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File: 1613180381552.jpg–(745.50KB, 4299x6071, izfqok5hplp51.jpg)
No.83835  [Reply]
As long as the girls are hot, boyish and hurt. Send 'em here.
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1613249543620.jpg–(469.55KB, 800x1067, 3171d71064f041d7702704cddcec100a.jpg)

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1613249586282.jpg–(164.25KB, 850x925, sample_48f48a19b5ac1896906642872e7834a5.jpg)

¨ No.83869
1613249647878.jpg–(69.59KB, 640x452, zcmBmhcRIv4l4Bjxqu-h-JehVT022hOPnK47fJTYyC4.jpg)

File: 1612355048596.jpg–(447.07KB, 900x648, classroom.jpg)
No.83036  [Reply]
1. Can't draw
2. Steel drawings of others
3. Photoshop them into guro
4. ???
5. PROFIT!!!

Alterations featuring Ayanami Rei (Evangelion)

Alterations featuring Kinomoto Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Alterations featuring Vocaloids (primarily Kagamine Rin and Len)

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¨ No.83583
>You're making it sound like I'm forbidding everyone else to post their works in this thread.
Just an observation. That over the years only you have been regularly posting here.

> You're right, there's nothing to improve, I'm already perfect.
No, you are not. Sorry.

> So if a library burns down and rebuilt, then restoring the books that were stored in the old library, looks like OCD to you? I would rather say artificially limiting the rebuilt library to only include books that are written after it's rebuilt doesn't make any sense.
I suppose your pictures are not “books”, but caricatures on its margins.
That is why it is strange to me why do you try to archive and post this pampering again and again.
Cause for me these madskilz have no value: you make it, you laugh/fap at it, you forget/delete it.

>Just out of curiosity: do you believe 100 word stories don't have any value in the first place, or that they somehow lose it when the text is put on top of a picture and saved as jpeg?
You already have stories. What is the point for your “illustrations”? Especially when third or even half of them are not about guro, but about other fetishes?

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¨ No.83834
I think since this is your work (even if not completely) it would be more appropriate to post on /art board where It does not fall down so fast
and gets appreciated more.
¨ No.83853
Fuck off, troll.
I believe I'm speaking for everyone on this site.

File: 1612705871436.png–(1.58MB, 1280x720, hole.png)
No.83513  [Reply]

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¨ No.83769
1613071203925.jpg–(103.56KB, 1100x1300, nnschan_38751_01859.jpg)

¨ No.83829
1613170659442.jpg–(893.87KB, 1200x1840, 13332.jpg)

¨ No.83831
1613178518670.png–(1.03MB, 1200x1600, 1577384266280.png)

File: 1611971790135.jpg–(203.97KB, 720x720, l765d9qutd661.jpg)
No.82495  [Reply]
let's see some blood and bruises
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¨ No.83058
1612365484143.jpg–(386.82KB, 763x900, d012.jpg)

¨ No.83297
1612455038023.jpg–(489.78KB, 900x644, h@ruki.jpg)

¨ No.83813
1613155383092.jpg–(129.20KB, 999x1780, 3e3bebc71b8459445bac2d2db31541e7.jpeg)

File: 1611971976214.jpg–(1.52MB, 3081x7754, witch.jpg)
No.82500  [Reply]
Since gurochan is back it's time for the hanging thread to come back too
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¨ No.83805
1613151087995.png–(443.97KB, 903x848, 1fcf366ef0d7a98dbeac229c6ab6cdf58123cfaa3a86680ac4)

¨ No.83806
1613151570349.jpg–(855.76KB, 2160x3840, 50ccf01ba384b54606e5f834b1680fff3aead14f5de4fc4a9c)

¨ No.83807
1613151696641.png–(1.19MB, 1200x2220, 55fb92f77f3476a9aa9e3c69e12a5f0ba6541fa05b4b2beec2)

File: 1612470537985.jpg–(259.57KB, 578x818, 2081dc2b40fb03dd071cb4cbd2b299bc.jpeg)
No.83307  [Reply]
Anything where the POV is from the victim!
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¨ No.83802
1613149742360.jpg–(822.69KB, 1397x852, 64160157_p0 - 敗北.jpg)

¨ No.83803
1613149843874.jpg–(485.59KB, 1450x1100, 64482573_p0 - 無意味な抵抗.jpg)

¨ No.83804
1613150024057.jpg–(379.92KB, 1400x1080, 66484794_p42 - くノ一女戦闘員リョナ3.jpg)

File: 1613112168420.jpg–(1.38MB, 1299x1813, 75276207_p3.jpg)
No.83792  [Reply]
Bonus points if they're turning into said monster/are infected
¨ No.83793
there's a hard vore thread already up
¨ No.83794
More specifically by zombies/zombie like monsters. Not just a giant snake or something

File: 1612470820137.jpg–(675.51KB, 2894x4093, 85662168_p2.jpg)
No.83309  [Reply]

¨ No.83776
1613083577795.jpg–(464.02KB, 1798x848, 2D4F4F80-7609-4104-9DE9-4AC03E229F7E.jpeg)

File: 1612033848744.png–(1.10MB, 1169x827, 86681277_p3.png)
No.82711  [Reply]

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¨ No.83608
1612909571891.jpg–(90.52KB, 450x600, 861160268d651612138d3babbfdd170d.jpg)

¨ No.83609
1612910455637.jpg–(228.92KB, 640x480, 2764557cd89828fb2216ddf82bc7790e.jpeg)

¨ No.83774
1613076179421.jpg–(208.82KB, 1200x850, _8.jpg)

File: 1611988971427.jpg–(219.83KB, 1000x1283, Dormicum_-_83350143_7.jpg)
No.82605  [Reply]
For those that wish to post artwork of gals and guys in uniform.
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¨ No.83761
1613067968237.jpg–(1.01MB, 2026x2865, 38d916a55f6f10c252d8723fb61d66c8290e57b593e3bbc81b)

¨ No.83762
1613068138822.jpg–(712.62KB, 2026x2865, 7150bb2f59ce0382105f61f8c198a588ee76cfa1bfa592bcf4)

¨ No.83763
1613068301767.jpg–(758.42KB, 2026x2865, d5c10de45829a35c262acddf76afd803e8efb8da2b696780f9)

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