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File: 1612394887716.jpg–(5.32MB, 4000x5865, tei72517_8c5910b3aceecf348a9600f940094161.jpg)
No.13557  [Reply]
(Illustration courtesy of Pixelwriter)

Part 1

“You’re looking forward to this, huh?” Annie teased, looking down at Joe’s ten year old boyhood which stood at full attention. “Or are you just pleased to see me?”

“Maybe a bit of both...” Joe grinned awkwardly, trying neither to blush nor to stare at his naked classmate. “Wonder when the others will get here?”

“Getting cold?” Annie asked. “Won’t have to worry about that for long!”

“Nah!” Joe laughed, “Although I’m glad we’re not doing this at Halloween! Me and my sister went to check out this street where they go all-out with the entertainments and I’m surprised more people didn’t freeze to death!”

“True!” Annie laughed as she finished packing her clothes into the carrier bag labelled with her name and sat down on the bench to wait for the others. It was a warm afternoon on the last day of the Summer term, just before the six weeks holiday, and Year Six were putting on a special presentation for the rest of the school.

The two friends from 6G were the first to arrive and had got on with the business of undressing as soon as they got into the changing room. Joe had perhaps been a little more hesitant at first – stripping naked in front of a classmate, and a pretty girl at that! But once he saw how matter-of-factly she was taking off her clothes and remembered that, very soon, the whole school and several of the parents, not to mention everyone who looked at the photos and video later, would be seeing him in the nude, he had quickly stripped off too.
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¨ No.13636
Oh, how nice !!!! I hope more students will find themselves executed at the school yard soon.

BTW, the parents can participate more as executors...
¨ No.13709
I already read that story on pixiv and it was pretty good and surprisingly full of action, although I like Halloween story more.
it is too big to make any specific comments.

After reading it I sort of want to do a picture story on a similar topic now. where students get executed during the party in various ways.
¨ No.13711
Glad you enjoyed it! :D Yes, such a setting would lend itself to a picture story I think :) Plenty of scope for the imagination!

File: 1613079496599.png–(4.80MB, 1600x2400, Ravyn-1.png)
No.13697  [Reply]
I admit, I'm probably a little fucked in the head.

Bioreplicator tech was definitely not ready for prime-time. It was certainly never intended to be used for full human duplication. And, I dare say, it was absolutely, positively not intended to be used for cheap autoerotic, sadomasochistic thrills.

And yet, here we are.

Well, okay. Here I am. And also there I am over there. And there's most of me over there, and about-to-be-me over there, and… well, yeah. I suppose it gets confusing.

But, point is, this is OG-me. You can tell by the carbon isotope mixture if you wanna take a blood sample. You could also tell by the lack of duplication errors, but that's less reliable, and I could be hiding something - what with the no arms or legs, and all. But yeah, sorry, all 100% zeroth-gen me.

First thing I did once I realized this would work was make like, fifty first-gen duplicates, sifted through the survivors with the nanoMRI for duplication glitches, picked the least error-riddled scans, and started printing them out. Then I realized that I should really average all those together and start printing *that* out, so i did.

Then we mulched all the nonviables, and all the marginals and I had the talk that I decided I was going to have with myself if I came out of the oven wrong, and the ones that didn't want to play helped me feed themselves back into the mulcher. Then we repeated the whole process another dozen or so times until I had enough of a scanset loaded that I could reliably print out as many of me as I wanted, and they'd all come out healthy.

Then I programmed the autodoc to amputate my limbs and feed them into the mulcher, leash me up in the kennel, and let me watch as it did horrible, horrible things to my dupes. And try to pleasure myself with my little nubs, but that just makes things even more frustratingly hot.
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¨ No.13702
This is great! Nice little exploration into ethics of cloning, I thought.

And of course I loved the "mulching of the non-viables" :D
¨ No.13708
Hmm I guess your fetish is strange sciency words LOL
The story reminds me of a movie about an illusionist with a similar cloning topic where he was killing his clones or rather himself on each performance

File: 1612656768018.jpg–(21.52KB, 313x200, fanfic-mgh.jpg)
No.13617  [Reply]
It was rare for us to get a job in the states for three reasons. Magical girls, despite appearing worldwide, mostly seemed to be concentrated in Japan. Being Japanese ourselves, this suited us just fine. The second reason was that very few employers were able to pay our very steep “getting military grade weaponry across international borders” fee. So imagine our surprise when an offer came in from a small town in New England from a company I’d never heard of. The last was that, over the years, the price for our services had grown steadily higher as magical girls had gotten stronger, more pragmatic, and most of all, stopped falling victim to the weaknesses that at first seemed inherent to their nature.

‘We’re heading where?” Aika asked, no doubt wondering how much school she’d have to miss on our little excursion. “Bishopsville.” Itami replied, stoic as ever. “Asylum hired us.” ‘Yeah, and they even hired their own plane. Looks like a piece of shit though” I said, looking out at the runway at the old plane they’d told us to use. “Looks reliable enough” H responded, having the sense not to be transformed quite yet; her BDSM getup would be glaringly obvious in an airport after all. The captain of the plane, an, old grizzled man, waved us aboard and, somewhat reluctantly, we did.

“Is this where we’re supposed to meet? I asked no one in particular as I surveyed the area. The place we were supposed to meet our client’s representative was a park near a high school. I supposed there were worse places to meet, with school in session, it was as far as I could see, almost vacant. “Indeed, it is.” A polite female voice said, waving to us in casual clothing from a nearby bench. “Come, sit.” We did so, not seeing any reason why not to.

“There are two magical girls I need dealt with.” She said, looking straight ahead, not caring to introduce herself. Many clients did the same, obviously not wanting the assassination of children to be traced back to then. “Tell us about them.” I said in return. “You see, the thing is, this isn’t about the asylum.” The girl said, staring straight ahead. “Yes that is important, but the main reason I want them dead is because they killed my older sister.” As for abilities, they fight tactically, and tend to exploit their opponent’s weak points, but your normal ambush strategy should work well against them. “So they’re who we need to kill?” Aika asks, by now transformed into Pretty Deadly. “No.” The girl said simply.

Before any of us could respond, She snapped her fingers, emitting a bright, blinding light, followed by what can only be described as a gunshot. When I regained my vision, Aika, my girlfriend, was slumped over, leaning on me, clutching her arm, which had been blown off just below the shoulder. I didn’t have time to help her though, if I tried we’d all be dead and we wouldn’t have a chance. The girl we were just talking to stood in front of us, wearing a brilliant green dress, wielding a sword and shield made of hard light in a defensive stance. “The magical girls I want dead are Pretty Deadly, and Sailor H” she announced quickly and plainly with none of the long-winded speeches typical of most of our targets. I tried anyway, drawing my pistol and firing off rapidly as she spoke to little effect as she blocked the bullets with her light shield.

“Haba, Lotus, move in. help with whip girl. Dandy, Cherry, hold off the other two. Ignore other” She said, backing off as Itami drew and fired his own weapon. I looked around for the other threats and realized we were surrounded. In this brief second, however, a pink clad magical girl raised a barrier of brambles and thorns between us and Sailor H as two others moved to engaged her. “On it, Lily!” one said, dashing across the park as the girl in green, apparently Lily, started dueling H, staying just far enough away that she couldn’t wrap her up with the whip, seemingly being pushed back. Itami and I tried to cut through the brambles, only to get slammed into them by a strong gust of wind. Another girl had been behind us. I reached back with my gun and fired off a few shots at her. She seemed surprised I could even move in her wind and took a bullet to the leg, dropping to the ground as it gave way and clutching her wound. I tried to aim to finish her off but as I did, the vines lashed out and pulled may arm away at the last second. Fuck.
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¨ No.13625
"Male victims, Fe"? Looks like your title got truncated.
¨ No.13626
Yeah that was supposed to be female victims. I first published it in guroerotica and copy-paste it here. Guess that got messed up
¨ No.13675
Nice universe and story, sorry to hear about your being traumatised though that's probably how we all got here :P

File: 1612939263402.jpg–(599.07KB, 1248x1660, ef02300c68c33f7eea12a1bccc0fc58c4fe684d2d44e70c1d9)
No.13664  [Reply]
"The economy is a joke, the corporations run everything in their ironclad grip, the monthly UBI can barely buy you a sandwich on a good day, so you can hardly blame the youth for choosing to drop out of society, sometimes permanently."

MissMelancholy (real name: unknown) turned back to the camera, a chipper smile on her face.

"Which is where we come in, to help give back to those poor struggling families, and to give these desperate, overwhelmed people a little peace of mind. Welcome back viewers to another stream where we give cash and get a death in return. It's the Snuff Stream!"

She pressed a key and the theme song jingled merrily. A quick glance at the second monitor, and her smile widened. This one was going to be a banger, with 80,000 viewers and climbing. "Our Snuff of the day is one Timothy Olsen, 18 year old high school student from Miscinaw, Michigan. On his social media he's talked about the usual sad, pitiful bullshit like the abusive drunk father, the bullying at school, the drug addiction, the self prostitution, the mother taken by an easily treatable illness if not for their lack of medical insurance."

MissMelancholy looked up at the camera, a sad look on her face. "Enough to break even my cold heart. This kid has had it rough, and we know he wants out. Well, he's gonna get it, because we've gone and picked him up, free of charge!" She switched the feed to the HD camera rig in the basement.

Timothy was sitting on the stool, nervously tapping his feet against the cold concrete floor when his phone buzzed, and he noticed a new message pop up.

"do it now"

He stood up and slowly took off his old sweater, making sure the cameras captured his youthful beauty. Timothy dropped the sweater to the floor, and bent over to pull his sweatpants down to his ankles. MissMelancholy could hear the high pitched pings in the stream chat as the donations came rolling in. She made sure to zoom the camera in on Timothy's tight little ass and smooth shaven cock and balls. Hell, even by her jaded standards he was a good looking kid.
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File: 1612473876105.png–(366.68KB, 751x1063, 1481845054168.png)
No.13586  [Reply]
Yay, Gurochan is back!!! I have all of my old stories saved and a couple others written in the break, I'll wait to see what the mods save first before I post old stuff, but this will be for my stories since the last time it went down. (btw, you can use Wayback Machine to get any of the old stuff you like)
anyway, glad to be back, glad to have a place for the loli and shota content I really enjoy writing <3
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¨ No.13633
Shortly after Billie finished her meal, a dark skinned woman with a gentle, welcoming smile and soft voice came and tapped her shoulder “I’m sorry i’m so late Billie, something came up, you can come on back”.

Billie stood and hugged her “You’re fine doctor, i just finished eating. That guest was really delicious, you should get a bit of her if you haven’t”. The doctor smiled “Oh i did, I injected the painkiller so she could be happy in the oven too”.

They went to a back room with ambient sounds of running water and birds singing. Without needing to be prompted, Billie undressed, leaving her body entirely exposed. Any number of tabloids would have paid huge amounts of money for pictures or video of this, but the doctor wasn’t tempted. She was paid VERY well, and she was very fond of the club and the members, they had all gotten quite close since this sort of establishment had been legalized and they didn’t have to keep it quiet, among ‘old money’.

Now nude, Billie again hugged the doctor, her huge breasts squishing comfortably as they gently embraced...and leaking a little, her bra was stained and a few white droplets peeked out. The doctor held her, stroked her neon green hair, felt her breathing slow as she finally relaxed. The doctor couldn’t IMAGINE being so famous at such a young age, she would never be able to take it, you couldn’t have paid her enough to be subjected to the attention of the internet before even being old enough to drink. Billie was rich and had a lot of influence, and the doctor wouldn’t trade the stresses of their lives for anything.

They eventually walked into another room, a little colder, with a number of odd high tech looking devices, all gleaming. Billie looked at one and her happy anticipation just radiated from her. She enjoyed performing, but THIS was what made her happy.

But something was off “Doc, where’s Ariel? You usually pick her up first, is she sick? I KNOW she isn’t late, that’s not her”. The doctor took a deep breath and sighed “Not in here, not this room…” she led Billie to another room with a curtained off area and had the teenager sit.

“So you know, after Modern Family ended, Ariel was having trouble adjusting. She was so little when that show started and it went so long, she didn’t quite know what to do with herself, he didn’t immediately get another good project, she was sad, going through a bad time”.

Billie nodded, feeling concerned “Yes, but then she got membership here, she likes to watch as many deaths as possible, and our appointments with you, she...seemed happy last week?”
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¨ No.13634
Oh that is so sweet 😍
¨ No.13638
Ooh yes I gave read and enjoyed this one :D

File: 1612422184920.jpg–(66.31KB, 850x1256, sample_fe5dfe3f2dacc7ad7ea6abe8442ecb82.jpg)
No.13578  [Reply]
4:00PM, Monday.

The Contractor sat in her rental van, idly chewing on an unlit cigarette. The radio was set to some AM station, fuzzy with static. Just white noise to fill the air as she waited for her prey. Again, she glanced at the photos in her hand. Arthur Hall, age 13, track team sensation at Warden Heights Secondary, 4'7", 72lbs wet, messy black hair, light tan, golden-hazel eyes, muscular and fit. She knew every single detail of young Arthur's life. Every like, every dislike, who his close friends were, the shortcut through the alleyway that she had parked her van in, his every coming and going, all of which would end by midnight tonight, by her hand.


The kid strolled past her van, alone, as was his habit. He was humming along to the song on his phone, earbuds plugged in. If it were up to the Contractor? She would've taken her silenced .300BLK carbine, put two rounds into the back of his head, let him drop, roll him over then one more round into his chest, center mass. Easy as pie, no muss no fuss. She disliked anything more elaborate than that, not only for the extra work, but because it awakened something dark in her, something she preferred not to tap into.

Her client thought otherwise. They wanted a video, make an example. No 240p potato phone footage for them, make it 4k UHD. Crisp and vibrant enough to see every single sweat bead, skin pore, tear drop, eyelash, and blood squirt.

"Your daddy pissed the wrong people off", the Contractor thought as she slammed the door open right into Arthur's side. The teen fell to the ground with a surprised yelp. She was on him instantly, the cloth rag soaked in chloroform pushed over his mouth and nose. For a moment, he struggled, but the fumes overwhelmed him. The Contractor looked over her shoulder briefly, then dragged the limp, unconscious boy into the van. Quickly, she ziptied his hands behind his back, and his ankles together and duct taped his mouth shut.


City street had given way to rural road, then to gravel. As the sky darkened, the tall pinetrees loomed larged as her headlights swept pass. Ah, there it was. She pulled off the path and down a winding driveway. The farmhouse was one of her safespots, hidden well away from prying eyes. It was where she could do her work at a more...relaxed pace. Something banged against the side of the van in the back. Looks like young Arthur had woken up.
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¨ No.13619
Yess, guys getting snuffed is my shit, I need more
¨ No.13635
I love women snuff boys!!! But this boy died very peaceful. He was to suffer more...

File: 1612272197994.png–(1.09MB, 1171x2067, 1550490058178.png)
No.13514  [Reply]
So, looks like Gurochan's back I'm gonna post up my stories. Some are new since Gurochan went down, some are definitely not. Each story will have a summary, tags, and a title.

You can find my stuff on Hentai-Foundry: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/thevisitorblack/profile
And also on Eka's Portal: https://aryion.com/g4/user/TheVisitorBlack

Occasionally I might put up a Picture that someone drew of the story I wrote. Who knows, maybe people will like them? The thread starter picture is from Liara Offers.
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¨ No.13577
good to see you back ^_^
¨ No.13583
haven't really been gone? Just not really posting anywhere while I worked on trades and such. I do occasionally post on Eka's, Hentai-Foundry, and on DolcettGirls
¨ No.13614
1612619804064.jpg–(98.59KB, 963x773, mulancuntroast.jpg)
Honor to Them All
Tags: Mulan, Loss of face, Willing, cooking, fatal, Complete.

After shaming her entire unit by being outed as a woman, Mulan expunges her dishonor by using Mushu to cook her for her comrades.

Mulan grimaced as she reached for the tongs, she had been discovered as a girl, and now she was paying the price, serving as extra meat rations for the troops. she was topless, her hair still in a topknot, her breasts swinging free with her cloth collar hanging around her neck. She still had her pants and shoes, but the former had the crotch ripped out to facilitate what she was about to do.

The Asian girl squatted down above Mushu, her hands and arms behind her back, one of the curved metal tongs that were usually used for moving coals around in each hand. Frowning, Mulan moved the tongs so that the hooked end of the metal pushed past her cunt lips, and with a big breath Mulan pulled the tongs apart, spreading her cunt open atop the small red dragon that had served as her companion.

"Now Mushu." Mulan called out shivering. Her cunt had been completely shaved for the occasion, and it was a bit cold out, as evidenced by her hardened nipples. The Asian girl could hear the small dragon beneath her inhale deeply, and then, suddenly, Mushu exhaled, breathing fire into her open cunt. Mulan writhed in pain as the flames hit her sensitive flesh, the initial blast of fire wide enough to singe the front of her pubic mound and legs. She jerked in place causing her unbound breasts to swing back and forth as the flames hit her clitoris with full force.

She could feel the fire inside of her as the blast died down to a more manageable level, none of the flames falling outside her pained cunt anymore. She could feel it as the flames caused her cunt to redden and swell from the initial heat, the pain steadily increasing as she writhed in place, determined to regain her family's honor by cooking and serving herself to the troops.

Her hands were steady despite the radiant heat and the pain, she could feel the tong, where they were heating up from the flames, sizzling against her tender inner meat. her writhing attracted the soldiers to watch her as she continued to cook, her face clearly in pain as they watched, her breasts bobbing and bouncing as she twisted.
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File: 1612386827841.png–(1.23MB, 1200x1200, 20220786_p0_master1200.png)
No.13553  [Reply]
Reports of my dieding were greatly exaggerated.
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¨ No.13605
¨ No.13607
Ooh, looking forward!

"We got both kinds; Squishy AND Crunchy!"
¨ No.13613

I'm sure I'll make a play on this theme somewhere in the story.

File: 1612419853143.jpg–(159.94KB, 1200x827, general-amin.jpg)
No.13576  [Reply]
Michael had killed a lot of people, it was in his line of work as a arms dealer. Just something that came with the job and he didn't really mind it. And right now he had a job to do.

"Mr. Holt are you really implying that I fire this at any one of those girls." Jin Takumara asked pointing at the three naked girls shivering and standing together.

In his hand was a gold encrusted AK47 that Michael had went through great lengths to achieve. It was a work of art honestly although it had been a pain getting it out of the UK but Jin was a repeat buyer of his.

"Yes I'm absolutely sure, every single one of these girls were handpicked to be the perfect shot." Michael said smiling and clapping Jin on the back. Jin laughed and took aim at the naked sluts lining the range.

Chiyo a cute tomboy he had picked up outside of a Japanese bar this morning and had promised to pay her to perform some "unsavory acts." He wasn't lying per say but it wasn't the whole truth.

Alex was a different story, don't let the pink hair and long acrylic nails fool you, she was a coke head through and through and Michael only had to sate her addiction till they got to Japan. But he went above and beyond even now she was giggling high off premium coke on her small podium.

And finally there was black haired Beatrice the only one who knew what was coming beforehand and didn't entirely care, why would she when she found out her voluptuous breasts had cancer. Instead of fighting she choose to get her family for a life time.

And right now Jin fucking Takumara one of the most famous Yakuza in Japan was aiming his sights at all three of them. Michael couldn't be prouder.
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File: 1612343788555.jpg–(320.04KB, 462x1000, 4-woman-explorer-with-map-cartoon-clipart.jpg)
No.13533  [Reply]
(The song referred to in the story can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvohTj88KEI)

Part 1

“Is it Saturday yet?” Robert sighed, giving up on his book and turning the TV on quite loud to drown the music that was coming from his daughter’s bedroom. The cheesy novelty song was no, in itself, objectionable and he had to admit he had quite enjoyed it the first time he heard it, and even the second and third time it was not too bad but this was at least the fifteenth time he had heard it that evening alone and it had long since lost any appeal!

Not that he could be too critical of her. He knew Becky and her friends needed their dance piece to be perfect as they were only going to get one shot at it! Nine year old Becky and five of her friends were performing a piece they had come up with themselves during the opening event of the school fair, by the end of which they would be starting to cook. The three girls, Becky, Alice and Miranda, would be playing explorers captured by savage cannibals played by two boys from their class, Thomas and Sam and Sam’s big brother Alan who, Robert knew, Becky had insisted on being partnered with because of her long-time crush on the eleven year old.

When he and his wife Jane had seen the first “rough draft” performance, he had pointed out that the cheerful, French-language song from the 1960s was actually about a captured explorer begging for his life and trying to barter his way out of trouble, eventually offering the cannibal chief a nudie magazine which results in chief not only changing his mind about cooking the explorer but actually him being given full access to the chief’s own harem! Becky had dismissed his observation, informing him that “nobody speaks French anyway!” and that it was a fun tune with the word “Cannibal” in it often enough to fit!

Jane and the other mums had been working tirelessly together on the costumes, having found patterns they were able to adapt. The cannibal boys had been relatively easy – raffia grass-skirts worn over black underpants, shaggy wigs in bright, non-human colours so as not to be accused of racial insensitivity – Neon pink for Thomas, green for Sam and purple for Alan, comical clip-on “through the nose” bones and necklaces made from small Halloween skulls and fake bones and body-parts that the boys had great fun putting together themselves.

The girls’ costumes were a little more complicated. They would be wearing knee-socks with heavy boots which had to be adapted to come off quickly. The boots would have to be worn without laces but that was not too much of a problem as the girls would only need to walk a few paces in them. For the socks, the mums had come up with the ingenious idea of splitting them up the back then fixing them back together with long strips of velcro so they could be literally ripped away.

The explorer hats had come from the same party store as the wigs, grass-skirts and body-parts but the rest of the suits had to be custom made as the girls wanted sleeveless tops and booty shorts but in the style of Victorian explorers like in the movies. These too had to be made easy to remove but that had been achieved by using poppers in the place of real buttons on the tops and on the waistband of the shorts. The end result was something the ingenious mums felt justly proud of and which the girls felt cute wearing for the short time at the beginning of the song when they would be wearing anything but the hats.
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¨ No.13538
Part 6

“Ah-ha! Here comes our meat-delivers!” Miss Winters grinned as the three meat-girls came running over to the cooking area which was quite close behind the set, running off the same power-cable which was feeding the PA system they had used. All except the charcoal pit of course which, despite the modern, motorised spit, acquired its cooking heat the traditional way.

“Wow this all looks so cool!” Miranda gushed. The equipment was new, bought with a special grant the school had been given by the Roebuck Corporation in exchange for being allowed to give presentations about their industry twice a year in assemblies, and they would be the first to ever be cooked with it! Pupils like them had been cooked at previous events, of course, but they had either been chopped up by the local butcher and their meat cooked on regular barbecues or sometimes all boiled together in a big hired pot over a camp fire but here, ready to be used for the first time, was the latest in state-of-the-art portable girl-cooking equipment.

Once it had all been “broken in”, the equipment would be used regularly for school fairs, camping trips, fundraisers and other special occasions but the three excited young performers would have the honour of being the first to try it out and would therefore be a significant part of the school’s history for years to come!

Each girl would, by arrangement, be cooked for real in the way they had been fictionally cooked not half an hour earlier. Miranda would be roasted in the free-standing oven which was made from thick, clear glass on three of its sides so that people could watch the meat cooking within, the heat coming from electric elements above and below. Alice would boil in the clear, round cooking pot, made entirely from thick, heat-resistant glass and heated from below by a glowing red coil like an electric kettle and Becky, of course, would be riding the spit! Although currently powered from the school mains, both electric cooking devices, and the motorised spit of course, required a relatively low voltage to function and could be run from a small, quiet generator which had come with the set, making them perfectly usable off the school grounds too.

“What do we need to do?” Becky asked as people noticed them in the cooking area and started to gather round to watch the sequel to their very popular performance.

“I guess I just get in the pot?” Alice asked, looking at the glass cauldron curiously.

“Pretty much!” the kind-faced older lady, Mrs Summers, smiled and wiped her hands on her apron. She had been cutting vegetables on a table close to the pot, ready to add once the main ingredient was in. “It’s not too hot just yet,” she explained, “more like a nice hot bath really. It’s programmed to heat up gradually. Once you’re gone we’ll take you out and chop you up then put the pieces back in, but you don’t need to worry about any of that!”
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¨ No.13539
Part 7

As the young cooked worked her way around the girl’s body, Miranda adopted a variety of obliging poses on the table, displaying her meat to the hungry watchers. Once her delicious young body was oiled all over she climbed into the roasting pan and lay on her back.

“Put your hands in front of you.” Miss Winters instructed. “That way you can have a little fun while you cook, like your friend over there!” She chuckled as she pointed to Alice who was putting on quite a show in the pot, adding plenty of her own seasoning to the stew. Miranda grinned and checked that she could reach her own extremely tingly little pussy with her fingers then allowed the cook to bing her wrists with cooking twine. Then she folded her legs, bringing her knees to her chest, so that her rump would be nicely exposed for carving and her ankles were bound to her wrists, fixing her in that uncomfortable but extremely appetising position.

“This will stop your pretty hair from burning,” Mrs Summers explained, wrapping Miranda’s braid in tin-foil, folding it to her head then wrapping more foil all around like a silver crown. “Open wide!” she smiled and pushed a cored red apply into Miranda’s smiling mouth – a real one this time unlike the sponge one Becky had used for the performance.

There was applause from the audience as the two women carried the oiled and bound little girl in her pan over to the oven which had been nicely pre-heated. Miranda could feel the blast of hot air on her rump and pussy as the door was opened and her pan was set down on the shelf it formed. With a little gentle pressure, the pan with Miranda in it slid into the waiting oven and the door was closed behind her. By the time it next opened, Miranda would be gone and only a delicious roasting piece of meat would remain. The glass-sided oven made it obvious to all those watching that Miranda was just as keen as Alice to make the most of the little time left to her.

“Right then!” Mrs Summers clapped her hands together, turning to Becky. “And then there was one! Come on, little piggy, let’s get you spitted!”

Anyone who had not been gathered around the cooking area when Alice climbed into the pot had now made their way over, the stalls and other entertainments forgotten for the time being. The dance had produced its intended effect, making everyone who watched it desperately hungry for the three cute meat-girls, and now here they were being cooked for real!

At Mrs Summers’ instruction, Becky climbed up onto the same table where Miranda had been oiled except there was no roasting pan waiting for her. Like her oven-roasting friend before her, Becky made sure her oiling was just as much a performance as the dance had been, ensuring that those watching got a very good look at the menu.
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Part 8

Once it was far enough in, Miss Winters moved to kneel in front of Becky, talking reassuringly to the brave little girl and holding her head in position so the spit would have an easy path out her mouth. She stood up as it emerged and wiped the blood from the end. Her older colleague continued to push until there was as much on front of the meat-girl as behind. The applause from the audience was thunderous and enthusiastic as the bloody spike erupted from the pretty brunette’s mouth.

An anal stabilizer was slid onto the back of the pole and pushed deep into Becky’s tight ass. Once that was in place, the women helped the impaled girl to adjust her position until she lay flat on her belly. Unlike the others, it would not be possible for Becky to finger herself as she cooked but, on the other hand, she now had thick metal poles in both her pussy and ass and the women knew how to lock a girl to the spit with just enough space to allow her to hump the spit and pleasure herself that way instead.

First a set cuffs was slid onto the front of the pole and Becky’s wrists were locked in place, the centre of the cuffs fixed tight around the shaft. Then the same was done with her ankles, leaving her knees bent just enough. Once she was safely secured to the thick pole, Miss Winters wrapped Becky’s hair as she had done for Miranda and the final dancer of the trio was now ready for the coals!

The two women carried the spit together and fitted it into the support struts where it locked into place and began to turn over the hot coals. Now that all the prep was complete, the barriers were removed and the guests were free to walk around the cooking area, many snapping selfies in front of the cooking girls on their phones.

Over on the set, the boys were having a lot more fun than they’d bargained for as many of the girls and women who wanted pictures with them had decided to dress for the occasion, or rather to undress so that they looked like captured “victims” of the savage cannibals. As fun as it had been to
have such intimate contact with their three naked fellow performers, some of the novelty had worn off after the first three or four rehearsals. Now they were getting an eyeful not only of many of their schoolmates but some of their very attractive mums and older sisters too!

Miranda was the first to check out, taking her last breath as the wave of her fifth orgasm washed through her. It was obvious to those who crowded around the glass-sided oven that the especially deep breath was her last. They clapped and cheered for her in excitement and gratitude as the horny little girl was replaced with a big piece of roasting meat.

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