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File: 1611970371725.jpg–(3.43MB, 8000x4000, Gore_Cel_f2.jpg)
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Starting MLP thread with her majesty Princess Celestia losing hey royal head
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File: 1612581064105.jpg–(63.37KB, 567x800, 491a7bca40897cfe0fb7102d4bdbc280.jpg)
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So I had a Pokemon Gory Art Fights thread in the old site, but it wasn't a total failure, so i decided to boot it back up with some differences to try and improve on it

Old Thread: http://bin.gurochan.ga/fur/res/9527.html

New Rules:

The first major change is that, in order to allow more people to join, now it's not limited to just pokemon, and written posts are allowed. However, in order to not bother people who just want pokemon or visual art (or anything else) you can put your OOC preferences as you post your character or attack (like: only gory art, or only pokemon, or i prefer females to fight me, or i'd love it if his arms were cut off, or anything else. Make it clear if it's a hard limit or a soft request tho)

To play this game, you can be an artist, a comissioner, a writer... just anything that you can do to produce content. So, to start, someone introduces their fighter by posting a picture (or description) of them, I'll introduce mine to start. Then, the next person who replies, will introduce their own character by posting a picture (or description/narration) of their character doing an attack on my character and the results of such attack. It can be as gory as you want, cutting an arm off, ripping an ear off or impaling, just try to avoid one hit kills for the sake of fun, they can also include a bit of dialogue in their reply that their character says, or some OOC request, explanation or any kind of message, if they want. Now, if I reply again, I'd draw (or write) my character (with the damage the other character dealt to it) attacking that character back. If a different user wants to join, they can just join by posting a picture of their character attacking one of the characters that are already fighting, and that way we can continue to make this thread a great, gory battle! You can be creative in your moves, and any kind of gore is allowed.

This is a test, so i might modify the rules later, but for now, let me start by introducing my character!

Weapons and items (or even vehicles / mounts) are allowed btw, but if they bother you you can include that in your preferences (Example: only unarmed combat, no firearms, whatever) or you can disarm enemies (even cut their hand off so they can't use their weapons, or destroy their weapons / vehicles)

of course if you don't like an attack to your character you aren't required to reply to it, specially if it violates the preferences you set in your post, although just try to overall be nice to other players and not ruin the fun for anyone if possible (not gonna be so nice to the characters tho :P)
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1612581584027.png–(436.27KB, 567x800, 65a47fbdcfb8fa1ec799cc5e396e4f86.png)
Also the naked ref, although she'll start the fight with the suit in the first pic, that can quickly change

File: 1612564226494.jpg–(429.86KB, 825x1265, 1409254502.fisk_jrn-deadship.jpg)
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As usual, you know me as a guy who post deaths relating to space and zero gravity corpses.
So I wanted to share this.
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/14389534/

File: 1611941286171.png–(1.56MB, 2490x3540, 1589590889127.png)
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