swollen, the cord still around her neck. Her fingers deeply buried in her swollen pussy. It was fun fulfilling her fantasy and now her seven-year-old daughter wanted me to do the same to her?
Could this day get any better?
“Sure, hop on the bed, sweetie.”
She grinned and slipped off her nightie.
“This will be fun!”
¨ No.13682
Kelly and Brianna sat in their dorm room joking around. Boys had "big dick energy," but what did girls have? Kelly and Brianna hypothesized that girls either had "innie" energy or "outie" energy. They both agreed they had outie energy. Innie energy was quiet and reserved, while Outie energy was bold and brash. When they were assigned for execution, both opted for hanging, as it had more showmanship. Kelly's short, plump form jiggled at the end of her rope, her little legs searching for the floor. Brianna's slender brown form writhed for air, her legs pedaled an invisible bicycle before they both fell completely still, ready for harvest.

Still though, I liked it. Gases are really weird and have way too much technical terminology, so don't worry too much about it.
¨ No.13706
Last day

‘Great, I’ll be leaking the whole day again’, nine-year-old Lucy thought, as her brother pulled out of her ass with an audible sigh.
“Thanks again, sis.”
He grinned and slapped her behind once more, before he left her room.
Lucy rolled over and stared at the ceiling, when suddenly a smile appeared on her face.
‘Oh... no I won’t’ she remembered.
‘Cause I’m not gonna live long enough to see the end of the day.’
Today was her big day, how could she forget? Still grinning she jumped off the bed.
‘I wonder if dad has sharpened the axe already?’
¨ No.13712

“So, you’re really gonna do it?”
“Yup, that’s right” eleven-year-old Nadine said and grinned at her bff Ellen. The two girls were walking back home from a training session.
“This time tomorrow I’m nothing but leftovers and poop.”
Ellen shook her head and laughed.
“You’re totally crazy, bitch. But yeah... a part of me is looking forward to your party. I always envied you for your butt. Now at least I gotta taste it.”
“Well... roasted you mean? You have tasted my butt more times than I can count” Nadine laughed, grabbed her friends hand and pulled her in for a kiss.
¨ No.13742
First, I tied her limbs to a tree.

Then, I cut open her gut. Before her eyes, I pulled out every inch of her entrails, her womb and cervix.

Then I lopped off her head. I tucked it underneath her beating heart. It looked at me, expectantly, half-dazed.

Her cunt was wet from juice, piss and blood. I teased her pussy in its death spasms with my dick, then plunged in.

Her head reacted in ecstasy, feeling my dick penetrate it from the pharynx.

Its final living act was to let my cum dribble from its lips.
¨ No.13743
Fuck me stupid

That was a running joke between sixteen-year-old Maya and her boyfriend. They fucked like bunnies all the time and more than once after such a fucking session Jessica couldn’t think straight. But today she wanted the real thing. The idea came to her when she saw his tool box and the circular saw attachment for his drill.
Now she was sitting in a chair with a bad headache and a tiny round piece of her skull in her hand.
“Do it, please!”
When his cock entered her brain her eyes rolled up and she began to drool.
¨ No.13749
My gf and I were in my cabin during a blizzard. "I'd be a human popsicle out there!" she said.

Human popsicle? "Interesting idea," I said, and lopped off her head.

I began preparations right away. I made a brain-sized hole in her head, and stuck toothpicks in her eyes.

Then I stripped her lovely body down. Her breasts were the perfect size. I carved them off and stuck toothpicks in her nipples. I stored her carcass along with my exs'.

Next morning, her head was frozen.

The eyes were salty and creamy. The brain was savory, like fine sorbet.


This is of course inspired by the historic winter storm occurring right now across the US. It sure is chilly out.
¨ No.13750
"Ugh, this wait is annoying," Lis complained. "I could just kill myself."
The boy the next bench over rolled his eyes. "Well I've got a knife right here. Go ahead, just one condition."
"Fuck yourself with it before dying"
"Ok," Lis shrugged, spread her legs and carefully stuck the knife in right through her underwear.
Shlick-shlick, shlick-schlick.
Finally Lis could no longer take the pain, and the knife, pulled out, went to her neck.
"Next!" the nurse finally called out, and the 100 person queue was now a 98 person one as Lis bled out, shivering from pain.
¨ No.13789
"Ugh, this is annoying," the girl complained, taking off her shoes.
"I know right?! I was supposed to meet my little sister at the station, what's she going to do now?" her friend echoed, dropping her bag in the bin.
The first girl sighed sympathetically and took her friend's hand.
"One, two," they chanted together and jumped feet first into the meat grinder, "three-eeeeaaaeee!"
Their screames echoed for several more seconds before going silent.
The counter next to the bin blinked from "3" to "1"
"Uuuugh," the next girl walking by sighed, stopping, as she saw this.
¨ No.13792
"Do it," I said through clenched teeth, feeling my orgasm cresting as the vibrator sent waves of pleasure through my body. The orgasm was suddenly augmented by intense pain as my boyfriend sliced through my breast, popping my nipple cleanly off. I screamed, bucking and flailing, trying to keep the orgasm going. Although the pain was making me dissociate, I was dimly aware of him licking up some of the fresh blood from my skin. Eventually, I came down, and only the pain was left.

"Again?" he asked, running the knife tip around my remaining nipple.

Breathlessly, enthusiastically, I nodded.
¨ No.13793
Leah pulled her arms through the spaghetti straps. Daddy walked in, clutching his rifle. Leah let the flowery dress fall to her feet and stood naked before him.

“You’re cute sweetie, but daddy still has to snuff you.”

“Well, at least you have two cute targets to shoot.”

“I’ll take you up on that suggestion.”

Daddy aimed at her budding breasts. Fountains of blood erupted from her them. Leah staggered to the floor, moaning and twitching. She was once again flat-chested.

Daddy pressed the gun against her mouth. Leah wrapped her lips around the barrel as he pulled the trigger.
¨ No.13797
Asami gave birth to twins and was wondering how to tell which is which.
"I'll cut one arm from each', she decided, "then the one with left arm remaining will be Len and the one with right arm remaining will be Rin".
So she did, but eventually the twins somehow found a way to get their remaining arms cut off too.
"I'll cut one leg from each", Asami decided then, but the situation repeated and now neither of the twins had any limbs remaining at all.
"Maybe I should just call the boy Len and the girl Rin", Asami concluded.
¨ No.13800
I laughed

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