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File: 1612145342064.jpg–(57.11KB, 427x640, 1598697651112.jpg)
No.82817  [Reply]
Crucified girl
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1613749820616.jpg–(495.27KB, 1920x1080, sky4.jpg)

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1613749868791.jpg–(555.35KB, 1920x1080, sky5.jpg)

¨ No.84029
There's a separate page for 3d art. Please post 3d art there.

File: 1613674976010.jpg–(251.73KB, 1079x1514, Screenshot_20210218_210039.jpg)
No.83971  [Reply]
And other decapitated heads
¨ No.83973
1613685479992.png–(2.82MB, 2361x1530, 76775152_p0.png)
from KBKR (in pixiv)
¨ No.83974
1613685596333.png–(216.84KB, 705x540, 87525296_p0.png)
No.83973's after

File: 1613546338562.jpg–(1.17MB, 1936x2916, guro.jpg)
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1613549650739.jpg–(561.33KB, 2000x1500, guro.jpg)

¨ No.83959
1613551573639.jpg–(620.97KB, 1800x1500, eroguro.jpg)

File: 1613014968989.png–(244.78KB, 598x764, a652207840d2d871705eed3e92a1d60e9ac21a013be9bbf30b)
No.83657  [Reply]
Snapping that neck like a twig and severing the connection between the body and brain~
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¨ No.83815
1613155620202.jpg–(7.33MB, 3541x5016, 79cf915c64418c72e782622f34668f6aead329c2cfa3e1b6f4)

¨ No.83816
1613155775537.jpg–(2.85MB, 3716x1766, 2eefd01e38ef351ab2347b7b5d3d6174b7abec55bbbadd2b37)

¨ No.83941
1613452585279.jpg–(328.06KB, 1536x2048, 1502479258091.jpg)

File: 1613424052331.png–(441.40KB, 720x604, Screenshot_20210215-170429.png)
No.83931  [Reply]
SHORT movie ,
Titfuck sacrifice ...
A young virgin slave girl
Is humiliated in a strange
Ritual ...and is forced to
Publicly make cum an elder
And his son ... without losing
Her purity ...

File: 1613163419919.jpg–(3.79MB, 2167x3188, 77357781_p0.jpg)
No.83819  [Reply]
I'm a wimp. Post non-fatal guro if you have it. Here's some to get you going:
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¨ No.83877
1613269304899.jpg–(5.20MB, 2480x3508, 55791086_p2.jpg)

I think for me snuff is also kind of a turnoff, and some of the loss involved in nonfatal guro isn't necessarily a turn-on, but has some kind of morbid interest that is tangential to the rest. Personally I'm also partial to amputee/daruma porn; it's not really even the pain aspect, as you'll notice some of these images are painless or voluntary.

I do agree that some of these images are almost more squeamish than straight up snuff but I don't like death and trying to make existence possible with some horrible body mutilations tickles some fantasy levers in my brain too I suppose.

Obviously some of these would be fatal IRL but they *aren't* in these particular images, so that's kind of my only criteria for the time being, since finding this stuff seems pretty difficult in general.
¨ No.83907
1613330020774.jpg–(288.63KB, 600x900, 87703433_p0.jpg)

¨ No.83923
1613405713525.jpg–(1.96MB, 1152x2048, illust_82137883_20200607_105521.jpg)
Excellent thread

File: 1612091742817.png–(177.49KB, 250x350, EF60B183-4A17-446C-9287-BDAADA2016E4.png)
No.82756  [Reply]
Any and all Mortal Kombat
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¨ No.83910
1613335736951.jpg–(226.76KB, 1024x671, 1566932599530.jpg)

¨ No.83911
1613335874610.png–(1.95MB, 1600x1626, 138298398669.png)

¨ No.83912
1613336067888.png–(1.14MB, 840x1200, 1502289573607.png)

File: 1613040524963.jpg–(623.62KB, 1200x900, 14606398180821.jpg)
No.83716  [Reply]
Everything from a light bleeding to complete destruction and permanent damage.
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¨ No.83886
1613299627598.jpg–(134.57KB, 800x770, 1496760889_136285696068.jpg)

¨ No.83887
1613299722503.jpg–(556.38KB, 1311x1200, 1494358395730.jpg)

¨ No.83888
1613299767926.jpg–(87.69KB, 512x564, 23213.jpg)

File: 1612565955437.jpg–(776.80KB, 1680x945, 129437909819.jpg)
No.83427  [Reply]
Magic tricks, and magic gone wrong
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¨ No.83841
Too lazy to actually post the images so have a link to it.
¨ No.83865
link doesn't seem to work?
¨ No.83876
Looks like those tricks went totally right :)
for people people don't have exhentai access:

File: 1612573825557.png–(426.18KB, 1000x767, 2z3td3y8dtn51.png)
No.83448  [Reply]
Lets get a thread goin for male guro!
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¨ No.83871
1613249957060.png–(1.17MB, 1101x1200, Untitled9_20210213155524.png)
some of my art
¨ No.83872
1613250025213.jpg–(1.17MB, 4764x4662, IMG_0489.JPG)
¨ No.83873
1613250120500.png–(619.55KB, 700x1000, IMG_1487.PNG)

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