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File: 1612161415007.jpg–(284.15KB, 1487x1600, eebk4_YgQ-0.jpg)
No.10448  [Reply]
Thread for any and all centaur snuff.
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¨ No.10760
1614286836968.jpg–(134.43KB, 920x1180, 1564832021029.jpg)
More Labolas work. Someone's gotten to the old Gurochan stash for relevant images :)
¨ No.10761
1614292669782.png–(723.60KB, 2895x1848, 1587565522492.png)

¨ No.10765
1614345103548.png–(920.32KB, 1007x800, 1526703167362.png)

File: 1612625213423.gif–(7.67MB, 500x250, beak_vs_wiener.gif)
No.10505  [Reply]
Love it with cooking/ hard vore, but don't have to.

Off with all those wieners and eggs!
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¨ No.10664
1612635998019.png–(527.70KB, 935x1261, bashfulsprite - selfneuter.png)

¨ No.10763
1614318332094.jpg–(1.94MB, 2400x4884, Gpuppy4.jpg)

¨ No.10764
1614318403381.jpg–(762.40KB, 2119x1409, Spank4.jpg)

File: 1612587541048.png–(597.09KB, 2000x1466, 1581052073397.png)
No.10491  [Reply]
Previous thread :http://bin.gurochan.ga/fur/res/10390.html
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¨ No.10742
Not op but this turned out really nice, good job!
¨ No.10743
Thank you^^
¨ No.10762
1614295367998.jpg–(683.24KB, 2100x1500, 3384175_KrazyELF_643452.jpg)
Coco dead on an autopsy table with visible signs of strangulation and cut open with a glance at her 5 toe feet and signs her ankles were taped together?

File: 1611956283123.jpg–(429.55KB, 900x1200, C9891B50-0F0F-4B86-9810-B9EAFADB2BE7.jpeg)
No.10426  [Reply]
Let’s start something about Furry Decaps Shall we?
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¨ No.10750
1614150132157.jpg–(98.24KB, 840x856, Wolf - Raccoon.jpg)

¨ No.10751
That is one dang hot drawing and good artist! I need to get in touch with them to commission morestuff like that. Do they have any contact details available?
¨ No.10755
1614279340818.jpg–(249.47KB, 652x830, ymxeTg0_cropped.jpg)

File: 1613688492256.jpg–(289.59KB, 2000x1333, sharue airdance.jpg)
No.10737  [Reply]
Hi! Im looking for someone who has collected Sharues SMB and FMB, I cant find them anywhere and I asked her directly and she doesnt want to share it.

Please help me gather it together its a guro masterpiece and shouldnt be missing from the internet
¨ No.10738
Not sure how many pictures there are, but you can find at least some of them in the archive: https://bin.gurochan.ga/fur/res/1213.html
¨ No.10740
Thank you every single picture I can find, helps!

File: 1613727434934.mp4–(4.60MB, video_2020-08-16_18-48-11.mp4)
No.10739  [Reply]
Not certain if this should go here, or in 3DCG, but I am in need of more animations like this. Ferals and anthros being hunted. 3D animations preferred.

File: 1611987702788.png–(596.44KB, 1280x1067, 1487330628.liarborn_valentineslich.png)
No.10429  [Reply]
Let's get some beating, bloody furry hearts back on this site!
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¨ No.10700
1612932105090.gif–(155.03KB, 768x1024, tumblr_okrvmzAUWg1u60pzbo4_1280.gif)

¨ No.10731
1613421471373.png–(3.02MB, 1920x1600, 1412628223.mykiio_dcor.png)

¨ No.10735
1613596187058.jpg–(4.02MB, 3032x3857, 2932636_Frostbite80_turkey.jpg)

File: 1612217295460.png–(1.28MB, 700x900, 2ed28985ba3309cd0135a8a7ebb3f410.png)
No.10452  [Reply]
Big fan of hard vore, Hopefully others are too :)
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¨ No.10704
1613074870444.jpg–(57.86KB, 850x477, IMG_20210210_231648_764.jpg)
Kinda love that one... x3
¨ No.10726
1613275120449.png–(3.59MB, 2709x3240, bea grilled 1ca.png)

¨ No.10727
1613275468283.png–(4.85MB, 5000x4045, goatmeat_00.png)

File: 1613099486017.gif–(1.34MB, 480x366, xT5LMNhDvHSP71YXoQ.gif)
No.10705  [Reply]
Not sure if this should go here but I'm making a thread for them here.

Also if you have gory fanart of the lady cats on the show that'd also be great
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¨ No.10719
I wish more guro art had this kind of energy with a character just being slashed to lots of little pieces and chunks.
¨ No.10721
1613214428270.jpg–(155.70KB, 833x1280, 1557617594.botithebunny_decapgirlcat1-down.jpg)

¨ No.10723
hAAAAA this is great. Thanks for sharing

File: 1611948366720.jpg–(56.95KB, 750x900, 1537744142224.jpeg)
No.10419  [Reply]
We're back in business, bois!
We uh also have a discord now in case Gurochan disappears again. If ya'll leave a mail in your message and uh 'request' an invite I'll gladly mail one over!
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¨ No.10697
1612810406296.png–(1.19MB, 950x1200, 9CB74847-429D-42A9-9266-E03E579A7DD1.png)
Here’s some :p
¨ No.10698
1612810437035.png–(1.19MB, 950x1200, 0A5ECFBB-8410-4DB6-B17A-9B0837B3465C.png)

¨ No.10699
1612810468847.png–(1.20MB, 950x1200, 85AC5955-106A-462E-96DC-7E59B43B1141.png)

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