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File: 1612342401831.png–(118.91KB, 900x1590, png-clipart-yuri-girl-friends-anime-girlfriend-fan)
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Part 1

“Wow! It’s here already?” Jessie gasped.

“Yup!” her best friend, Kaitlin, replied, speaking into her phone as she looked out her bedroom window at the small team of uniformed caterers constructing the frame on the patio of her back garden, “And it looks sooo cool!”

“I’m coming right over!” enthused Jessie. “See you in ten!”

“See you, girlfriend!” Kaitlin grinned before ending the call and setting her phone down. The pretty twelve year old, her light brown hair streaked with blonde, had just got out of the shower and was wearing nothing but a towel which came to just above her knees. Standing in front of the full-length mirror on her wardrobe door, she dropped the towel and admired her own, lithe, naked body.

Kaitlin and Jessica had been best friends since they were four years old and were nearly inseparable. They were so close that, when out together, people often took them for sisters and they did everything together – Shared birthday parties since their birthdays were only two weeks apart, liked the same music, sat together in every lesson at school, attended the same gymnastics club… It was no surprise, therefore, that when Kaitlin’s mum had asked if she would agree to be cooked for her social club garden party, she had ended up with a two-for-one deal!

Three months off her thirteenth birthday, a birthday she would never see, Kaitlin’s body was developing nicely! Her legs were toned without being overly muscular, her hips starting to widen and her rump round and juicy. Her breast, while no more than an A-cup, were still nicely formed with large, light-brown nipples. She had showered with Jessica often enough to know that her body was very similar and both girls already liked to remove what little pubic hair they had so that it wouldn’t embarrass them during gym class so there was no danger of anybody getting hair in their food! The guests at that afternoon’s party were certainly in for a treat!

Deciding there was no point putting real clothes on since everyone was going to see her naked soon enough anyway, Kaitlin simply slipped on her fleece bath-robe and went downstairs to wait for her friend. Her mum was in the kitchen with her best friend, “Auntie” Carol, and together they were preparing the salads and other side-dishes to be served with the girls’ meat that afternoon.
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Part 3

“Hello you two! Looking delicious!” Carol grinned. “Your mum’s outside doing the hostess thing,” she chuckled, looking at Kaitlin, “so I said I’d wait for you and take you out when you came down.”

“Are my mum and dad here?” Jessie asked, feeling a little nervous for the first time.

“Yes they are.” Carol smiled. “They’re looking forward to seeing you.”

“Well let’s not keep them waiting any longer, eh?” Jessie grinned. She took Kaitlin’s hand and, with a gentle hand on each of their shoulders, Carol led them out into the garden.

There were more people in the garden than the girls had been expecting. Somehow, Kaitlin had been imagining it would be just a few of her mum’s friends but the garden was filled with not only women but their husbands, sons and daughters too, all of whom broke off from their conversations to clap and cheer when the two naked preteens were led out.

“Go on!” Carol chuckled, tapping them on the shoulders, “Go show off the menu!” It was such a thrill for the girls, walking around stark naked in front of all the guests in their nice clothes, all eyes on their exposed bodies and all bellies hungry for their meat.

“Looking good, girls!” Kaitlin’s dad raised his glass to them as they passed. “Have fun!” Both waved and blew kisses back to him. Many of the guests stopped them for a better look at the meat and some even wanted to touch, although most were polite about it and asked first. It seemed to be the girls’ lovely meaty rumps that received the most attention although several people also felt their developing chests and seemed to like what they found. One older lady even slipped her finger into Jessie’s admittedly moist young pussy before licking her finger with a happy, excited expression on her face.
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¨ No.13531
Part 4

Besides Catherine herself, the catering team consisted of five people, two men and two women, all of whom appeared to be in their early twenties and who wore uniform black trousers and black polo-shirts with the company logo embroidered on the chest.

“Right, piggies!” Catherine smiled briskly, “The girls will get you oiled up while the boys get the mounting apparatus ready.”

“Aww!” Jessie pulled an exaggerated pouty face. “Can’t the boys oil us up?” Both young men were quite handsome and appeared to be well-built and the horny preteen couldn’t help imagining their hands all over her body as they smeared her with oil ready for cooking.

“Oh I’m sure they’d be delighted to!” Catherine laughed, “But trust me on this, you’ll enjoy it a whole lot more if the girls do it. After all, who knows what a girl likes more than another girl!” She winked and went to speak to some of the guests while her assistants went to work.

The two young men took the pole with the twin spits from its mount and placed it upright in a stand then constructed a kind of scaffold around it with steps leading up to about half way up the height of the skewers. As they did so, the two young women began to get the meat-girls oiled up. Kaitlin was seen to by the tall, beautiful blonde while Jessie was assigned the cute-faced red-head with the unruly curls tamed as best they could be in a loose ponytail.

Within a few seconds, both meat-girls understood exactly what Catherine had meant. While the assistants oiling them up were professional and worked methodically to cover their meat in the oil which would help them stay moist and tender as they cooked and allow their skin to brown and crisp without ugly cracking, there was a sensitivity in their touch their made the application feel more like a massage that food prep, and not just any massage. Soon the girls were both panting, staring into each other’s eyes, more aroused than they had even been in the shower and wishing desperately that they could be back there.

When the young woman’s fingers slipped inside Kaitlin’s hungry preteen cunt she could hold back no longer and let out a cry of pleasure loud enough to turn heads even among those guests who had not remained to watch the spitting. Jessie was not far behind her.
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¨ No.13532
Part 5

“You might want to grip the pole,” Kev instructed the girls, “as high up as you can.” The girls did as they were told.

“Now grip tightly!” Connor warned. “We’re going to move the steps now so you’ll be holding yourselves up.”

“Just for a moment!” Kev cut in reassuringly, “Then we’ll help you. But moving the platforms takes both hands.” Kaitlin gripped as hard as she could as the young men unclipped the scaffold parts and pulled them back. She felt the support disappear from beneath her and in moment it was only her own strength separating her from a very fast an ugly impalement.

“What if we just let go?” Jessie giggled, the muscles in her arms starting to burn, “We’re going to be skewered on these things in a minute anyway!”

“You can if you like!” Kaitlin stuck out her tongue, “But I don’t fancy cooking with a bloody great spike sticking out of my belly. I want to do this properly!”

“Good point!” Jessie laughed, wiggling a little to make the metal spike intimately probing her a little more comfortable although relaxing around it was tricky when she had to use all her strength to keep herself from falling. Mercifully, just as she was beginning to lose the feeling in her arms, she felt herself being held with large, strong hands – one on her chest and the other supporting her rump.

“Okay piggies!” It was Catherine’s brisk, businesslike voice they heard. “The boys are going to gently lower you onto the spits. Try to relax and go with it. By the time they are all the way in you will essentially be sitting on them then we can fix your arms and legs and get you cooking. They shouldn’t come as high as your heart so you should survive this. Of course there will be a good deal of internal damage but it’s not like you two need to worry about long-term effects!” Both girls could not help chuckling at this good-natured joke.
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File: 1612229624642.jpg–(480.55KB, 1024x1024, image (3).jpeg)
No.13509  [Reply]
Village Snuffing #1: Annika.

Note: pic is from random generator not a real person

"I submit myself for ritual." Annika said as she kneeled infront of the butcher of the event bearing her belly out along with her womanly breasts. Today was her 19th birthday and she wanted to make her family proud.

If only her mother could see her now. Her brave daughter, kneeling on the snow with her black hair tied back as she performed one of her tribes most secret rites of passage.

Behind her was her clapping tribe and in front of her was Erik, a boy now but after the ritual completion he would be welcomed as a man of the tribe. And inside his hand was a small obsidian knife that would be used to complete the ritual.

She was at least glad to see a friendly if not mildly embarrassed face overtop Erik's usually light hearted demeanor. Especially since he was the most apologetic out out of the entire group.

Annika braced herself and looked Erik in the eyes. Their gaze lingered for longer then the ritual required. He cupped her round face and started the ritual.

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¨ No.13513
Wow, I absolutely love it!!

File: 1611999046847.png–(3.42MB, 2800x2000, RDVXrayFN1C.png)
No.5  [Reply]
Written by AgentTygress https://www.patreon.com/AgentTygress , DA-->> https://www.deviantart.com/666markofthebeast666

Set in the far far away dystopian future, in a ruined city in The Empire's territory. There was a mining complex that turned into a rebel encampment about to get taken back by the Empire's rules. The mission was to eradicate all the rebels, no one will be spared, the blitz was fierce, fast, not so efficient, but the results made the higher up pleased. The footage was from the squad commander in RDV number 660 of the Empire's army.

“How are they doing in there?” The driver asked.

“Wanking like there’s no tomorrow!” The commander laughed as she answered, watching the antics of the girls as she massaged her own clit through her skintight combat armour. She knew the symbolic armour would do nothing to stop incoming fire, but it did package her luscious body beautifully which meant that if she got noticed by some higher level commander reviewing combat footage there was a chance, however slim, that she might get called back to rear echelon to be their whore. It was a slim chance, she knew, but still better than the one she had out here. Even so, it was A LOT better chance than any of the girls currently reclining in their deployment positions and shivering with anticipation.
She sighed as she monitored the girls’ vitals on her screen. She’d just injected them with combat drugs a few minutes ago and wanted to make sure there were no cardiac failures. It was all too common with inexperienced models like these, not that most of them would have time to get experienced, like her. She knew just what it was like, of course; She could easily remember the terrible yearning for a home that she’d been taken from when she was just sixteen. Too young to really appreciate how much she was losing until it was too late.

By the time she’d really begun to appreciate just how special home had been it was already fading, drowned in a steady regimen of combat drugs, neurological realignment, and imperial propoganda. By the time they’d put a blaster carbine into her hands she couldn’t wait to die for the Empress. She’d been hit so many times in training, every instance of her simulated death accompanied by an orgasm so powerful that it was all she really wanted between operations. Even the sad, desperate make-out sessions that she shared with the other girls in their bunks after lights out were nothing compared to those moments on the battlefield, even though it was only simulated, it’s what she lived for.
Somehow she’d survived, though, even as all the girls she knew were blown away, sometimes one at a time, sometimes by the truckload. She envied them, of course, especially when she was selected for command tier and placed at the head of her own squad. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the work; watching sexy little girls getting blown away day in and day out was delectable, but even with all the rockets and blaster beams flying around she never seemed to manage to get hit.
She was drawn from her reverie by the sound of an explosion as the RDV right next to her is blown away, body parts and machine bits spewing across a jagged impact crater as the thing ruptures from within. She tries to tear her eyes away from the gruesome sight of entire tits rolling across the ground like ruptured beach balls but fails to look away as one of them comes to a wobbly stop only to eject the silicone implant that had filled it. The implant rolled away on it's own trajectory before being speared by a piece of falling shrapnel and oozing out it's white gel filling. Just as she managed to look away an entire uterus landed on the RDV's external rearview mirror, just a few centimeters from her face, and she found herself staring at the miraculously intact pair of ovaries dangling from it like earrings.
“Must have been one of those new delayed-det rockets!” The driver shouted back, her voice thick with lust and anticipation as she drove her machine through the splattering rain of meat, organs, blood and shrapnel that her best mate’s RDV had thrown up when it was taken out. In the tight confines of her command chair the commander yearned to DO something, her muscles pulsing insistently that she ACT; Do something! Her mind screamed at her. The fight or flight instinct went quite mad, raging like an animal against the sadomasochistic array of straps and clips that kept her delectable body secured to her compact chair. No; there was nothing for it. The driver would keep barreling forwards into what was quickly becoming a torrent of enemy fire, and one of those beams or rockets would do for them, or they wouldn’t. There certainly wasn’t anything she could do about it so she did the only thing she could; she enjoyed it.

“OHhhhh…” The commander moaned softly, joining half the girls in their coffin-like deployment racks as she climaxed inside her sexy, revealing combat suit….
¨ No.6
"Hey why are these suits so tight anyway?" One of the girls, straight out of basic, asked suddenly, taking advantage of the tightness of her suit to rub her clit right through the thin material, but still curious.
"Eye candy!" Put in a cute girl with glasses. "It's so we look super kawaii as we get blown away! They're watching these missions live, you know!" She smiled and glammed for the cameras that she was quite right - were watching them at every moment.

“Sure, but it’s also to keep us together as much as possible when we get blown apart.” The girl on the rack right in front of hers gasped out through what sounded like a delicious climax.
“Huh, like, for medical reasons?” Another girl wondered aloud, her voice doing all sorts of funny things as she rode the crest of her first combat drug-induced climax down to the start of the next set of multiple orgasms she was thrashing through.

“Nah,” replied the girl in the front rack who seemed so well informed. “So that it’s easier to pick up the pieces. You know, for recycling!”
“That makes sense,” The girl who’d first asked the question agreed with a serious nod. “OH!” She gasped as she climaxed again at the thought of her own death, just as her mental conditioning dictated she do.

“No it doesn’t!” Objected another of the rookies. This little deviant was some kind of prude, and she was turning bright pink from the effort of rejecting what the combat drugs were telling her she should do.

“Oh no, Reject,” Another of the rookies called her by her cruel training nickname. “Why not?”

“Don’t call me that,” Reject pouted. “My designation’s 242027, not reject.”

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¨ No.7
As the RDVs slewed away from the rebel-held strongpoint the miner’s Jerry-rigged point-defense-systems took a heavy toll on the lightly armoured vehicles, blowing two more away completely and vapourising the driver’s compartment of a third before they made it over a nearby ridge and out of the line of fire. Apparently the driver was the lucky one because the commander had had her legs, hands, and lower pelvis all shorn off with almost surgical precision. She knew because both sides knew; the dying commander was breathlessly narrating her own death over an open channel as the introduction to a plea for mercy.
"Please," the dying girl begged all the combatants over the static of an uncoded frequency. "Please I'm looking at my uterus right now..." She paused to cough up some blood. "It's... it's filled with semen from the last man that fucked me and it's... my uterus is leaking onto the seat. I'm... cough cough... watching my uterus leak out my last fuck. Please kill me... please..." It went on and on like that, everyone listening to the girl's pitiful prayer for death and no one obliging her because they were all enjoying it far, far too much. In the end the girl's fate was to bleed out over the course of the engagement as her suit first tried and failed to keep her alive, then started triage treatment on her remaining viable organs.
The commander found her mate’s pitiful begging and moaning to be the perfect accompaniment to the high-resolution video she was getting from her troopers’ helmet cams of the fight inside the facility. The rebels were brave and knew that they’d be rape-tortured to death if captured, so they fought with the desperation of those that have nothing to lose, but their skintight, unarmoured mining suits provided nothing in the way of protection from blasters, though their tubed face masks would have saved them from some types of chemical weapons the Imperials might have chosen to deploy. They might have tried such methods, too, if human life had been worth anything to them. As it was, however, expending troopers was a sure thing, and no matter how many were killed taking the facility there were always plenty more girls to take their place.

The first squad to reach the inner stairwell, the last bastion of the rebel’s defense charged down heedless of casualties, and died to a girl with the exception of the squad leader, who had the misfortune of being hit in the leg and grabbed by the few surviving rebels at the bottom. The commander started rubbing her clit even more furiously in anticipation as she watched the scene unfold through the girl’s chest cams.

“Let’s rape her with a blaster and blow away her uterus from the inside!” Screamed one of the rebels as she roughly caressed the poor wounded trooper’s swollen labia with the smoking barrel of her blaster. The commander’s pouty lips formed the word ‘yes’ without making a sound as the rebel made to carry through with her threat.

“No, WAIT!” Screamed the rebel’s companion, but it was too late. The trooper moaned in ecstasy-laden despair as her intravaginal mine detonated as the rebel roughly penetrated her with her blaster. The resulting explosion tore the trooper in half and killed or injured all the remaining rebels. By the time the next breaching squad rushed down the stairs all they had to do was finish off the few wounded rebels with shots to the back or head, and it was all over.

“All hostile down,” The commander noted, her voice shuddering distinctly as she came down off another orgasm that felt like it had risen up from benthic depths. “Make sure you finish off the wounded and get all of your sister’s corpses up here!” She instructed as she was the most senior surviving commander in the remaining RDVs.

She listened with satisfaction to the staccato rhythm of execution shots, each solitary report signifying the end of an injured trooper’s life as the girls turned on their own to save valuable medical resources and body parts for more useful members of the Imperial war machine.

“Give me just a second!” Begged 242027, the rookie that the commander vaguely recalled the other girl’s had nicknamed ‘Reject’ because she didn’t want to get off on her combat drugs. Gravely wounded, her intestines spewed out elaborately behind her, her left breast blown off and spread across several meters of the hallway. Her right breast was blown open but somehow the implant inside was perfectly preserved, jiggling as she desperately stroked herself She was masturbating furiously, biting her up from pain, her face screwed up in an adorable expression of concentration as she desperately manipulated her clit.
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¨ No.13510
great to see this back here, one of my favourite universes :)

File: 1611989581703.jpg–(4.94MB, 9832x4168, Infantry2_named.jpg)
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(Extreme Genital Mutilation, military, combat, breast implants)

A collaboration made with PusKiller2

This war was hell, and it had been raging for years. It had brought the concept of a scorched earth to a reality as the surface of the planet was decimated by nuclear fallout. The only beacon of hope remaining was The Empire, and their grand city that stood with its sectors united by totalitarian rule, and massive army of young women. Rebellions of the outside heathen populations tried to continuously topple The Empire or take its resources. It was the front line combat women who went out and quelled the rebels, or struck out to take back the scarce resources.

Inside The Empire's city though was a different world filled with local resistance groups looking to gut The Empire from inside. Well armed, tactically savvy, and filled with experience it took a different breed of woman to take on these rebels. The veterans of the front line work, that made their way up the ranks, made their way into the inner city combat squads.

Today was special for the inner city squads, it was the day that the resistance's headquarters had been discovered in the torn slums of the resistance's supporters territory.

“Dark! Dark! Dark!” Arc called out in the loud clattering of the metal death trap labeled as an Armored Personal Carrier. Cruising at full speed along the torn city streets, the six tires on the armored vehicle tried their best to use their suspension to smooth out the jarring terrain but these vehicles had seen too many battles, been retrofitted to many times, and the shocks of hard tires on pavement was almost augmented as each rock sent a shudder through the two squads of women inside.

The two yellow luminescent strips of lighting that ran the length of the ceiling of the carrier, that had been on the whole time, flipped off. The scene before then had been a cheery commotion of twenty six young women exchanging war stories, and trying to psych each other for the battle forth coming. But as the dark command was given, and the lights went out, all conversation ceased. The APC was in three sections, each housing eight seats – four facing the other four along the sides of the interior – for a grand total of twenty four women strapped in.

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¨ No.2
“HOT!” the driver yelled out above her, and the APC viciously rocked as evasive maneuvers started. Each woman grabbed their seat straps that covered their shoulders, but left room for their large double D breasts. Almost all of them had large breasts, with the only exceptions being Echo – the Engineer, and Gem, the Medic. As outrageous as it sounded, breast augmentation was actually required for inner city combat. Their breasts were filled with bullet proof implants that would, at the very least make their corpse a viable shield for their squad mates as bullets tore through the air, and at best stop a bullet from entering their chest.

Almost every woman had at least one piece of them that had been augmented to either withstand brutal punishment, or deliver brutal punishment. The only parts of them that were off limits to the augmentation were their reproductive organs, and their head. Though, because horrible rape was rampant in war, all the women in the infantry had a safeguard against it – a mine inserted into their vaginas. The rational was that a woman was usually incapacitated when rape occurred and at their last resort. To strike back at the enemy with, literally, their pants down - a mine would explode outwards from the infantry-woman's genitals hopefully inflicting painful and lethal revenge on her assaulter.

“EXIT IN FIVE!” the pilot yelled, and everyone yelled out as the brakes were applied harshly throwing everyone to the side.

“FOUR!” the acceleration stopped and the turret guns overhead blared out in a deafening thunder, the interior lit up as explosions glared through the small ports for the pilots to see out of.

“THREE!” the securing harnesses popped open.

“TWO!” the squad grabbed their weapons and all of them stood.

“ONE!” they all turned towards the back of the vehicle.

“ENGAG-- RPG!” the pilot screamed out as something shattered the windows and everyone covered their faces as an explosion engulfed the pilot areas, instantly killing the pilot and co-pilot, the flames engulfed the blonde haired squad leader and her ammo runner next to her, both who went flying into the squad, screaming as their bodies were torn from the explosive impact. The flames continued down the carrier's side and started torching the poor helpless members of Fox Squad. Arc turned and yelled “POP IT!” and as she said the words she saw the last in line Gem, the Medic, already pulling the emergency door controls.
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¨ No.3
“Threat count?” Arc asked as she pointed out for the rest of Epsilon squad to gather the supplies from the APC. Ashe saluted and stepped up.

“About six went missing, judging by the complex ahead of us, I'd say we have about two minutes before a force comes with reinforcements. I have seen no movement on the roof tops, but the windows are bustling, expect sniper fire within the next sixty seconds.” Ashe said quickly.

Arc nodded and took up her communicator.

“Battering Ram has succeeded, Fox Squad is down to four, send medics. Flood Gates are open, I repeat, Flood Gates are open.” she reported and soon the sound of more APC's echoed through the alley way they had come down. “Lens! Counter sniping, now!” she called out as she looked to a young woman with dark brown hair, creamy skin and dark gray eyes who was already set up at a small box in the back, another larger box covering most of her body.

Shots rang out from her sniper rifle and glass shattered across from them.

“COVER!” Arc yelled as a hail of gunfire started to pelt them from the buildings.

“MG-THREE, R-EIGHT!” Ashe called out, as Jinn opened fire with the heavy machine gun.

Before they could get off too many shots, two more Armored Personal Carriers careened into the markets area and covered their front, making a shield.
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¨ No.4
“Why is no one here?” Echo asked as they moved farther into the complex without seeing a soul – just empty tunnel after empty tunnel.

“It's a trap.” Hannah whispered.

“Yeah. And we're here to break it.” Arc said as they continued cautiously.

The tunnels opened into a large arena type area that was completely empty. Several other tunnels connected to the large space.

“Skirt around the sides.” Arc hissed out, and the whole squad took to the walls. “Don't go to the middle, its a kill zone.”

As they got to the next tunnel they turned the corner and saw about two dozen women standing there with guns.

“KILL THEM ALL!” Arc yelled, and the whole squad opened fire mowing down the women. Limbs, breasts, and heads went flying, they screamed as they fell, but as they did their allies rushed up behind them using their friends bodies as shields and they fired back.

Echo screamed out as bullets shattered her shield and tore through her torso. Her beautiful breasts exploded in a spray of blood and Gem screamed out as she caught Echo's flailing body and pulled her out of the tunnel.
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