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File: 1612585032592.jpg–(408.38KB, 720x1019, Screenshot_20210205-231354_Gallery.jpg)

¨ No.83459
1612585073022.jpg–(2.68MB, 1950x2600, 83265419_p0.jpg)

¨ No.83460
1612585207847.jpg–(247.02KB, 718x606, Screenshot_20210205-231947_Ecosia.jpg)

¨ No.83481
1612621035965.jpg–(195.70KB, 1400x875, 34a5853f-2a3c-4316-aec8-fe393daf980d.jpeg)

¨ No.83533
1612731032920.jpg–(2.35MB, 6019x4250, tLem-wUVyoTUharKPCG7A9xbMKq1qqD40O1JwPh3GJc.jpg)

¨ No.83535
1612731520290.jpg–(353.49KB, 720x960, Screenshot_20210207-155644_Gallery.jpg)
I don't see alot of art of the touhou girls like this, theres some potential for the many, many other girls to be in coffins.
¨ No.83536
1612738750901.jpg–(48.67KB, 600x338, Nanatsuki.Shion.600.861452.jpg)

¨ No.83961
я завидую этим девочкам, их больше ничего не тревожит и не волнует...
¨ No.83962
He said: I envy these girls, they don't care about anything else...
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¨ No.84030
1613832051313.jpg–(387.43KB, 714x1048, Screenshot_20210220-093957_Photos.jpg)

¨ No.84039
1613870783450.jpg–(125.31KB, 1280x720, 1399382027686.jpg)

¨ No.84041
1613870967285.jpg–(40.02KB, 440x554, screenshots_33084.jpg)

¨ No.84078
Of all the sick shit on this website, this fetish probably makes me the most uneasy.
It's like something only an actual serial killer could like.
¨ No.84081

With all due respect, we have things such as vore, excessive blood, decapitation and a host of other things much worse then people in caskets.

If you don't like girls in eternal slumber, that's fine but there's no need to make those of us who like it out to be evil monsters.

Why don't you like it, I'm just asking.
¨ No.84094
1613969743574.jpg–(67.90KB, 838x918, Angulas the priestess at peace.jpg)

¨ No.84099
1613972652255.png–(1.26MB, 1250x1765, 83593998_p8.png)

¨ No.84101
1613972882594.jpg–(58.57KB, 480x502, 0a0f1b971eb8344a32195e9c2cf6260e.jpg)

¨ No.84109
That's the thing. I'm desensitized to most shit here. Even if I'm not personally turned on by it, I get why people would like it. It's spicy and exciting.
The problem with this shit though is that it's so bland and plain that it wraps around to being disgusting again. It's like with gore, it's so over the top that it's not really creepy, while this is just unsettling, probably because you're more likely to see something like this irl.

Yes I know exactly where I am, and it's not right to criticize others' fetishes, especially on a sick site like this, but it's just weird.
¨ No.84110

To be honest, personally its the 'cleanliness' of this that has me into this fetish. Because i am not into 99% of the other stuff here witch is mostly gore/rape type crap.
But this is just a pretty girl in a pretty dress, just laying there. I'm not sure why but i like that.
¨ No.84149
¨ No.84163
1614154293544.jpg–(427.25KB, 1436x862, I'm calm in death.jpg)

¨ No.84165
1614163066701.jpg–(762.94KB, 2480x3507, 1512224283628.jpg)

¨ No.84174
1614195855924.jpg–(252.23KB, 514x718, Screenshot_20210224-144327_Photos.jpg)

¨ No.84178
1614200910891.jpg–(158.80KB, 750x1000, sample-b015206fb698e9c86964c6252d22c7bc.jpg)

¨ No.84184
1614231763959.jpg–(126.63KB, 701x555, 2012-02-03-472796.jpeg)

¨ No.84185
1614231794384.jpg–(2.70MB, 2480x3508, 2012-08-20-523744.jpeg)

¨ No.84186
1614231844897.jpg–(585.81KB, 422x600, 2012-04-27-495088.jpeg)

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