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File: 1612165179151.png–(260.61KB, 720x720, Aoi Hikari 720p.png)
No.17  [Reply]
Наше счастье постоянно,
Словно феникс встал из пепла
Like a phoenix from the ashes

Well then, yet another gurochan, yet another introduction...

Hello, everyone, I'm Aoi Hikari from Russia, in my works you will find primarily consensual and casual guro with underage characters. My favorite theme is when sex and death are just innocent children's games, and it doesn't even need to include actual sex or be sexual for the characters.
Most of my works are fanfiction on established characters, mostly Ayanami Rei, Kinomoto Sakura and the Kagamine twins.

You can find my works in both English and Russian on AO3 here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/Aoi_Hikari
Recently I've also uploaded my English works to pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/12229410
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¨ No.13836
this is literally porn. you are on a pornography website. what the fuck is wrong with you

(nowhere does DONT LIKE DONT READ apply quite with the intensity it does on fucking GUROCHAN)
¨ No.13837
Then why do you care so much when I kill the Kagamine twins?

Do you know that answering every such question turns a reply into a wall of text?
Did I ever say that I care about that, you take something that I said in general and apply it to a very specific situation?

I do not care if you kill Kagamine twins I do not know anything about them besides their pictures that I saw on the internet so your work is pretty much OC to me.
and this:
>I have to care about a character to write about them, but I can't care about a character who doesn't exist yet, therefore creating a new character from scratch is very hard to me, and I don't see it be worth the bother when I'll be killing that character in five minutes.

This is sort of disrespectful to your audience because I have no knowledge about those characters I have to look them up on the internet and the fact that you skip all character development and proper introduction means that you do not care about those who read your work. yes, it ignites YOUR inspiration but unless you are fine with writing a story for all 3 other people who have the same interest in those characters as you, you will be the only one who cares about those characters at all.
For the rest, they are just random names that get snuffed in random ways, and sometimes it is even worse because when you and other fanfiction writers skip at least minimal introduction people who are not aware of those characters do not even have clue what it is all about we have to pause the story and look on the internet what the author had in mind

So maybe now you do understand why for me it is exactly that you are just killing random characters in random ways?
the question is do you want it to be that way? Or maybe it would be worth fleshing out a normal story rather than being lazy and doing that not for yourself but for your readers.
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¨ No.13838
Of course, fanfiction has different rules than writing in general. And fanfiction on Gurochan again has very different rules. It makes no sense for the author to change away from what he/she likes to please the audience. That would only make sense if you are paid for writing.

This is a very stupid idea because the way how writer and artist get paid is by the attention that is the main currency on the internet.
we do things for attention and feedback.
If you just write your stream of consciousness and use gurochan or another site as a replacement for trash can then nobody cares
But to get more attention you have to care about your audience just like they care about you.
After a story or a picture gets posted You are obligated to post some kind of reply.

maybe changing from what he likes is too much but adding what other people like and incorporating something to cater to other people is not a bad idea.

>There are clearly people liking the stories in this thread. If you do not belong to them, stop reading them, but do not try to change them in your direction.
People will not stop reading stuff they dislike, they just skip parts they don't like and reimagine everything in their own way.

File: 1614273751514.png–(3.16MB, 3240x1522, 0E7B0D3F-CF87-440C-A5B0-B0E00F2916FA.png)
No.13830  [Reply]
A collection of some of my stories
¨ No.13831
Mind if I ask who drew that lovely decapitation picture?
¨ No.13832
Underrock did it for me based on some of my flist characters.

File: 1612668020202.jpg–(143.27KB, 600x850, 1415153427508.jpg)
No.13620  [Reply]

This is a substantial(ish) re-write of my debut work, 'The Death Factory'.

It features the rape, torture and mechanized slaughter (sometimes all at the same time) of pretty young women and girls (ages 8+) in a modern, custom-built dungeon. You can look forward to mashed and crushed bodies, liquidized innards, snapped limbs, fountains of blood and fabulous screams. Also drilling, sawing, slicing, tearing apart, mangling, shredding and squishing. Especially squishing. Also, there is some incidental scat, psychological torment, and just enough plot to hold it all together and hopefully create some tension. There's a bit of humour too.

I'm sorry I've been away so long. Personal circumstances and lack of internet being the main reasons. At the time of writing, reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

I got tired of writing too. So I left it on the back-burner for 6 months, until I started to even forget what I'd written.

Then I re-read it. Parts that I previously thought were good now seemed less so. And the last chapter, 17, was *really bad*. So I thought I might as well start over and rework the whole thing.

It's the same story. Same basic plot, characters and machines. So what has changed?

1. The title. I think "Splatter Factory" is more descriptive, and besides, there are at least two other works called "Death Factory".
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¨ No.13745
Thankyou! IDK if you read the old version, but there'll be at least one significant change in chapter 3. i'm having a lot of fun writing that in at the moment. Of course I wont give spoilers :D

Suffice to say that the story really starts to kick off.
¨ No.13748
>But I'm always dissatisfied.

I definitely recognize that. I'm no artist but I have a few 'creative' friends, and it seems like that feeling is very common.

At one point you just have to accept yourself and how far you've come - just think about how much better your writing is now compared to when you started out. You've improved a lot, and no one can ask for more than that - not even yourself.
¨ No.13824
Did you dieded again or something?

File: 1613970557953.png–(6.99KB, 150x150, image923.png)
No.13806  [Reply]

This is where I post most of my stories. I'll update this thread for misc stories.
¨ No.13821
Thank you! We need more authors.

File: 1612002432817.jpg–(14.03KB, 236x317, 971dce3626b98431bcd53b0619c6216d.jpg)
No.8  [Reply]
For anyone who's been missing me, here is my archive. I also post on Pixiv :)

¨ No.13571
Well, I've uploaded a few of my recent works to give you a flavour (pun intended) of what I've written since this site's previous demise but, due to the character count, uploading complete stories is a slow process. I'd like to invite you all to follow me on Pixiv and I'll try to post new stories here as I write them too :)

¨ No.13805
Thanks for posting your AO3 - that's a lot easier than trying to find archived versions of your old works!
¨ No.13809
I have been following you on Pixiv and I'm so happy I found you there. You are an amazing writer. Keep it up. We all appreciate your work here.

File: 1613830937744.png–(23.64KB, 515x445, tablesaw.png)
No.13788  [Reply]
"You're not the person I was supposed to meet," she narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

"Oh, he fell sick and asked me to meet you instead, didn't he tell you?" the man smiled unconvincingly and motioned her inside the unlit garage. "Would you please come in?"

She shrugged and entered the place. She probably wasn't getting out alive, was she? she wondered - and was proven right when the garage door clanked shut behind her, and lights lit up.

The room was largely empty, tiled, and the centerpiece was a large table saw with restraints positioned just so. There weren't windows, and the walls looked soundproofed.

"Well, get on then," the man behind her said, tone now icy cold.

She shrugged in annoyance - she really didn't care for the attitude - but complied, disrobing then climbing on the table. She even did him the favor of clanking four out of five restraints shut, first on her legs then her left arm and her neck. The last one was tricky, but the man did it for her as she lay back.

The table was cold. She shivered, staring at the concrete gray ceiling lit up with harsh industrial lights - thankfully, none were right above her. Was he going to draw this out, or?

He did, taking his time somewhere outside of her field of vision. Washed his hands? What was that noise? She couldn't remember if she saw a sink, but it made sense for there to be one.
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¨ No.13791
¨ No.13803
Nice, fun, little story. I hope you post more like this.

File: 1613953662005.png–(700.79KB, 707x1000, image900.png)
No.13801  [Reply]
How about a thread for executing minors? In spirit of the "Short Capital Punishment Stories" thread on Old Gurochan.

==Juvenile Executions==

Six girls were lined up against the wall, wearing nothing but diapers, as Andrew entered the chamber. Rebecca, his busty redheaded assistant, smiled as he placed his coffee on her desk.
“So, what do we have today?”
“Here.” Rebecca handed him a tablet. He scrolled down the webpage containing their information.
The two twins in the middle, identical to the orange-sized tits on their chests and brown ponytails, were Lori and Sheryl Coleman, both twelve. Lori was selected by lottery, while Sheryl volunteered. She probably couldn’t live without her sister.
The tiny, flat-chested, Latina with short hair was Lizandra Avalos. She stood on the right end of the group, shaking. Andrew groaned as he looked at her date-of-birth: today was her tenth birthday. Another lottery-selectee.
Next to Lizandra, an Asian teen of twelve, short bright-pink hair, Bree Chang stood biting her lips. She was caught shoplifting.
To the left of the Coleman twins was Katie Spina; an eleven-year-old with red pigtails and glasses. She flashed a boy at school.
The girl at the end was Emily Pollentine, nine. She was the daughter of a corrupt politician. Andrew felt a lump in his throat as he read “vaginal execution” on her file. Poor Emily was going to receive one of the most extreme punishments for something she had no control over.
Andrew pulled out his sidearm, a Model 629. Lizandra screamed in Spanish until he forced the gun into her mouth and blew her brain out.
Bree tried to flirt her way out. “Come on, you know you’d rather take me home as a sex slave,” she squeezed her breasts, already the size of cantaloupes, “how many girls my age have tits like these? You can’t let them go to waste.”
“But I will.” He pressed the gun against her chin. He waited just long enough for tears to well up in her eyes, and the crotch of her diaper to turn yellow, and pulled the trigger.
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¨ No.13802
Also, this probably goes without saying, but anyone is free to contribute stories to this thread.

File: 1612088970385.png–(95.36KB, 2000x2000, 100.png)
No.9  [Reply]
This was so much fun before so let's get it up and running again! Create a guro story in only 100 words (give or take)! Here's a couple to start you off!

Sibling fun

He’s still in me, buried balls deep in my ass.
I never thought my little bro would be such an amazing fuck. He’d pounded me for hours, or at least my holes feel like it. I’m not on birth control and I’m drenched in his cum but that’s ok, since it will be my last time anyway.
“Now or never, squirt.”
I grip his legs tight and feel the edge of the knife on my throat. When he starts cutting I clench my teeth. I can feel my bladder release. He snorts in amusement.
“Who’s the squirt now?”


They say you won't feel a thing when you die on the guillotine.
I knew they lied.
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¨ No.13793
Leah pulled her arms through the spaghetti straps. Daddy walked in, clutching his rifle. Leah let the flowery dress fall to her feet and stood naked before him.

“You’re cute sweetie, but daddy still has to snuff you.”

“Well, at least you have two cute targets to shoot.”

“I’ll take you up on that suggestion.”

Daddy aimed at her budding breasts. Fountains of blood erupted from her them. Leah staggered to the floor, moaning and twitching. She was once again flat-chested.

Daddy pressed the gun against her mouth. Leah wrapped her lips around the barrel as he pulled the trigger.
¨ No.13797
Asami gave birth to twins and was wondering how to tell which is which.
"I'll cut one arm from each', she decided, "then the one with left arm remaining will be Len and the one with right arm remaining will be Rin".
So she did, but eventually the twins somehow found a way to get their remaining arms cut off too.
"I'll cut one leg from each", Asami decided then, but the situation repeated and now neither of the twins had any limbs remaining at all.
"Maybe I should just call the boy Len and the girl Rin", Asami concluded.
¨ No.13800
I laughed

File: 1613389005953.png–(54.18KB, 598x418, playground_bet.PNG)
No.13751  [Reply]
"I bet you couldn't hang yourself with just your own strength," Iri called out and batted the noose hanging from the swingset next to the regular swing.

"Hmm?" Nae looked up from her book and scratched her pussy, irritated from sitting naked on bare untreated wood of the bench. She had a loosely hanging sailor suit blouse on, but her skirt was in her bag - she was no longer at school, and you could wear anything at the playground. She'd have taken off the blouse too, but it was a hot day and the cotton blouse protected her at least a little - and at 12 she didn't really have anything to show off in the chest department.

"Bet you couldn't hang yourself with this without tying it to something," her classmate Iri repeated, batting the noose back and forth teasingly. She was completely naked herself, which probably was easier to bear with her darker skin. Nae herself was the kind of pale that burned long before it tanned, with deep chestnut hair in a page cut around her ears, while Iri wore her dark curls in twin ponytails - they kept the hair off her neck, at least, in this heat.

Nae looked at the noose thoughtfully. It was always fun to get one over her sporty friend who considered herself superior for spending all her free time climbing, running and jumping, and prided herself on never putting more than two seconds of thought into anything. "I am allowed to only use my own body's strength?"

"And you can't tie a knot!" Iri specified quickly, realizing that her crafty friend was up to something and cutting off the one avenue of cheating she could think of in the aforementioned two seconds.

"You're on," Nae shrugged, put away her book and walked to the swing. She put the noose over her head, then drew the rope taut, passed it between her legs from the back, looped it around her neck another time on top of the noose, then around her waist. Holding the remaining end, she fell forward, pushing off with her feet, and just as planned felt the rope at the top of the swing slide - until her neck and pussy were at nearly the same level and she could no longer reach the ground with her legs.

Easy-peasy, it barely even took effort to hold on to the end of the rope in her hand. Hurt like a b-word, of course, and she regretted not tying a knot between her legs so she could get herself off wriggling. It would of course be against the terms of the bet, not the spirit surely but the letter, and she was already getting by on technicality... She was sure Iri wouldn't have minded a non-functional knot if she asked, but she already missed her window for asking. Lowering herself now would certainly be forefeiting the bet, and Nae was far too competitive for that.

So she just focused on keeping her hand shut while slowly swinging back and forth, enduring the cruel pressure of the entire weight of her body along a thin line of rope where it was never meant to be endured. It would take her a lot longer than normal to die like this, with half her weight on her pussy and tummy instead of her neck, but it would technically still be death by hanging. Would just take what? Fifteen minutes? An hour? Nae had no idea, the noose was usually used far more straightforwardly than that. She'd probably get bored even through the pain, she thought, but she couldn't read even if Iri was thoughtful enough to put a book in front of her - the pain was blacking out her vision.
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¨ No.13796
I have to agree, there's just some substance lacking. Like you read it and then go "uh-huh, and so what?" The idea is all good, just the way I like it, but the execution betrays how it's just some words randomly typed into a message box and not a properly written story.

And on the topic of non-fatal deaths, I remembered reading a collection of short stories just like that: with kids killing themselves for fun only to be somehow alive afterwards, only they were also furries. You can find it here: https://inkbunny.net/s/1845980 (you most probably have to create an account to read it).

(I wrote a whole lot more here, but then decided I better move it to my own thread)
¨ No.13798
I loved the last part! Your writing is great and erotic. Please keep it up!
¨ No.13799
I just meant the cleaning bots as a handwave because my imagination at least latches on to those details and asks "wait so what happens here" and this released the question enabling me to focus on the point XD

Thank yall for feedback <3

File: 1612303953592.jpg–(134.77KB, 1000x1080, two-little-girls-waving-vector-218911.jpg)
No.13521  [Reply]
Part 1

Pulling his dark blue car in desperate need of a wash into his sister’s drive-way, Ben wondered exactly what sort of surprise she and her girls had planned for his birthday. His younger sister Carla had been left alone to raise her two daughters when her husband died in a car accident five years ago and, with very little else in his life to occupy his time and affections, Ben had stepped up to help her and provide something of a father figure to her girls.

He had not made plans for his birthday that year but Carla had called him just after breakfast that morning telling him to come over for lunch, explaining that eight year old Jessie and six year old Emily had a special surprise for him. He loved the girls as much as if they were his own and they clearly adored him. He was not a wealthy man by any means but a fair amount of his income was disposable and he usually disposed of it in his sister’s direction, making sure that the girls had everything they needed from school uniforms to hot food to winter coats and shoes.

Emily had only been a baby when her dad died and had no real memories of him. She was dark-haired like he had been and on the chubby side while Jessie was slim without being skinny, her figure athletic, her hair dirty blonde more like her mother’s. Both were full of boundless energy, outgoing and confident and a true delight to be around.

“Hey birthday boy!” Carla put her hands around her brother’s neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “The girls are so excited to give you your birthday present!”

“Yeah where are the girls?” Ben looked around, puzzled, as he hung up his light Summer jacket on the hook in the hallway, surprised that they have not rushed to welcome him with their usual shower of hugs and kisses when he came in. Peeping into the living room where they were normally to be found, he saw a small table with some balloons tied to it and a brightly-wrapped box but still no girls. “They not home?” he asked, wondering why his sister had been so specific about the time he should come over if the girls had a club or something.

“Oh they’re here!” Carla grinned, taking his hand, “And are really excited to give you your present. They made it for you themselves, they’ve been working so hard all of yesterday to make it perfect!” Ben allowed himself to be led into the living room, noticing as he did so that the curtains over the French windows that led to the small back garden were closed, like he knew the girls often did to get a clearer view of the TV.

“Are we going to watch a movie?” Ben asked, sitting down in the armchair which seemed to have been moved to be directly in line with the television, the balloon-festooned table directly in front of it.
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¨ No.13526
Amazing! So glad you are at the reborn gurochan right away. You are the scaffolding holding this literature page together. Keep it up, Edward Hyde. We all love you!
¨ No.13527
Thank you! :D I will try to upload some more, just the word limit makes it a little laborious hehe
¨ No.13790
Замечательная история, спасибо!

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