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File: 1613651898751.jpg–(182.68KB, 1200x1286, 1503182840447.jpg)
No.83969  [Reply]
Old thread :

Starting the new thread with a classic picture.
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1614055678382.jpg–(2.29MB, 519x12000, 001.jpg)

¨ No.84148
1614085510680.jpg–(141.46KB, 900x941, 631497-93901-nl62du-preview.jpg)

¨ No.84150
1614094243275.jpg–(243.50KB, 800x522, FF 133 800.jpg)

File: 1612399247587.jpg–(91.96KB, 567x821, 1411450938927.jpg)
No.83153  [Reply]
One of my fave categories! There's some overlap with the police/military and head destruction categories but this feels more focused to me.

Plus this is how I always fantasize about getting stuffed :3

Not just headshots; any shooting death is fine.
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¨ No.83994
1613734895304.jpg–(210.30KB, 800x1131, 141020_0.jpg)

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1614037467298.jpg–(356.05KB, 1200x1600, b21a584d-b177-49a0-952c-c2a18544abda.jpg)
¨ No.84117
1614037624763.jpg–(493.72KB, 1200x1600, 76105d01-58ca-4e88-8b12-8a3345a1a4ea.jpg)

File: 1612242537307.jpg–(106.98KB, 732x1024, 0_62KqNoWh.jpeg)
No.82913  [Reply]
Don't have too much but posting what I have!
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1613725531111.jpg–(370.15KB, 800x800, 4938066_p0.jpeg)
¨ No.83983
1613725623112.jpg–(287.03KB, 600x800, 35532487_p0.jpeg)
And again
¨ No.84107
1614017112224.png–(1.35MB, 1280x1762, Guro340.png)

File: 1611976632918.jpg–(1.20MB, 1358x1920, 1499862290103.jpg)
No.82575  [Reply]
necrophilia but with clean waifus, let's go boys
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¨ No.82868
1612170145058.png–(6.58MB, 2895x4093, d063bf063706f9665e0fa924151dcf3b.png)

¨ No.82869
1612170218378.png–(4.84MB, 2481x3508, 626f704ae0d3ff315cac8fcbf85c15a0.png)

¨ No.84098
1613971973670.jpg–(362.83KB, 719x926, Screenshot_20210222-003112_Gallery.jpg)

File: 1613870557869.jpg–(9.48KB, 480x360, I... love you... Takahata sensei......jpg)
No.84038  [Reply]
This thread's for pics of dead girls with their eyes open....

Here's Asuna from Negima....
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¨ No.84095
1613970097634.png–(1.06MB, 960x720, 1423240145395.png)

¨ No.84096
1613970266963.png–(1.28MB, 960x720, 1423240209318.png)

¨ No.84097
1613970694580.jpg–(55.11KB, 1280x720, umineko8_66.jpg)

File: 1612825894158.jpg–(564.01KB, 950x1469, War Goddess 04 Gore (Digital) (K6-Empire).jpg)
No.83559  [Reply]
Greetings everyone. New Gurochan, new Western Comic Death scenes. Everyone welcome to contribute any meaningful death scenes from the western imprint comic books you have read. European, American, Fumetti, or Latino imprints, as long as it's not a MANGA (Already have its own thread)
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¨ No.83906
1613328652619.jpg–(59.92KB, 398x600, 1256773122608.jpg)

¨ No.84083
1613952103529.jpg–(59.45KB, 480x418, 1257127868127.jpg)

¨ No.84084
1613952156644.jpg–(261.65KB, 616x960, 1589840713055.jpg)

File: 1611970619826.jpg–(1.90MB, 4000x3508, brain79908983_p0.jpg)
No.82485  [Reply]

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¨ No.84076
1613924572644.jpg–(3.03MB, 3628x4200, 81065593_p1.jpg)

¨ No.84077
1613924616604.jpg–(3.09MB, 3628x4200, 81065593_p2.jpg)

¨ No.84080
Chrisunderrock is the artist, on Pixiv>>84075

File: 1613717226698.jpg–(1.19MB, 1202x1248, 427779b45e03a53294a189a17646b340.jpg)
No.83977  [Reply]

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¨ No.84056
1613889750623.jpg–(279.43KB, 1280x1085, Underrock_557172_Mai_and_Mary_study_carpentery_Pat)

¨ No.84057
1613889864850.jpg–(1.05MB, 2500x980, alterkaockl 1545256535159.jpg)

¨ No.84058
1613889974794.jpg–(265.28KB, 703x900, 1431488368.hitori09_ninja_love.jpg)

File: 1613870926573.jpg–(370.19KB, 1280x1164, guro--Ayaswan-artist-4395760.jpeg)
No.84040  [Reply]
Blowing up!
After and during! Peril pics are allowed if aftermath is also shown.
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¨ No.84046
1613871275794.gif–(7.48MB, 600x398, guro--explosives-guro-guro-gif-5682877.gif)

¨ No.84047
1613871309798.gif–(1.86MB, 360x360, guro--guro-gif-1593776.gif)

¨ No.84048
1613871419873.jpg–(263.81KB, 811x1148, guro--guro-comics-shooting-guro-3798891.jpeg)

File: 1612557814426.jpg–(6.53MB, 1280x8502, ManipulatingTheMenu_1.1_Pg1.jpg)
No.83410  [Reply]
Choose your own adventure image games.

At least for the ones I make feel free to make suggestions for additions/revisions/images, and they might make it into possible future versions.
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¨ No.83884
¨ No.83942
Thank you!
¨ No.84037
1613868899685.png–(122.57KB, 283x418, ampta.png)
Anyone has the source for this pic?

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