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File: 1613389005953.png–(54.18KB, 598x418, playground_bet.PNG)
"I bet you couldn't hang yourself with just your own strength," Iri called out and batted the noose hanging from the swingset next to the regular swing.

"Hmm?" Nae looked up from her book and scratched her pussy, irritated from sitting naked on bare untreated wood of the bench. She had a loosely hanging sailor suit blouse on, but her skirt was in her bag - she was no longer at school, and you could wear anything at the playground. She'd have taken off the blouse too, but it was a hot day and the cotton blouse protected her at least a little - and at 12 she didn't really have anything to show off in the chest department.

"Bet you couldn't hang yourself with this without tying it to something," her classmate Iri repeated, batting the noose back and forth teasingly. She was completely naked herself, which probably was easier to bear with her darker skin. Nae herself was the kind of pale that burned long before it tanned, with deep chestnut hair in a page cut around her ears, while Iri wore her dark curls in twin ponytails - they kept the hair off her neck, at least, in this heat.

Nae looked at the noose thoughtfully. It was always fun to get one over her sporty friend who considered herself superior for spending all her free time climbing, running and jumping, and prided herself on never putting more than two seconds of thought into anything. "I am allowed to only use my own body's strength?"

"And you can't tie a knot!" Iri specified quickly, realizing that her crafty friend was up to something and cutting off the one avenue of cheating she could think of in the aforementioned two seconds.

"You're on," Nae shrugged, put away her book and walked to the swing. She put the noose over her head, then drew the rope taut, passed it between her legs from the back, looped it around her neck another time on top of the noose, then around her waist. Holding the remaining end, she fell forward, pushing off with her feet, and just as planned felt the rope at the top of the swing slide - until her neck and pussy were at nearly the same level and she could no longer reach the ground with her legs.

Easy-peasy, it barely even took effort to hold on to the end of the rope in her hand. Hurt like a b-word, of course, and she regretted not tying a knot between her legs so she could get herself off wriggling. It would of course be against the terms of the bet, not the spirit surely but the letter, and she was already getting by on technicality... She was sure Iri wouldn't have minded a non-functional knot if she asked, but she already missed her window for asking. Lowering herself now would certainly be forefeiting the bet, and Nae was far too competitive for that.

So she just focused on keeping her hand shut while slowly swinging back and forth, enduring the cruel pressure of the entire weight of her body along a thin line of rope where it was never meant to be endured. It would take her a lot longer than normal to die like this, with half her weight on her pussy and tummy instead of her neck, but it would technically still be death by hanging. Would just take what? Fifteen minutes? An hour? Nae had no idea, the noose was usually used far more straightforwardly than that. She'd probably get bored even through the pain, she thought, but she couldn't read even if Iri was thoughtful enough to put a book in front of her - the pain was blacking out her vision.

Her other hand was free, so she could technically get herself off with it, but she needed it to balance lest she turn over and fall off this highly questionable construction. She really should have thought this through better, now she'd need to keep her balance for the entire... however long it would take. At least she was sure her hand would keep the death grip on the rope when she lost consciousness, and Iri was far more sportsmanlike to take advantage of her oversight and push her over. Ugh, she was still winning though... at least so far...

In one of the periods of relative lucidity Nae saw Iri standing in front of her and making a scissors gesture with her fingers. Oh! This was shortcut for asking if Nae would like to be cut down after she lost consciousness, so she wouldn't die. The bet would be won at that point, she didn't really have to go all the way... certainly not with such a shoddy construction!

Glad to have an out, Nae quickly nodded, then blacked out again as the movement caused new kinds of pain and strain in her neck.

She'd kill herself properly with at least a second version of this construciton. She felt it a challenge to make it properly, so anyone could use it, next time.


Might write more later in this universe!
¨ No.13752
*far too sportsmanlike. I need to proofread better before posting.
¨ No.13753
(Continued immediately actually)

It took Nae several minutes to fully come back to consciousness after Iri pushed her off the delicate construction and pried the rope out of her fingers. The sporty girl didn't mind losing the bet, it was just a prelude to her own intention anyway, she was just glad that she lost the bet but still would get to show off to Nae what she was sure she could pull off.

Finally, Nae came to enough to lift herself on her elbows and look at Iri all but dancing impatiently next to the noose.

"So anyway, I can totally hang myself with my own strength just by HOLDING the rope!" Iri quickly got to the point.

"Loop the rope around your hand," Nae advised. "Also..." she made the scissors gesture questioningly.

Iri shook her head proudly, to both. This was going to be her achievement, and her achievement alone, without any help of Nae's! Maybe if she came up with the loops on her own, but she didn't, so... And she didn't want to be cut down when she INEVITABLY succeeded in this glorious endeavour!

Iri put the noose around her neck, facing the rope - Nae got on her hands and feet and crawled around to see Iri's face, to which the girl of the hour nodded gratefully - tugged a couple of times, breathed in and out and started pulling.

It was a little like climbing a rope, only it also hurt. After lifting herself off the ground, Iri immediately brought her feet over to the rope, planning to do exactly like she did at PE...

...but the rope was far thinner than the one they used there, and it hurt a lot more to try to press it between her feet hard enough to not let it slide down. At least she didn't need to tug herself further up, her weight was already on her neck and she was determined to not let the spasms of pain and asphyxiation tear her away from it. She half-stood on the rope, half hung from it by her hands, all her weight on her neck, the pressure and the pain in her lungs distracting her from the effort -

- aaand she fell. The playground was covered in rough sand, perfect for choking on but also blunting impacts for stunts like this. Still, Iri's head swam, and it took her some time to loosen the rope's hold on her neck as her fingers frantically, instinctually scrabbled for it and she didn't make them stop. She lost HER part of the bet.

Finally, she managed to sit up and met Nae's amused gaze with her own glare. Fine, so she lost and Nae won!... What now?
¨ No.13754
Interesting... I am curious about what will happen next. We need more casual and consensual stuff here and more writers.

The start was a bit awkward and surprising as you did not set the rules of this universe yet and no explanation why they are doing it.
¨ No.13755
There is not an explanation and there will not be an explanation. There might be more stuff but explanations do not exist in this universe.

Also, I wrote a sick-ass continuation but it got lost to a combo strike of failing at captcha and going over the 8000 character limit, so I'll have to come up with something other than that thing (I will not rewrite).

Anyway, the reason Iri and Nae are doing this is for a bet, obviously. It's in the title.
¨ No.13756
Damn, losing your work is unfortunate although if gurochan does not accept your post you should be able to hit "Back" on your browser, and everything should be still there ready for another attempt. If you did not overwrite the post it should be even still there even if you closed the browser tab you shud be able to reopen the closed tab and then hit back.

Sorry, what I mean is an explanation that this is this kind of universe where things like that happen, not why it happens since by reading it, we assume that it is happening in the normal world and it feels awkward for a moment. You are a new writer here and we don't know what your stories are about yet :) Speaking about the bet there could be more about how they come to that idea. But everything is fine.
¨ No.13757
There was actually more of a dip into how these girls think in the part I lost -_- see i refreshed the page and it was gone and i had copy-pasted only the second half to post it separately and - yeah, basically by now its gone for good.

Anyway, I'm a fan of Aoi Hikari, if that tells you anything about why they're doing this 9.9
¨ No.13758
Mentioning Aoi Hikari explains everything about this story. ;) I noticed that when I finished reading it that it is very similar style.
¨ No.13760
1613453612218.png–(10.74KB, 411x416, hanging.png)
Ha-ha-ha, apparently I'm now a world-building tool :-)

But I think the world is established enough. At least the way I read the first sentence is that the noose is there as a regular part of the playground equipment, not something the girls have brought there. Thus, if in their world playgrounds have hanging nooses as a regular part of playground equipment, it is established that kids killing themselves for fun is a regular occurrence in their world, and it is not happening in our world. Then there's casual nudity too.

Anyway, I love the story and would love to see more too :-)

I would, however, strongly advise against writing it directly into the message box, if you don't want to lose your story to something as silly as captcha, or eventually to gurochan dying again in another couple of years as it always does. Write in MS Word or something, then, first of all it will not go anywhere as long as you save regularly. Second, it would also feel more substantial and incentivize you to write more substantial stories, as you wouldn't have to write them in one go and would have more time to think about them and flesh them out better. For example, in this story the first part looks all good, you've probably thought it out at least somewhat before you started writing it. The second part, however, feels more rushed and could have benefitted if you let your thoughts first brew properly in your head, which would work better if you write them down into a doc file (or your preferred text processor).

This story also reminds me of a few things.
First is a story about Rei and Asuka from Evangelion having a somewhat similar bet, only they were to hang each other with their strength, not themselves. Was this story inspired by that?
Then, I had another idea I never used, where the rope would be properly tied to something, but the noose would be set up low enough for the girl to easily be able to reach the floor with her feet, so in order to hang she has to bend her legs behind her back and then hold onto her ankles with her feet (see the picture).
Though, while we're at it, I imagine some sort of a yoga pose with your feet behind your head could be used too.
Feel free to use or not use these ideas however you like.
¨ No.13761
And as you can see, I can't even draw the feet facing the right direction, which is why I'm a writer and not an artist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
¨ No.13762
Yes, you turned into a trademark of casual guro along with Edvard Hyde.
Come on, you are not that bad as an artist! You are just lazy LOL
At this day anyone can draw near-perfect pictures.
¨ No.13763
You are a star and an icon AH yep and yeah the intended implication is that the noose is a regular part of playground equipment!

See, this started actually as a 100 word challenge story, then I realized I wanted to add many enough details it was better off as its own story. That was probably the editing pass that made the difference you noticed lol. Anyway this is just how it does and doesnt work for me as a writer - there's just something about the message box that gets the creative juices flowing, here and everywhere I've ever posted. Of course, the reasonable thing is to then copypaste it onto a proper text document before submitting ._. lesson learned

oooh, I've had Thoughts about hangings that are too low so the person has to avoid putting their weight on their feet deliberately! ty

and lol drawing feet facing the right way in odd poses is so counterintuitive
¨ No.13766
> Yes, you turned into a trademark of casual guro along with Edvard Hyde.
> You are a star and an icon AH yep
I dunno, I don't have a wikitionary article like Dolcett yet :-)
Should I have spelled my name in one word for that to happen? Aobikari?

Aobikari (noun) - a fetish about kids casually killing themselves for fun, can also involve casual nudity and sex
Example of usage: "There is not an explanation and there will not be an explanation. There might be more stuff but explanations do not exist in aobikari".

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha XD

> See, this started actually as a 100 word challenge story
Ha, so did my Suspicious Silence. So I know how these things can get out of control, but it's all the fun when that happens, isn't it? :-)

> there's just something about the message box that gets the creative juices flowing
Well, that's a weird fetish :-)
I can see how writing directly into the message box can make it feel more immediate and flow more freely, but I think using a proper text processor is just a matter of getting used to it, and once you feel comfortable with it, it would be beneficial to your writing. Perhaps like switching from pen and paper to a computer in the first place, but on a lesser scale.
But of course, that's just my opinion, feel free to use whatever works for you.

Wait, so have you or haven't you read the story I mentioned?
Ah, here I've found it in the archives: https://bin.gurochan.ga/lit/res/5896.html#10434
Because when I was reading your story I felt like yours was definitely inspired by that one. Which would make sense with how you're calling yourself my fan and that story by the link was based on my idea.
I'm not blaming you for plagiarism or anything, as I've always said, my ideas are free to use, I have many many more of them than I can turn into proper stories by myself alone. So if you ever feel like you want to write something involving casual guro, but don't know what exactly, feel free to ask me for ideas :-)
So I'm just wondering whether or not you drew inspiration from that Evangelion story. Because if you've arrived at this independently, it would show that great minds do indeed think alike ;-)
¨ No.13776
...yeah, that one's one of my favorites actually <3
¨ No.13779
> Aobikari (noun) - a fetish about kids casually killing themselves for fun, can also involve casual nudity and sex

What would you call it if the fetish requires no long-term consequences, i.e they don't actually die?

Also, I wonder if OP would mind if I rewrite these chapters, as a writing exercise. Perfectly fine if you'd rather I don't, it's just a different skill than writing from scratch.
¨ No.13780
I guess that will be just BDSM, breath play and other normal story tags.
¨ No.13781
I'm including the story right here under "They don't actually die", to be clear. Because--

> It would take her a lot longer than normal to die like this, with half her weight on her pussy and tummy instead of her neck, but it would technically still be death by hanging. Would just take what? Fifteen minutes? An hour?

It's clear enough that they've done it before, yet somehow it failed to take.
¨ No.13782
> What would you call it if the fetish requires no long-term consequences, i.e they don't actually die?

I personally call it writing another story with the same characters :-P

But if we're going with the theme of naming fetishes after the authors who write about them, then the names that come to mind are JestInPieces, Mephistopheles and Poguemahone.
You can look their stories up in the archives (bin.gurochan.ga)
¨ No.13783
Ah, if you mean like that, than I have to agree with Onix that it's just breathplay.

The way I read this story is not that they're killing themselves occasionally but somehow end up alive again. The way I read it is that they hang themselves occasionally, but just never happened to go all the way before, they even have a special scissors gesture to convey such an intent. Should Nae not agreed to be released, she would've died for good.

"It would take her a lot longer than normal to die like this"
I believe it doesn't imply "longer than how she normally occasionally dies", but "longer that it would have taken her with a normal hanging".
¨ No.13784
> It's clear enough that they've done it before, yet somehow it failed to take.

No, this is just extrapolation from common knowledge :D

> The way I read it is that they hang themselves occasionally, but just never happened to go all the way before, they even have a special scissors gesture to convey such an intent. Should Nae not agreed to be released, she would've died for good.
> I believe it doesn't imply "longer than how she normally occasionally dies", but "longer that it would have taken her with a normal hanging".

yeah, this! there's undoubtedly appeal to immortal stories too, but they're not what I'm doing here ;)
¨ No.13785
...that said, you're super welcome to branch off your own universe off of this one with characters who do this regularly and never die! You're welcome to post anything you write for it or even just scenarios you like imagining in this thread, too :3
¨ No.13786
Sitti kicked at sand in boredom, wandering over the playground. The cleanup bots would soon come for their hourly sweep, but they haven't yet, so she got to see all the dead bodies accumulated so far. There was a girl lying in the sandpit, with sand kicked around her like she was buried then unburied herself, struggling, but her head was held down or something? There was a lot of sand on her face, and it looked wet. There was a girl hanging from an elaborate rope construction on the swing that seemed like it put barely any pressure on her neck at all, even though it incorporated a noose. Actually, she might have still been alive? She already peed herself, but that just happened from extreme pain too, Sitti knew.

Well, so the main rope swing was occupied, which just left the small one. Sitti scrunched her nose, inspecting it. No-one liked the small swing. The seat itself hung on plastic rods instead of swingy ropes, which was the worst kind of swing, and while there was a noose, it was way too short! Sitti was just ten, and even she couldn't hang herself on that noose even if she tugged it up all the way as far as it went!

Or could she?

Sitti looked at the rope, having wandered over to the small swing while thinking grumpy thoughts. This would be tricky, but... it could be a good way to alleviate boredom, if she managed it.

Also... she was bored in part because all of her friends happened to be busy, but for this specifically, it made it more exciting! Sitti had hanged herself before, but it was always in company, and they had made a rule that they didn't even ask: no-one was allowed to die without everyone else who was with them, and because there were only two nooses on the playground (and only one that anyone really used), everyone always got cut down. But now she was on her own and the rule didn't apply!

Sitti shifted from foot to foot, excited, then shifted the weight onto one big toe. That drew blood, as expected: she loved her new sandals with spike-covered soles! She got used to them really fast, and if she stepped evenly it wasn't even that hard to walk, but she could hurt her feet any time she shifted weight just right, too! They were the same color as her hat and the light shawl around her shoulders, too, white with yellow! It went really well with her dyed cotton candy pink hair in big puffs that barely fit under the hat and black skin. This was her first day wearing this ensemble, she only even dyed her hair for the first time yesterday, and it would be the last too! Because not only did the rule not applying mean she could ask to not be cut down, but she wouldn't even get to choose! Because there was no-one around! If she hanged herself here and succeeded, she was definitely dying! It was bad manners to ask the question of anyone who hanged themselves before you were there, so she was definitely not getting the option!

Of course the rope could always tear or something, but that basically never happened, and even when it did, it was usually for larger teenagers and with ropes that were actually used often, not this one! Sitti tugged it, rubbed her hands on it. No, this one wasn't going to tear. She was dead! (Assuming she succeeded.)

Excited by her idea, the girl quickly ran back and forth, tying the noose as high up as it could go. It wasn't high enough, but that wouldn't matter.

She took off the sandals with some regret - they would only distract her - as well as the hat, put the noose around her neck - she didn't even need to use one of the plastic tree stumps scattered around for it, just standing on her tippy toes was enough - then jumped up slightly and pulled up her feet behind her as if she was going to land on her knees!

Just as she had hoped, the rope was in fact long enough that her knees didn't reach the ground. Even as the rope stretched slightly, her neck in sharp pain now that her entire weight was resting on it, she barely needed to bend her legs to make sure it stayed that way. The top of her feet dragged on the ground, and she kept her toes pointed, resisting the natural self-preservation impulse to catch the ground and stand. No, she would do this in one take! She kept her hands behind her, grabbing her own elbows, as was the standard hanging pose. It was relatively easy to maintain even when you hurt, which was why it was popular. Her feet kicked slightly, trying to distract herself from the pain. Touching her pussy would do an even better job of that, but she'd made an agreement with her friend Yuni: neither of them was to touch themselves while hanging, only the other one was allowed to do it! If they weren't together, no-one else was allowed to do it either, they just hanged as is. Sikki pictured Yuni on her knees between her legs, licking her pussy and love button. She rubbed her legs together, which they'd both agreed was allowed; that, the fantasy and the kicking of feet was enough of a distraction to help keep her focused. It was a good thing, too, that the more her insides - lungs, she knew from biology class! - hurt, the more fuzzy her head was and the less she was able to remember what exactly was the sequence of movements that would put her back on her feet. Her body couldn't betray her if it was too dumb to! She hit the ground with her feet stronger and stronger, the pain in her toes distracting too, until she felt like she actually broke something, the sharp pain overwhelming that in her neck for a moment - then she kept hitting, her arms still locked behind her, until she blacked out for the last time. The last thing she saw was someone standing in front of her and looking at her.

The cleaning bots came right after. She wasn't dead yet when they approached first, but the protocol wasn't to leave her hanging for another hour, that'd just lead to clutter. Instead, she was left hanging while they cleaned out the rest of the playground, which took just several minutes. Then she was sharply tugged, which broke her neck, killing her for certain, and then her body was cleaned away just like all others.

Yuni stood in front of her friend's body, watching it being cleaned away. She'd begged her mom to let her leave the fancy party earlier, so Sukki wouldn't have to play on her own, but here she was too late. Her hands wanted to stray to her pussy, but she forbade herself. Sukki died while keeping their promise, so now Yuni wouldn't touch herself until she died, either.

She looked around. Hanging wasn't the only entertainment available, even if it was the most popular one. She walked to the big swing and sat on it, kicking herself back and forth with one foot while she deliberated. What to pick?...
¨ No.13787
(Yes, the bodies Sitti sees are Iri and Nae!)
¨ No.13794
Hehe, the previous story was better, this time you focused a bit too much on SciFi stuff on how cleaning bots maintain order in the playground LOL which sort of distracted from the main part.
But otherwise, I liked the masochistic girl idea it is a pitty that you did not expand it a bit more :)
I hope this is not your last work.

>What would you call it if the fetish requires no long-term consequences, i.e they don't actually die?

Thinking about this again I remembered that we actually had a TV series like that named "Adams family"
where nobody dies or nothing bad happens because of the horrible "misfortune" which happens every time and prevents that bad thing from happening everyone complains a little and life continues :)

so I think we can also have "adams family" tag of some sort

Also we have "Trine and Christina" style stories by Splyf which I also like to use and Aoi Hikari does the same to some extent too.
where you just reuse the same characters in multiples stories making giving them something what I would label "quantum immortality"
¨ No.13796
I have to agree, there's just some substance lacking. Like you read it and then go "uh-huh, and so what?" The idea is all good, just the way I like it, but the execution betrays how it's just some words randomly typed into a message box and not a properly written story.

And on the topic of non-fatal deaths, I remembered reading a collection of short stories just like that: with kids killing themselves for fun only to be somehow alive afterwards, only they were also furries. You can find it here: https://inkbunny.net/s/1845980 (you most probably have to create an account to read it).

(I wrote a whole lot more here, but then decided I better move it to my own thread)
¨ No.13798
I loved the last part! Your writing is great and erotic. Please keep it up!
¨ No.13799
I just meant the cleaning bots as a handwave because my imagination at least latches on to those details and asks "wait so what happens here" and this released the question enabling me to focus on the point XD

Thank yall for feedback <3

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