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File: 1612587541048.png–(597.09KB, 2000x1466, 1581052073397.png)
Previous thread :http://bin.gurochan.ga/fur/res/10390.html
¨ No.10492
1612587655123.png–(2.27MB, 1000x1341, 1584771022773.png)
Someone draw this pink dino a stomach full of chestbursters from aliens while pole dancing as her belly bleeds from her opening wound from the near bursting..
(Reposted again)
¨ No.10493
1612598262551.png–(376.56KB, 993x592, 2020-12-28_22-08.png)
Requesting art of any humanoid Pokemon (pictured or otherwise) consensually having their chest opened and heart exposed, probably pleasuring themselves during the fact
¨ No.10695
1612658843826.jpg–(628.55KB, 650x1855, 1578354533862.jpg)
Requesting a furry version of this. You may use any female/futa character you want, but it would be nice if she was well-known.
Bonus if you replace the knife in the crotch with a smaller, limbless character in the same suit.
¨ No.10722
Anyone knows about any artist that may pick this up for a commission? I wish to see this done.
¨ No.10728
1613416168035.png–(1.20MB, 937x2141, IMG_3092.PNG)
¨ No.10729
that's very nice, thank you. I'd love to see more like this!
¨ No.10730
Any snuff of Gallus from MLP FIM?

Maybe death by constricting snake or knife beheading?
¨ No.10732
1613430081387.jpg–(529.32KB, 944x852, C6A9967B-8766-4367-AD3D-BDC94DBF4032.jpeg)
Requesting female Armored Lizard holding her severed head while giving a sexy pose.
¨ No.10733
Request: cute floppy eared puppy girls getting beheaded and sliced up by mean ol' cats

Any characters
¨ No.10734
1613511343589.jpg–(450.36KB, 1614x1052, lolarequest.jpg)
I would request Lola Bunny long drop hanged in her basketball shorts similar to the image on the right. No pee / scat.
¨ No.10736
1613600128959.png–(1.77MB, 1790x1834, blaze_1.png)
Sadly gurochan fell down before i've had time to post it, so will post it now. Drew the request from the the previous thread( http://bin.gurochan.ga/fur/res/10390.html#10531 ), hope you'll like it and hope the guy who requested it is still here>.>
¨ No.10741
1613932723057.jpg–(129.15KB, 1280x1042, 1582229820572.jpg)
AH, the site is finally back! Have to repost my request since it's been so long

Requesting the Angel Corps panel on the left to be redrawn but with an anthro Applejack instead of the cowgirl.Please keep Applejack in the same outfit (American-flag patterned bikini,dog tag,cowboy hat) and same pose/same injuries as the Angel Corps cowgirl character
¨ No.10742
Not op but this turned out really nice, good job!
¨ No.10743
Thank you^^
¨ No.10762
1614295367998.jpg–(683.24KB, 2100x1500, 3384175_KrazyELF_643452.jpg)
Coco dead on an autopsy table with visible signs of strangulation and cut open with a glance at her 5 toe feet and signs her ankles were taped together?

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