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File: 1612631565216.png–(148.44KB, 711x1124, headlips_kousaka_honoka.png)
Let's put girl with no head with floating lips/mouth or replace her head with lips/mouth anyways edits are still welcome

<-- Here some example
¨ No.5038
1612631646822.png–(165.68KB, 911x917, headlps_rin_shibuya.png)
>>5037 and here for mouth head

¨ No.5105
1613279137025.png–(159.74KB, 1024x1024, Headlips-dia.png)

¨ No.5108
1613291515587.png–(537.00KB, 1536x2048, BE9C51B1-55AD-4A00-85FB-1C9A6C545B33.png)
Give her a giant pair of lips to replace her head plz.
¨ No.5109
1613297280290.png–(589.15KB, 1536x2048, BE9C51B1-55AD-4A00-85FB-1C9A6C545B33.png)
>>5108 here you go
¨ No.5110
1613297472845.png–(691.94KB, 675x906, idolmaster_headless_anastasia__ranko_and_nitta_by_)
and hey don't mind me if someone put the giant pair of lips or floating lips?
¨ No.5112
Thank you!
¨ No.5114
1613301612086.png–(1.06MB, 3918x838, headless_girls_by_mrgigazod_ddux3jr.png)
also this one too
¨ No.5136
1613536362345.png–(339.92KB, 458x640, lips_head.png)

¨ No.5170
1613759105884.png–(605.04KB, 850x1201, 48.png)

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