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File: 1614041102575.jpg–(903.11KB, 827x1169, 87004948_p0.jpg)
No.84120  [Reply]
In the spirit of the last iteration of Gurochan, let's make another thread where for each post, the one underneath yours spells your fate. Anything human goes, as long as it includes death or gore. If anybody cares for my request, please make mine as brutal and graphic as possible. Thanks ^-^
¨ No.84158
>get kidnapped.
>you are in a room, hanging upside down from a spiky metal chain that is attached to your most sensitive organs, just close enough to the floor (which is also metal) to take some weight off of it.
>said chains are connected to a generator.
>the inside of your thighs have thin cuts.
>torturer comes in, experiments with all kinds of unique and creative methods designed to cause you to scream, and maybe just for fun as well, and by the end of every week takes one of your senses away, either by rupturing your ear drums, gouging your eyes out, removing any sense of taste or smell by removing your tongue, and finally destroying the nerve endings that allow you to feel pain at all.
>the last sensations you had were of pain and agony, your mind is now free to wonder endlessly until they decide to let you die.
>your sense of time is utterly disoriented, you begin to see horrific hallucinations fueled by your own morbid curiosity and fear.
>you cannot escape your own mind, you can only hope for a swift death.

how do you like it?
¨ No.84221
>Receive a letter in your Mailbox.
>It invites you to be the guest of a gameshow you never heared of.
>The pay is good, so you decide to go there.
>The Bureau of the gameshow is in a eary place, old industrial area.
>Before you can do anyhting, they capture you.

>You wake up in a room with 5 Other "guests"
>An alarm sounds, announcing the first "game".
>A door opens into another room.
>You and the others step in. There is a big pit full with spikes, and two blades leading across it.
>A voice tells you and the others about the first game: "You have to walk across the blades to make it to the next round. However, only the first four will be able to do that."
>As you walk across the blade, cutting your feet, behind you, two people end up having a fight.
>They, an older man and a thick woman fall into the spikes, bloodily impaling themselves.

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¨ No.84222

(2/2) cont.

>you head into the next room, followed by the others.
>there is a contraption with four seats, most likely the next round.
>you guessed right, the voice instructs you three to take a seat and let the game start.
>having no choice but to follow, the three of you sit down in the big "chairs"
>instantly, straps around your wrists and ancles close, locking you in the chair.
>like the others, you can feel a barrel against the back of your head.
>the game starts.
>this time it´s a game of roulette.
>using a microphone in front of you, you can say what you bet on.
>the first round is over, you have the second highest ammount of chips.
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File: 1611946015124.png–(488.69KB, 1029x1024, ad6f0816e014e76f3ed11ff16703272b2ae168ebe5a2e93928)
No.82458  [Reply]
In honor of gurochan being revived, lets post some heads rolling!
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¨ No.84218
1614358611567.png–(696.67KB, 1080x1080, headhead.png)

¨ No.84219
1614358665328.png–(1.35MB, 1250x750, gch_artreq_29611.png)

¨ No.84220
1614358717309.png–(1.61MB, 1250x750, gch_artreq_29611_alt.png)

File: 1612324944641.jpg–(231.90KB, 1200x1697, 5e4644db9bc959157733562.jpeg)
No.83008  [Reply]
Debreasting, nipple removal, etc.
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¨ No.84215
1614350241572.jpg–(831.97KB, 1200x1113, 54786209_p6_master1200.jpg)

¨ No.84216
1614350285672.jpg–(858.05KB, 1200x1113, 54786209_p7_master1200.jpg)

¨ No.84217
1614350504843.jpg–(526.03KB, 1200x1113, 54786209_p8_master1200.jpg)

File: 1612079682787.jpg–(1.17MB, 1848x920, 86996271_p2.jpg)
No.82753  [Reply]

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¨ No.84170
1614174941950.jpg–(1.64MB, 2480x3508, illust_78822041_20200312_003810.jpg)

¨ No.84202
1614342718414.jpg–(189.79KB, 744x1052, illust_68317141_20210224_094006.jpg)

¨ No.84207
1614345501810.png–(638.59KB, 1200x900, illust_55603041_20210224_092403.png)

File: 1614198776613.jpg–(1.14MB, 1420x2008, 76161415_p0.jpg)
No.84175  [Reply]
The mystery of the human body is wonderful.
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¨ No.84204
1614343199726.jpg–(259.15KB, 826x1169, 83915551_p2.jpg)

¨ No.84205
1614343232206.jpg–(258.68KB, 826x1169, 83915551_p3.jpg)

¨ No.84206
1614343288506.jpg–(250.90KB, 540x648, 31986747.jpg)

File: 1612585032592.jpg–(408.38KB, 720x1019, Screenshot_20210205-231354_Gallery.jpg)
No.83458  [Reply]

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¨ No.84185
1614231794384.jpg–(2.70MB, 2480x3508, 2012-08-20-523744.jpeg)

¨ No.84186
1614231844897.jpg–(585.81KB, 422x600, 2012-04-27-495088.jpeg)

¨ No.84201
1614331679089.png–(1.22MB, 1021x1251, 138287899030 - Edited.png)

File: 1613039813175.png–(1.43MB, 1076x1500, FFC19749-6714-4CAA-A972-A5A220AD3110.png)
No.83712  [Reply]
Delicious meats fed to beasts
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¨ No.84192
Nice panties!
¨ No.84199
1614318086376.jpg–(91.23KB, 1400x617, EI-E7yKX0AEMJcZ.jpg)
¨ No.84200
1614323954230.jpg–(189.05KB, 600x429, 16549747.jpg)

File: 1611940521528.jpg–(794.58KB, 800x1200, chop-futa.jpg)
No.9  [Reply]

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¨ No.84155
So... Youre so lazy that you can't look at the post that was answered?
¨ No.84156
¨ No.84198
1614314821381.jpg–(305.97KB, 1280x1811, mu59.jpg)

File: 1611951271323.jpg–(519.53KB, 1280x1602, 1565862675948.jpg)
No.82467  [Reply]
Let's get this going!
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¨ No.84028
1613814973825.jpg–(426.63KB, 1000x707, MS 12-1 700 1.jpg)
BloodOtaku art
¨ No.84179
1614211076497.jpg–(1.02MB, 4144x3377, 1kk6EEB.jpg)

¨ No.84197
1614314293588.jpg–(258.94KB, 1280x960, 120.jpg)

File: 1611968713462.gif–(5.29MB, 600x291, StarTrekHeidiHullbreachSlow.gif)
No.82478  [Reply]
Now the channel is back, here is the gif of Heidi hullbreach from Star Trek 2009 movie.
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¨ No.84173
1614188147584.jpg–(4.13MB, 13122x2841, FC00E0CD-3ADB-4F6A-A135-880BF33EEC53.jpeg)
m0zg’s space deaths from Pixiv.
¨ No.84180
1614215462088.jpg–(3.29MB, 8530x2847, DA912570-E6C7-4F57-8445-F5196BEB8C58.jpeg)
Another m0zg space death
Link: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/60098893
¨ No.84196
1614311968683.jpg–(189.18KB, 1600x1067, lost_by_goeliath_dblv090-fullview.jpg)

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