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File: 1613534349835.jpg–(1.13MB, 3000x2000, factory.jpeg)
No.13767  [Reply]
Take a Hint - Part 1

“You’re sure that it’s no trouble?” Celia asked me, as I pressed down on my key fob, unlocking the passenger side door. I shook my head.

“Really, I don’t mind. What are friends for? I’m just sorry Brendan couldn’t take you.” We both got in and settled in our seats, as I turned the key making my old piece of shit shake.

“Yeah, but you know how his dad is.” She chuckled. Yeah, I did. Brendan’s dad was a tough man, was all business and no fun. And for whatever reason, even since we were kids, he felt the need not only to impose that on his own son, but his son’s best friend too. Neither of us bought into it, but I could at least tell him to fuck off – he wasn’t my dad, after all. Brendan wasn’t so lucky. He was even having to miss his girlfriend’s slaughter date because of it.

“Yeah. So, how far do you want me to go with you? Do you want me to just drop you off? Or-“

“If you got somewhere to be, just say so.” She smirked.

“Nah, it isn’t that. I’ll even stay and watch you on the line.”

“That desperate to see me naked, huh?” Celia pushed her light blonde bob cut out of her light blue eyes, staring daggers into my flustered face. She always knew how to tease me, ever since freshman year.
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¨ No.13769
Hi all. This is my first story on gurochan. I've been lurking for a while, and I've ha plenty of ideas, but this is the first time I've actually completed one. This one's a little short and sweet, but let me know what you think, and thank you for reading.

- Saveth
¨ No.13775
Wow´i really love this story! The setting a and the bittersweet tone of the story is just my thing
¨ No.13778
This is a really great story! The mix of casual attitude and dark humor with the reality of death and betraying a friend was perfect for turning me on. Please keep it up. I am looking forward to more stories form you.

File: 1613716329178.jpg–(118.08KB, 427x600, 13695312_389f9cfbad0be5a0331177f2bf7e7350_master12)
No.13777  [Reply]
my take on the dolcett genre I do not like the underage or non-consensual aspects of it and I dislike the eugenics aspects. Feel free to use the setting without crediting me. This work is in the public domain.

If you are reading this you have stumbled on one of the dimensions of the nuita race as we are farmers of man shaped organisms and we look like sexless beings that are transparent so you can see our organs with balls of magic as heads. we place portals to various places in the multiverse, . We nuita only farm organisms that want to be meat and is of breeding age. They are feed high class food and the meat of norbs which look like cows with antlers and trunks. Our organisms get reincarnated in our vats so they can keep experiencing their joy of being our products. We also offer day-trips and tours so you can see how well they are being treated and take some home as spouse or slave. We have any products you would want from the organisms. If you have found a portal that means you must want this as product or customer. we also allow products to marry in that case they are a package deal. Product and customers are free to leave anytime with no consequences. Unfortunately we do not allow organisms that will contaminate the stock such as faeries, werebeasts or undead, etcetera in our dimensions, or as customers and/or stock. All our live products are guaranteed healthy and have no defects unless the customer wants a defected one.

This portal you went in is only exclusive to cisfemales that want to be meat or eat female humanoid meat, we serve our customers well

Here in the restaurant of Yuriniku Kunoichi all the girls we have are trained to be ninjas, as we believe that makes them happier. and we also offer nullo girl slaves which are girls with no breasts, nipples uterus, ovaries ,fallopian tubes,bellybutton or outer and inner labia, vagina and all of the clitoris with their outer genitals sewn up with just a peehole and anus for you to keep. we have an Edo period vibe in this restaurant. we also enjoy teaching the arts of female on female love. We also have full tabletop and live action role playing games. We do hope you enjoy your stay here. Our yuriniku kunoichi also work as dream warriors protecting the innocent. The girls are completely naked with our yuriniku kunoichi brand on their necks.

File: 1612515670349.jpg–(39.58KB, 352x550, 58662820-352-k590905.jpg)
No.13598  [Reply]
Garajımda robotum üzerinde çalışıyordum,karım onla uğraşmamı getirmemi pek sevmezdi fakat bu şey tamamlandığında baya müthiş olacaktı,sanki ilk aşkımmış bu metal yığını,ara sıra onunla konuşurdum o doğal olarak hiç cevap vermezdi,yakında bu değişecekti,robotu yapmanın en zorlu yanı yarı biyonik yarı elektronik olduğu için bazı elektronik parçaları ve organları satın almak oldukça zaman aldı,bir yıl uğraşımın ödülünü yarın alacaktım,sonunda çalışacaktı.Üstünü beyaz bir bezle örtüp yatmaya gittim aslında yatmak istemiyordum,sadece karımın avazı çıktığı kadar bağırmasından hoşlanmıyordum.

Gözlerimi açtım yatakta karım yoktu,hiç böyle erken kalmazdı.Genellikle haftasonları akşama kadar uyurdu,burnuma omlet kokusu geldi,yataktan kalkıp mutfağa girdim,karım kahvaltıyı hazırlıyordu,ona günaydın diyip garaja girdim,fakat robotum burda yoktu sadece üzerine örtüğüm beyaz örtü katlanmış şekilde masanın üzerindeydi.Ayrıca örtünün üzerinde bir not vardı;

"çabaların için teşekkürler sevgilim "
Arkamdan birisi şöyle seslendi
"Sanırsam beni arıyorsun"
Arkamı döndüm ve karımı gördüm

"Hayır seni aramıyorum"
"Peki kimi"
"Tam karşında duruyor"
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¨ No.13640


soyguncular fabrika binasından yola kurdukları kurdukları zip-line hattı sayesinde yaklaşık
6 milyon dolar değerinde 53 adet robotu çaldılar polis şimdi heryerde onları arıyor


"iyi bağladın değil mi?"
"POLİS !!!"
"polis geliyor çabuk ol"

>ip kopar
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¨ No.13774
"buz kıracağını aldım"
"harika bu arada banyoya geçelim"
"neden ?"
"sana bir sürprizim"

"şey yerde ne-"

Sanırsam artık büyük bıçakları kullanabilirim fakat önce gözü çıkarıp kendime bozuk gözümle değiştirmem lazım ondan sonra eğlenceli kısma geçebilirim,Yavaş yavaş gözü çıkardım acaba ikinci gözüde çıkarsam mı ? neden olmasın yedekte durması iyi olur.Şimdi eğlenceli kısıma geldim büyük bıçak darbeleriyle parçalama zamanı

Ortasını ayırmak çokta zor olsada iki elinizle bıçağı tutup vurursanız çok kolay sanırsam anatomide bu bölüme "cubitus" deniyor

Nispeten daha zor bundada kollara yaptığınız gibi ortasına daha fazla güç uygulamanız lazım burasına sanırsam "genu" deniyor.
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File: 1613627962012.jpg–(60.68KB, 600x597, BB98CB68-E2FB-4412-8D66-B30485A9C642.jpeg)
No.13773  [Reply]
All women should have their clitoris removed. I want to bite down on a clit, kill it! …then make the woman lick my ballsack. Sometimes I think it would be fun to cut a women's clit off with a man's toenail clippers – that thought makes me smile! I play with my ballsack and dick and think about how much better it is to be a man, sooooooo much power in my genitals. Women, by contrast, often get their cunt torn giving birth; imagine her disappointment to find out "It's A GIRL!" If I had a wife, and she gave birth to a girl – the clit gets cut off for sure.

But I don't have a wife: I masturbate with my friends (and suck dick). They rag on their wives, and I give them ideas: like blowing their clits off with a gun, or using pliers for ripping the clit out, roots and all. Raping their wives would then be all the more painful; fun times.

Jacking off onto mutilated pussy is a fantasy of mine. One day, I shall do it for real. My cum dripping down over the vulva, bringing searing pain to the gouges I placed in her cunt. She will never masturbate again, but I will pay her a visit every week: her crying replaced by screams, my semen threatening to get her pregnant. And abortion should be legal, but with a twist. Contraception is not legal, and all abortionists would be male doctors; every abortion accompanied with an anestheticless clit removal. No clit? Pussy lip (they have four, take one each time). No more cunt at all? Gang rape…

I would love to live in Africa, or Arabia, where men rule, as we should, and killing clitoris is not just legal, it's an obligation. A land where cutting off a female's clit is the best gift a father can give his future son-in-law! That's right: fathers cutting off their daughter's clits. Not only legal, a right to the race of Man. So nice… I want to lick Arabian balls all day, to thank them for keeping women in their place.

Every clitoris in the world should be destroyed, balls and dicks are so much better. Masturbation, group masturbation, should be the exclusive privilege of men. If a women wants stimulation, she must get it from her owner, her husband. If she's lucky, she gets shared with his friends. They pass her preserved clit around, laughing at her as they make her flick it with the tongue.

Mass decliting would be a spectacle event, not something hidden in darkness. Men would hand over their girlfriends for the slightest offenses, then jack off with the men in the audience watching all the bitches in the mass decliting. Jacking off, semen shooting everywhere….. Mine is. Is yours?

File: 1613599137586.jpg–(376.18KB, 937x528, 2019-10-16-guillotine.jpg)
No.13770  [Reply]
(Repost from old Gurochan)


As the woman behind the counter went through the speech, Chelsea let her eyes wander over to the next counter, where men were checking in.

“…be aware that, although we make effort to minimize the risk, accidents can and sometimes do happen…”

She’d heard it all before. She knew the routine. Listen to the little legalese speech, sign the waiver, go in, have a good time. She’d been coming here most Thursdays for years now. She could recite the speech herself.

“By signing this waiver, you agree not to hold the company liable for any injury or loss of life incurred while using the service. If you agree, please say ‘I consent’.”

“I consent,” replied Chelsea. The man going through the other side of the checkin procedure wasn’t very attractive—a little shorter than she’d prefer, a little balder, a little fatter. In a weird way that made things better. He handed over his credit card. Men who come here have to pay. She signed the waiver. Women got in free.

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¨ No.13771

She was still very much on edge as the next client finally entered the room, then entered her. Her whole body was tingling. She felt alive, more alive than any other time in the week. She whispered “Release”, adding just the tiniest bit of voice to it. Still not enough for Greg to hear. She was still safe. It was still fine. She didn’t want to die. She wasn’t going to die. “Release.”

“Oh shit, dude, this bitch fuckin’ said it,” the man moaned, and she felt the thrusts of his orgasm.

Chelsea bit her lip. Deep breaths. Don’t come. Not yet.

“I didn’t hear it,” replied Greg.

“Come on, man, she said it.”

“Sorry, dude. She’s got to say it louder if she wants it. Those are the rules.”

Chelsea’s body was on fire. Still, she held it down. She wanted this feeling to last. The feeling of being on the edge. This had happened a few times before, where the man fucking her heard her. It always sent her into overdrive. She had to be careful, it was addictive. She’d started out being very careful not to make any noise, not to say anything that even resembled the word.
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¨ No.13772

“Doing okay, Chelsea? That was pretty intense.”

Greg was so sweet. One of her favorites. One of her favorite potential executioners. Her favorite potential murderers. 

“Mmm hmm.”

She was at the edge of the cliff. “Do you ever take a turn, Greg?”

She thought about Greg fucking her. She wondered why she’d never really thought about it before. Her killer. Her murderer. She thought about him giving her a good long fuck and then hitting the button himself.

“Can’t. Ethics violation to have sex with a patient.”

“Yeah, but I’m not *really* a patient…” She imagined his cock thrusting into her. His hands on her. His come in her. He always asked her if today was the day. Maybe today was the day. Maybe today was the day for him.

“Sorry. I’d lose my job, probably never be able to work in the industry again. Nice as it is to think about, it’s not worth it.”
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File: 1613523753225.jpg–(548.41KB, 873x1200, dbm51oc-3185fa11-b0c9-4794-be8b-67f4e079bc2c.jpg)
No.13765  [Reply]

Daniel gets up on a large plastic bucket. He liked to do that every time he was about to say something important. It also helped with his small stature. Two pairs of eyes were already locked on him. No one else is there, inside this old, rusty, dirt filled warehouse. There were no doors to breach through. It was their hideout, the special place where their twisted and dark thoughts weren't met with sighs, parent frenzy and talks of "puberty's difficulties".

"I hereby announce the first official meeting of the "Murder Club", he said in his young voice. He was only 12 years old, but he was smart, certainly the smartest of the group, a cynical nature, his short haircut giving him a kind of geeky look. Girly clapping followed this announcement. In front of Daniel, sat two girls. The first had long, curly blonde hair and her large, excited smile showed off her braces. Annita was 15 and she was the more energetic, quirky and sadistic of the bunch.

Next to her, contrasting her colorful look, a goth girl by the name of Frederique, or "Fred" as the other two called her now - weirdly enough, she didn't mind. With dark hair, clothes and attitude, she was the oldest of the group, aged 16.

The boy continued. "We will now draw to see who gets to choose first", he said, and produced three pencils, all held in his right hand, so that only one side was visible. Both girls pulled their chosen pencil at the same time. Frederique's was the shortest. "Ok Fred, you win", Daniel concluded. "Who is the first victim?"


Frederique always despised the popular girls in her school. Those with the fake personalities, who liked everyone on the surface, but never failed to talk shit behind their backs. The superficial, hot chicks who, at the end of the day, didn't care about anyone but their own "status". Susan was the worst, at least in Frederique's book. Having dated the guy that Frederique had a crush on during the first year of high-school, might have played a part in her decision. She had the slim, but curvy body, and the full breasts that Frederique secretly wished she had. At 17 years of age, she was a catch and she knew it, taking very good care of her appearance, accentuated by her expensive, sexy outfits.
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File: 1613523481997.png–(921.44KB, 939x616, Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 2021-02-17 025)
No.13764  [Reply]
<b>The main attraction of an old amusement park is its stunning animatronics. But there is more to these cute dolls than the average visitor can tell at first glance. </b>


Soulford is a big city. Over a million locals make up the busy, chaotic landscape of this small metropolis. But outside the hustle and shoulder-to-shoulder throng of city life, there are miles upon miles of empty fields, run by old, self-reliant farmers. Somewhere between the downtown, the rural field and the suburbia lies a classic example of an American amusement park. It’s old, both in its years and in its look, but it’s still kicking, seeing dozens of guests every day, mostly families passing by on their road-trip and rascal teens looking for a place to hide from their homework. A lot of them are just random passerbys, intrigued by the time-capsule experience this park provides.

The owner of this establishment, a 66-year old balding man with a beer-belly, is simply known to the public as Old Gary. The big sign on top of the gate reads:

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File: 1612908411126.jpg–(278.55KB, 1548x2752, 9f4ce658c74565760e88e0f70bba0225.jpg)
No.13656  [Reply]
(A little work in progress I wrote a week or so ago... might as well let you enjoy what there is of it so far :) )

Part 1

For a Good Cause
Edward Hyde

“See anything you like?” Susie asked the handsome, middle-aged man who had stopped to check out her companion. “Quite a lot of choice cuts still available!” She gestured up and down her friend Emma’s naked body, the cuts of meat all marked out in dotted lines of edible black ink, some with large green crosses in them but many clear.

“Both tits gone I see...” the man shook his head a little sadly. Emma shrugged a little and smiled apologetically.

“Yeah, sorry.” she explained. “They were the first thing to go!”

“Oh I fully understand why!” chuckled the man, reaching out and weighing her breasts, which were a good size for her age, in his hands. “But I don’t think I can pass up the chance for some of your meat.” He stepped back and looked the young teen up and down then had her turn around so that he could get a good look at her back. “Hmm...” he crossed one arm over the other, rested his chin on his thumb and tapped his lips with his forefinger as he pondered the selection on offer.
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¨ No.13672
Edward's stories are fantastic!
¨ No.13673
Thank you so much, all of you!
¨ No.13759
Interesting idea of selling girl meat that way.
I think you could do an entire story on the topic of how girl scouts are trying to sell their meat to people the same way as they sell cookies :)
I would even add some pictures.

File: 1613251326072.jpg–(134.49KB, 460x620, spit roast.jpg)
No.13731  [Reply]
Been working on this for a while, and since I finished a new chapter today I might as well post it here too.


"Do you really think we'll lose this game too?" Rebecka said, adjusting the fit of the black sports bra clinging to her developing chest.

"Well, given how we've performed so far it wouldn't surprise me," Katie, team captain of "Katie's Kitties" answered.

"So we'll all be meat in a few hours?" Anna said, unable to hide her excitement. The petite blonde had come up with the idea to enter the tournament in the first place, and as the games progressed her intentions for doing so were becoming increasingly clear.

At first glance this volleyball tournament seemed like any other, with volunteer teams from schools in the local area competing in different age groupings. The girls of Katie's Kitties were completing their last year of middle school. Unlike ordinary tournaments though, the focus was not solely on the winning team, but the losers got equal attention. The losing team would, after the conclusion of the final match, be stripped of their clothes and cooked on the spot, to be served as food to the other tournament participants and the audience.

Making up the Kitties were six girls: Katie, Chloe, Anna, Rebecka, Grace and Naomi, and they were playing the final, losing match. From the wardrobe they could hear the din of the crowd forming in the arena. The losing match rivaled the finals in popularity, and no one would want to miss the aftermath where the girls would be prepared in front of the audience.

The match would start in a few minutes, and it was time for the girls to find their places out on the court. Katie took a glance at her team and found two girls missing, but the lewd sounds escaping from the bathroom door gave her a good idea of where to find them and what they were currently up to.
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¨ No.13741
Wonderful story! it has more action than average Hollywood's action movie. :)
You used every opportunity to fit every possible detail with excellent results. feels almost like a picture.

I think this story is even too intense to be posted in one piece. You probably could split it into scenes because now you put so much work into it and there will be not that much discussion or feedback to reward you for all your work.

One thing you may be lacking is expressing how girls feel, so you compensate it with lots of action.
You could try to add more dialogues in your future stories where girls are talking about what is happening to them or what they expect.
¨ No.13746
I'm glad it was to your 'taste' ;-)
¨ No.13747
Thank you for the kind and constructive words!

>I think this story is even too intense to be posted in one piece

I agree that the story would benefit from being divided into chapters, but I really didn't feel like putting in the extra work - posting on Gurochan at the moment is a bit of a hassle. Also, I'm lazy. I might go over and format the story better on Pixiv, once it's finished.

>One thing you may be lacking is expressing how girls feel

I agree, and I've tried to focus more on that in the newest part (last two posts). There's definitely still room for improvement though.

File: 1613072334213.png–(98.58KB, 600x512, hula-dancer-silhouette-7.png)
No.13683  [Reply]
A Gurochan premiere ;) I will be adding chapters of this through the evening then the final chapter before I go to bed :D

This story was inspired by an unfinished masterpiece by SadisticPleasures :D

Samantha's Big Chance
Edward Hyde

“You know, there is such a thing as over-rehearsing!” Samantha’s mum chuckled, walking into the living room to find her eleven year old daughter running through her two minute dance routine in her birthday suit. “I’m sure you’ve got it memorised by now!”

“I know!” Samantha smiled, a little embarrassed as the short assigned piece of music came to an end. “It’s just such a big deal and I want to be perfect!”

“You will.” Her mum put her arms around her and hugged her warmly. “You’re going to be brilliant, I just know it! Have you practised the group routine too?”

“Yeah,” the athletic young girl nodded, “it’s just harder to know how it’s going to be with the other girls.”
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¨ No.13726
I am working on something tonight that I hope you will like VERY much ;)
¨ No.13728
Aha, I might have an inkling as to what that might be :-P

Looking forward! :-D
¨ No.13730

Of course, I have nothing against getting to know characters more, (although in these stories where they are going to die that is not always a good idea because when you get to know them too well you don't want them to die anymore.)
But there are better ways of introducing characters when you actually make them do actions rather than just write their thoughts or conversations.

well, nothing means that until the last moment story characters did nothing but just had irrelevant small talk. Samantha or anyone else did not even pet a kitten or did anything memorable. so all that could be shortened without any loss.
even the main part where Samantha decides to become meat girl is so super short that it is even surprising to the level of funny :)

But maybe It is because I had some different expectations it looks like the story is basically just an audition so nothing much can happen in principle.

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