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File: 1611948366720.jpg–(56.95KB, 750x900, 1537744142224.jpeg)
We're back in business, bois!
We uh also have a discord now in case Gurochan disappears again. If ya'll leave a mail in your message and uh 'request' an invite I'll gladly mail one over!
¨ No.10420
1611948683307.png–(1.74MB, 1450x1900, 8301918A-EAFF-48ED-A67E-8A19120140E5.png)

¨ No.10421
1611948804015.png–(439.65KB, 690x1150, E09C88B5-FFF8-456E-B367-D2DD19DD3E0F.png)

¨ No.10422
1611948987578.png–(1.03MB, 1572x1324, AB8F6980-6EF2-4E1C-8EBF-0E650C3AF361.png)

¨ No.10423
1611949044900.png–(1.02MB, 1572x1324, 7087E232-1B5C-46D3-947E-4C5AFDD3B723.png)

¨ No.10424
1611949085462.png–(1.57MB, 1500x2000, 2937DB55-9F1E-4756-B56F-79CACF587176.png)

¨ No.10425
1611949153731.png–(1.26MB, 1227x1280, 7F92D404-0023-4932-BDAD-A71EC677A8DF.png)

¨ No.10439
1612027493608.png–(1.10MB, 1024x1280, 6FE33E72-1F76-4215-B0B1-18C11007F6FC.png)

¨ No.10440
1612027584170.png–(1.08MB, 1024x1280, 3DC457B0-9CB2-42CD-813B-F49861180F49.png)

¨ No.10454
1612217639392.jpg–(1.77MB, 3000x4000, 1587612862127.jpeg)
Ooohhh yes, I missed this place, I got this fetish on the last site and it has stayed with me ever since.
Great to see you again AT, last I heard you had some financial issues, hope you're doing better now.
I hope you won't mind me posting your edits heheh
¨ No.10456
1612219722727.jpg–(239.55KB, 696x994, 1610452364461.jpg)
I posted about my fetish on 4chan and some kind anon drew two pics for me. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it, how kind of them.
¨ No.10457
1612223312525.jpg–(259.16KB, 696x991, 1610453491782.jpg)

¨ No.10461
1612264536863.jpg–(76.61KB, 960x1280, 85BE41A3-CF34-4D14-B79D-0DC13B74C8F0.jpeg)
Oh hey! Yeah had some financial problems some time ago but rn im ok, I actually do commissions now (like this one) and that help me out with my financial problems, and yeah ya go and post any edits ya have :p
¨ No.10462
1612264645284.png–(6.28MB, 3052x4096, 24F84C2E-2FAE-47D2-A6D7-4C46553F9FB6.png)

¨ No.10463
1612264733107.png–(6.29MB, 3052x4096, D305B85D-8932-41B0-B85F-3B8E64E05DF4.png)

¨ No.10464
1612264789953.png–(6.28MB, 3052x4096, C99DA0CA-F9DA-446D-9BDD-F798E096D949.png)

¨ No.10465
1612265094535.png–(566.49KB, 1342x1064, 3986A85E-D920-4C91-A8BC-18C6A8987D4C.png)

¨ No.10466
1612265146058.png–(564.10KB, 1342x1064, 2FFE918D-5F98-495C-80C7-DD42289FEE5E.png)

¨ No.10468
1612271124585.png–(468.45KB, 1316x1807, SneaselDs.png)
Well, we're happy to have ya back that's for sure :v

I'm surprised that you had success on 4chan with this, since it seems a bit too weird even for boards like /trash/ or /d/

That said, I also got some stuff.
¨ No.10469
1612271182535.png–(765.28KB, 1342x1369, SneaselUndress.png)
¨ No.10470
Oh yeah, I'm gonna mention at this point that if ya'll are craving some written fiction, I can only recommend AI dungeon.

The standard AI is unfortunately not exactly suited too good for the task, but the premium one is just *chef's kiss*
¨ No.10471
A busty Charizard gal with her head replaced with a pussy and eyes on her boobs plz?
¨ No.10472
1612371094001.png–(2.12MB, 3000x3000, 5C5E80ED-C9D5-471A-9A06-216A0B342D67.png)
Here ya go! :p
¨ No.10473
1612371234622.png–(111.51KB, 583x744, 373999B1-354C-4B85-BE50-DEEB9C346CAA.png)
Also if anyone wants any edit or commission ya can contact me on my
Discord: Ascended T#2265
¨ No.10474
1612371264555.png–(116.01KB, 583x744, BE8E1BDF-288D-4521-99AA-642CD24705D1.png)

¨ No.10475
Thank you so much!
¨ No.10476
1612376902637.png–(1.54MB, 2400x3395, A79E3E74-E067-4D5F-A68B-A2E298DD4CBE.png)
Would you mind applying them on this body as well?
¨ No.10481
1612496017531.png–(1.57MB, 2365x3395, 913F36DE-298A-418A-8249-CD5ADB7B1E0A.png)
There ya go :p
¨ No.10482
1612496684708.png–(1.67MB, 1250x2200, D546F090-8C4B-4C92-AC02-743BE810AF95.png)

¨ No.10483
1612496794515.png–(1.68MB, 1250x2200, EBCD2B4C-A7C2-472D-8848-E52320A9843D.png)

¨ No.10484
Now we're talkin'! Thanks a million!
¨ No.10485
Would love to see something with Weavile
¨ No.10697
1612810406296.png–(1.19MB, 950x1200, 9CB74847-429D-42A9-9266-E03E579A7DD1.png)
Here’s some :p
¨ No.10698
1612810437035.png–(1.19MB, 950x1200, 0A5ECFBB-8410-4DB6-B17A-9B0837B3465C.png)

¨ No.10699
1612810468847.png–(1.20MB, 950x1200, 85AC5955-106A-462E-96DC-7E59B43B1141.png)

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