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File: 1613830937744.png–(23.64KB, 515x445, tablesaw.png)
"You're not the person I was supposed to meet," she narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

"Oh, he fell sick and asked me to meet you instead, didn't he tell you?" the man smiled unconvincingly and motioned her inside the unlit garage. "Would you please come in?"

She shrugged and entered the place. She probably wasn't getting out alive, was she? she wondered - and was proven right when the garage door clanked shut behind her, and lights lit up.

The room was largely empty, tiled, and the centerpiece was a large table saw with restraints positioned just so. There weren't windows, and the walls looked soundproofed.

"Well, get on then," the man behind her said, tone now icy cold.

She shrugged in annoyance - she really didn't care for the attitude - but complied, disrobing then climbing on the table. She even did him the favor of clanking four out of five restraints shut, first on her legs then her left arm and her neck. The last one was tricky, but the man did it for her as she lay back.

The table was cold. She shivered, staring at the concrete gray ceiling lit up with harsh industrial lights - thankfully, none were right above her. Was he going to draw this out, or?

He did, taking his time somewhere outside of her field of vision. Washed his hands? What was that noise? She couldn't remember if she saw a sink, but it made sense for there to be one.

Finally, he came up to her and stood at her feet, where the lever turning on the saw was. He smiled as he caught her gaze.

"Say the word," he commanded, warmer this time.

"Go," she whispered.

The saw buzzed to life and she tensed in anticipation of pain. It was so, so slow... the longest minute of her life as she squirmed, trying to will time to pass faster so she wouldn't have this horrible feeling of anticipation in her belly...

Finally, there was cold on her pussy lips, and she instinctively flinched back.

It only delayed the blade by a few seconds.

She screamed and screamed as her body was torn apart, until finally there wasn't enough blood for her to keep her consciousness.

"Wonder where that guy I was supposed to meet really was," was her last thought before final oblivion.


"Ugh, I really need to fix my phone alarm," the man complained, rushing to the meeting spot. He looked hopefully - but no, of course she wasn't there and his neighbour was had the smile of a fed cat on his face, leaning across his garage door, for once closed. That told him everything he needed to know.

He didn't bother asking where she went. He really needed to come up with another meeting place already.
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Nice, fun, little story. I hope you post more like this.

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