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Take a Hint - Part 1

“You’re sure that it’s no trouble?” Celia asked me, as I pressed down on my key fob, unlocking the passenger side door. I shook my head.

“Really, I don’t mind. What are friends for? I’m just sorry Brendan couldn’t take you.” We both got in and settled in our seats, as I turned the key making my old piece of shit shake.

“Yeah, but you know how his dad is.” She chuckled. Yeah, I did. Brendan’s dad was a tough man, was all business and no fun. And for whatever reason, even since we were kids, he felt the need not only to impose that on his own son, but his son’s best friend too. Neither of us bought into it, but I could at least tell him to fuck off – he wasn’t my dad, after all. Brendan wasn’t so lucky. He was even having to miss his girlfriend’s slaughter date because of it.

“Yeah. So, how far do you want me to go with you? Do you want me to just drop you off? Or-“

“If you got somewhere to be, just say so.” She smirked.

“Nah, it isn’t that. I’ll even stay and watch you on the line.”

“That desperate to see me naked, huh?” Celia pushed her light blonde bob cut out of her light blue eyes, staring daggers into my flustered face. She always knew how to tease me, ever since freshman year.

“I’m asking if you want me with you when you die and you still find a way to make fun of me. Why am I surprised?” I shift out of park and look behind to leave my space.

“You can come with me all the way. I don’t mind. In all seriousness, I think I might need a friendly face around, you know?” She said, letting the teasing and snide comments aside.

“Sure.” I press the gas and turn onto the road. “So, how are you feeling about it all?”

“What do you expect me to say, Jay? I don’t know how I feel about it, it just is how it is. Can’t say I’m looking forward to being gutted and butchered, but it ain’t like I get much a say, right?” She snapped again. Maybe it was a little inconsiderate to ask.

“Right, sorry I asked. Do you know where your meat’s going?”

“Why do you think I want to talk about any of this?”

“What the hell else am I supposed to talk about, Ce? What, you wanna talk about the weather or the fuckin’ trees?” I took a turn right. We’d be getting to the plant shortly.

“It’s staying here, in Greensborough. At least, that’s what the notice says.” She finally relented. “I’m just glad I ain’t cafeteria meat, you know?”

“Yeah, those chefs, they always know how to disgrace a girl’s memory, don’t they? And it’s always the sweet ones too, Gracie Jones, Emmie Marra, but you know who really should have been in their grill or oven or whatever they used to turn girls to charcoal?” I gave Celia a quick glance, and I could see her smirking again.

“Krissy Ming.” She answered, with only half a beat.

“Krissy fuckin’ Ming. Hated her.”

“Everyone hated Krissy, and her ‘oh my god, I went from a 99 to a 98 in calculus’ or her ‘Gracie didn’t try hard enough in class.’ Fuck her. You know she’s married with kids? And I was right under her in class, and I gotta be meat. World’s real fair, ain’t it?” Celia turned her head towards the window.

Soon after, I parked in the parking lot. She looked at me a little sad, and we sat in the car for a minute or two, before we both decided we had to go in. I walked by her side up to the plant, where she gave her name, Celia Browne, her age, 17, and her designation, Meat. I just had to say I was here for moral support, and I was given a badge that said I was a guest. We stepped inside, where several dozen girls of all teen ages were stripping off their clothes, and their male companions – save for a couple of moms or aunts – were watching and trying to offer some kind of comfort. I met Celia’s eyes, and quickly looked away. She giggled.

“You can watch if you want, it doesn’t matter too much to me.” She said. I turned my gaze back to her. She lifted Brendan’s red sweatshirt over her head, revealing a perfect, flat, pale stomach, and two ripe C-cup breasts adorned with puffy pink nipples. I followed her curves down to a pair of black sweatpants, that hid and held her hips from the world. In the corner of my eye, I saw her smile, as she pulled them down slowly, then back up. She did this a couple of times, before turning around and taking them off, letting me see her little bubble butt, and shapely cream colored thighs. She spun around on her heels, and I watched as her perfect girly body jiggled, before revealing to me a smooth, plump pubic mound, with just the slightest hint of a girl’s inner lips poking out.

My jaw was agape. I had always known Celia was good looking, but I had never known just how unbelievably sexy she was. I think she knew her effect on me, because she teased me, I’m sure, but I didn’t hear.

“Hey, look, I know it’s everything you ever wanted, but eyes off the merchandise. It’s time for me to get graded.” She said, and I waited with her in line, taking peeks at her body when she would let me. We got to the front of the line, and I was told to stand aside as a man about half my height took his time to grade her. Celia was beginning to look nervous now.

The man asked for her name and age again, and then began to feel her up. He started low, at her calves, up to her thighs, massaging and squeezing, slipping a finger into her perfect girlhood and her rectum, giving her ass a groping, and then taking the time to write down some numbers on his clipboard, before gripping her stomach and breasts, massaging her shoulders and back, squeezing her arms, before concluding her grade was B. If Celia was a B, I was excited to maybe one day see an A. He also tattooed the number 742 on her right thigh, with the letter B next to it. Celia smiled nervously at me.
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Take a Hint - Part II

We went along into the next waiting room, where it would be a while before she was called forward. In here, several girls were getting the last, and from the sounds of most of them, best railings of their life. Celia looked at me, for the first time since I’d known her, blushing.

“If you wanted to, I’d let you.” She said with all seriousness.

I paused, thinking about it. I shook my head. “I couldn’t. You’re Brendan’s girl.”

“According to this little number on my leg, I’m the State’s girl. Besides, the only way Brendan is gonna know is if you tell him. I certainly won’t.”

I began to think about it. I wanted to. A very large and loud part of me wanted to unzip my pants and pin Celia underneath me. She sighed, clearly seeing through me.

“If I said I wanted it, would you?” I nodded. She shook her head. “We gotta work on helping you take hints, Jay.” I took this into consideration, as I unzipped my pants and pulled my already hard cock out of the flap in my boxers. I sat on a nearby chair, as Celia moved forward and sat on my lap. Her soft, dainty hands ran over my shaft. She gave me a kiss on my neck.

“I always wondered if you or Brendan was bigger.” She declared, giving the tip of my cock a lick and a kiss.

“What’s the verdict?” I asked, somewhat amused by the notion.

She took a couple moments to bob her head up and down my shaft, giving it a little lube up. When she was done, she smiled devilishly. “Wouldn’t you love to know?”

She got up and moved her hips over mine, and guided her slit to my cock, and let her pelvis settle towards mine. Her arms wrapped around my back, and my hands made their way up to her breasts, massaging them, thumbing over her nipples. She began to move herself up and down, clinging onto me as I began to tug on her tits. She began to groan softly as my hips bucked into hers, and I was in bliss. My brain always turned off when I was balls deep in a girl, and I let my instincts take over. I think the same was true for her, because I’d never seen Celia act like such a woman. But here she was, milking my cock with her body, kissing my neck and wrapping her arms and legs around me.

“I’m your last fuck.” I grunted in her ear, picking up her legs, taking over.

“You’re my last fuck.” She whispered back, in a bit of a whimper.

“Not Brendan. You’re my girl, Celia. Not his.”

“I’m your girl, Jay.” She moaned, before letting out a squeak as I came deep inside her, her hips shuddering as I sat back down. She leaned on me for a second, as we both regained our breath. She stood up after a minute, her soft, smooth, white cunt leaking my cum. It was a point of pride, almost.

She didn’t say much else before going to join the line to the actual slaughterhouse. I walked with her, trying to think of anything to say, but couldn’t. It felt like maybe everything had already been said. Soon enough, we were at the front of the line, and me and another man helped Celia onto the black conveyor belt. She was put face down, ass up, on the line, and I ziptied her hands behind her. A hook was driven through each of her ankles, which elicited a small yelp from her. She looked up at me now, with terror in her eyes.

“You okay, Ce?” I asked, reminding myself directly after how stupid I sounded.

“I’m about to die, Jay.” She retorted.

I struggled for a second with what to say. Yeah, you are. No, that’s too blunt. Inconsiderate. I decide to say what she would say. “Yeah, but other than that?”

She smiled nervously. “A bit of pain in the ankles. Can’t complain. I just got one of the best fucks of my life, afterall.”

I smiled proudly. “I was the best fuck of your life?”

She shook her head. “You don’t listen none, do you, Jay? I said one of. Top three, for sure.” I nodded, only giving a small laugh in recompense. “You gonna stay and watch?”

“Only if you’re cool with it.” The conveyor belt began to move, and she headed slowly towards a curtain beyond my sight.

“Come on, Jay,” she giggled, “take a hint.” She disappeared behind the curtain, and I made my way up to the viewing room.

The viewing room was a waiting room with one glass wall, that spanned some 100 or so feet, the entire length of the processing line. If you wanted to go at the same pace as the girls getting slaughtered, you just had to step on a little moving platform in the room. I decided to wait until I saw Celia before I did. I saw her emerge some two minutes after I arrived, now upside down with her legs pulled apart, exposing her cunt and asshole to the open air. A jet of water assaulted her from the front, leaving her hair a messy tangled mop, while two more jets pinpointed into her lower holes, until the water ran clear. She was sprayed one more time, front and back, her body wriggling against its restraints until the water stopped.

When it did, she moved along the belt, being hit with a blast of air, to move all the water droplets off of her. When it was done, her hair was still wet. It would soon be clear why, as she joined the line of girls towards a small blade in the wall. As her neck approached the wall, a small metal band clamped her to the wall, and guided her into the blade. She writhed now, in desperate fear, but before she knew it, her neck was being torn into. Celia’s head dropped some ten feet to join thousands of girls just like her, as her body danced in death. I watched every second of it.

After her pale body stopped jiggling, it was moved forward to be broken apart. A small red dot appeared on her belly button, before it moved up to the top of her public mound. It cut downward until it hit her ribcage, exposing her red and pink guts, which a line worker moved a vacuum up to collect every last one of Celia’s organs to become mincemeat. After her organs were removed, she was taken off of her hooks by line workers, who carried her over to one of hundreds of steel tabletops, joining the hundreds of girls who were being parted out as meat today.

Her hands and feet were the first to be cut off and thrown out, then her tits were very skillfully parted off, and placed in white Styrofoam, which was sent to join several thousand unidentifiable cuts of girls in the packing plant. Then the butcher began to work on making filets of her calves, which he then sent down the line. Her thighs were given one slice at the top of her leg and sent off to become hams. Her hips didn’t receive much attention, except when they cut her girlhood off to become a cunt filet, her most precious and expensive cut of meat, the rest of it was labeled a rump roast, and was too, sent down the line. Her stomach was quickly shaved down to bacon, her arms turned to pretty little steaks, and then her chest and shoulder being parted right down the middle to sell as girl shoulder. The only thing left of her now was her spine, which was thrown off into the trash, before she was replaced by a slim Asian girl’s body. The entire process, from when we walked in, had taken an hour.

I walked back out to the car with one thought going through my mind: I couldn’t wait to take another girl through the slaughterhouse.
¨ No.13769
Hi all. This is my first story on gurochan. I've been lurking for a while, and I've ha plenty of ideas, but this is the first time I've actually completed one. This one's a little short and sweet, but let me know what you think, and thank you for reading.

- Saveth
¨ No.13775
Wow´i really love this story! The setting a and the bittersweet tone of the story is just my thing
¨ No.13778
This is a really great story! The mix of casual attitude and dark humor with the reality of death and betraying a friend was perfect for turning me on. Please keep it up. I am looking forward to more stories form you.

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