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File: 1613099486017.gif–(1.34MB, 480x366, xT5LMNhDvHSP71YXoQ.gif)
Not sure if this should go here but I'm making a thread for them here.

Also if you have gory fanart of the lady cats on the show that'd also be great
¨ No.10706
1613099542592.gif–(1.24MB, 480x366, 3orieMz7ZiBeXMktiM.gif)
Somehow I can't seem to find GIFs of the more recent Itchy and Scratchy cartoons or anything
¨ No.10707
1613100797426.gif–(1.11MB, 520x293, ba2c816e1a204c17a00584a7030ee4b8.gif)
I should have just embedded the YouTube videos for these honestly but Itchy and Scratchy show uploads have a nasty habit of either disappearing randomly, or being huge fucking compilations that are hard to sift through
¨ No.10708
1613101349330.gif–(3.71MB, 520x292, cf5980f6aa694bba8379cb0cfdcee289.gif)

¨ No.10709
1613102503524.gif–(3.72MB, 520x276, a91b1ccc3a384b93af961db4d6b42bef.gif)

¨ No.10710
1613102522404.gif–(1.37MB, 520x276, 745afd7c4b5a44fe846b5a713e9d32cc.gif)

¨ No.10716
1613183984886.gif–(5.92MB, 520x293, c57dd3f6b50c44c899fd142bd87177c7.gif)

¨ No.10719
I wish more guro art had this kind of energy with a character just being slashed to lots of little pieces and chunks.
¨ No.10721
1613214428270.jpg–(155.70KB, 833x1280, 1557617594.botithebunny_decapgirlcat1-down.jpg)

¨ No.10723
hAAAAA this is great. Thanks for sharing

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