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File: 1612053047493.png–(727.87KB, 611x1176, MikazukiShigure Strogg.png)
So now that gurochan is back, I am going to compile other guro fetish: Female Cyborgs and also process of being turned into one.
More specifically Stroggification from Quake 2 and 4 (no canonical appearance yet, except for lores and implications with Iron Maiden).
I am also open to Borgs, System Shock 1 and 2, and others as well.
Source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/49506268
¨ No.5021
1612418313519.png–(690.61KB, 1171x1555, MikazukiShigure XComMechtoid.png)
More from Mika. Female XCom agent converted to Mechtoid by aliens.
Source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/49506268 (Comes with two images, from second one)
¨ No.5032
1612610592285.jpg–(475.14KB, 729x1387, Inside4s.jpg)

¨ No.5043
Neat. You're the artist of this?
¨ No.5044
1612646748233.jpg–(85.26KB, 767x1042, SystemShock2 Midwife Original.png)
So here's System Shock Midwives.
Entire medical nurses turned into cyborg to handle alien eggs.
¨ No.5045
1612647356084.png–(316.35KB, 512x385, SystemShock2 Midwife.png)
Also the sexier version from graphic overhaul mod of that game.
¨ No.5053
1612820542267.jpg–(106.38KB, 600x1152, 0C5473A2-B04B-4489-9B87-81269F72F96B.jpeg)
https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/83550018 (Quake 4 Iron Maiden with written schematics)
¨ No.5054
1612858212187.jpg–(712.63KB, 2048x2048, 16063320856410.jpg)
Sad the old threads are lost.
Happy we are back.
¨ No.5055
1612858391472.jpg–(295.55KB, 850x1318, __souryuu_kantai_collection_drawn_by_megrim_haruyo)
Bodies turned to purpose.

Blessed are they
¨ No.5056
1612859082164.jpg–(97.68KB, 850x1189, L4bjEfr.jpg)

¨ No.5064
1612900887217.jpg–(134.07KB, 600x1051, B5248C4C-733C-428E-93CE-266E974B99C4.jpeg)
Appreciate many of you bringing cyborg arts.
Female Marked of Kane from Tiberium War.
¨ No.5065
1612914936882.jpg–(128.04KB, 851x940, exosuit_girl_by_megrim_haruyo-d6qbktn.jpg)
I want to be torn and remade

Make me a machine, make me perfect.
¨ No.5080
1613016311839.jpg–(38.44KB, 462x810, MikazukiShigure Cyborg.png)
¨ No.5081
1613103912312.jpg–(235.26KB, 625x1136, CyborgCommander.jpg)
¨ No.5091
1613163441612.jpg–(359.53KB, 743x971, fc921108a545def2d35291e7723aa85e.jpg)
No mind to think, no will to break.
¨ No.5093
1613198044317.jpg–(691.70KB, 1732x2048, 99da434cb26ccfc00b178bbf08dc0984.jpg)
Can't we have MALE Cyborgs in to the Mix?
¨ No.5094
1613201730800.jpg–(36.96KB, 236x323, Torso_unit.jpg)
Good point.
Here's a male Torso Unit from Quake 4.
¨ No.5095
1613202822348.jpg–(280.58KB, 1168x1600, RCO056_w_1581602129.jpg)
Let's not forget all the Cybernetic Monsters from the DOOM series, by the Makers of the Quake series, ID.
¨ No.5096
1613244213867.jpg–(310.16KB, 1024x1519, 9E5A4B25-6E49-4D49-88A2-0AA1273DD24B.jpeg)
Yeah, mostly just lacking female being turned into Cyborgs.
Closest being Quake 2’s medical level—one with screaming prisoners—where female Iron Maiden popped up from medical room, which implied them being recently created from female marines.
¨ No.5097
1613251202024.jpg–(173.94KB, 1024x683, of_flesh_and_blood___and_steel_by_thedrowningearth)
Well, if you ask ME, it's the bloody designs of ID's Cyborgs, which I personally call "Necro-Borgs", that appeal to me, in an appreciative way.
¨ No.5098
1613252739886.jpg–(150.84KB, 569x876, MikazukiShigure Strogg Repair.png)
I see.
Just that fanarts of female being turned into Strogg is rare.
Like a female marine being stripped, amputated, augmented, and finally mindwiped to become a Strogg.
¨ No.5100
1613259208572.jpg–(61.38KB, 1024x576, phyrexian_sketch_by_shabow_d75kluy-fullview.jpg)
Well, there's always some Phyrexia works.>>5098
¨ No.5101
1613270277497.jpg–(160.57KB, 557x946, MikaIronMaiden.jpg)
I see, but won't be same without idea of a female marine on surgery slab being cut apart to become Iron Maiden.
¨ No.5102
1613275263805.jpg–(77.66KB, 588x946, d2wlazy-46e87829-793d-46b2-b9fd-3c404ce3dabf.jpg)
¨ No.5103
1613275371078.jpg–(295.10KB, 1200x1600, RCO036_1581602129.jpg)
Anyway, here's more DOOM.
¨ No.5115
1613328824272.jpg–(330.12KB, 1920x1080, SystemShockRebootCyborg1.jpg)
Concept art of still-as-of-production-at-this-time System Shock Reboot.
No skin-tight vest/leotard for enforcer.
¨ No.5116
1613328874570.gif–(127.12KB, 200x200, SystemShockOrig Enforcer.gif)
Gif of the original Cyborg Enforcer.>>5115
¨ No.5135
1613486138407.jpg–(23.29KB, 600x360, System-Shock-3.jpg)
Speaking of Which...
¨ No.5137
1613542425490.png–(209.45KB, 313x553, shade-cyberbots-artwork.png)
Artwork of Shade from Cyberbots by Capcom.
¨ No.5138
1613585805639.jpg–(315.96KB, 1536x2048, shade-capcom-cyberbots-art.jpg)
¨ No.5139
Doesn't seem gory than most of what we posted here.
¨ No.5140
1613622905744.jpg–(662.92KB, 1536x2048, shade-capcom-cyberbots-early-concept.jpg)
Maybe mot those two, but...
¨ No.5151
I see.
Ironically I am connected to MikazukiShigure, but she’s too busy to commission art ideas of female marine turning into Iron Maiden.
This one >>5053 taking three months to do so.
¨ No.5163
1613730117514.jpg–(201.95KB, 700x993, EhepIdrU8AE3G9E.jpg)
An Original
¨ No.5178
1613799388019.jpg–(455.89KB, 572x1000, QuakeBogatyrKhan.jpg)
A somber art of Female Iron Maiden who still retain her old memories and probably rejected.
¨ No.5179
does anyone have an archive of the old necro-borg thread? my hdd died the day after gurochan did lmao.
¨ No.5180
nevermind just realised i'm an idiot.
¨ No.5181
1613931639903.jpg–(109.49KB, 1366x768, EoU7KNVUcAE6Hus.jpg)
Another Original
¨ No.5188
1614022841022.jpg–(121.84KB, 900x920, MikaCyborgDraft.jpg)
The closest thing to Iron Maiden, the one on the left.
Source: https://www.deviantart.com/mikazukishigure/art/Female-Cyborg-draft-176728505

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