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File: 1612586897003.jpg–(208.85KB, 600x683, 47768b11860729.5625391296a9a.jpg)
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1614174889663.jpg–(76.22KB, 1024x446, threat7_by_nomad1905-daoxwkj.jpg)

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1614174937935.jpg–(51.10KB, 400x635, id_02_by_glockens.jpg)

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1614349150988.mp4–(1.28MB, Handy Feet.mp4)

File: 1612587043422.jpg–(280.95KB, 925x3400, 5de28002f1a671c44db4c4f1e4377f08.jpg)
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1614093878242.jpg–(214.02KB, 1100x868, 60037890_p0.jpg)

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1614093914110.png–(211.75KB, 700x680, 2 band borrada.png)

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1614349102160.png–(105.44KB, 305x685, day_24__multiple_limbs_by_imp_da_cat-d5azcec.png)

File: 1612587388222.jpg–(1.42MB, 2000x2666, 73364413_p0.jpg)
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1614273732731.jpg–(1.44MB, 1000x1431, dd5uf9m-68af7091-b714-422b-b7f2-410dfd4ab6cd.jpg)

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1614273814637.png–(1.27MB, 1111x1111, decetvv-1c797048-79dd-4d89-9757-a76c9255250b.png)

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1614349060389.jpg–(145.11KB, 800x800, 8368c0b13a9aa8f40cf9aa02c7b7cbf43677efc622de80bb96)

File: 1612607085747.png–(1.97MB, 1321x1920, headless_idolmaster_girls_fix.png)
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Seem like new gurochan is back on the track again hope this one work well and anyway edit/photoshop always welcome here no male here
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1613756936187.png–(278.77KB, 640x480, Headles_Doctor.png)

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1614011013922.jpg–(1.55MB, 2480x3307, headless_alice_hoshimaya_ichigo_by_tigerman2011_de)

¨ No.5208
1614328035923.png–(352.50KB, 744x1200, F7273B39-F6B0-41BA-A6E1-C796E5D1052E.png)
Moar Linda from Double Dragon Neon plz.

File: 1611988255833.jpg–(2.05MB, 1840x3264, B8F64B66-D710-486B-B206-F41D2F411F4F.jpeg)
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Since Gurochan came back let’s have a headless thread again whether it’s NBM modular detachment or Sci fi life support.
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¨ No.5182
Oh, I now see that gurochan moved form caiman islands. And I'm so glad to see Rose's body as the cover. Before the old /f/ collapsed indefinitely I downloaded what was good enough to keep. Here's the drive link to the folder for majority headless girls. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wmy8JuyCNbbFS78NjFVlfuxAK010xdTx?usp=sharing
¨ No.5206
1614288026770.jpg–(713.90KB, 1851x1643, 61D695F1-D69E-4936-AB4B-CF20EF69705C.jpeg)
Here’s the Source, you’re Welcome (in case 4chan doesn’t do archiving): https://twitter.com/giganticbuddha/status/1359985772829560837?s=20
¨ No.5207
1614288085487.jpg–(599.33KB, 1851x1643, 41FB4800-59FE-45F2-BE16-232763935B50.jpeg)
Same source

File: 1612053047493.png–(727.87KB, 611x1176, MikazukiShigure Strogg.png)
No.4998  [Reply]
So now that gurochan is back, I am going to compile other guro fetish: Female Cyborgs and also process of being turned into one.
More specifically Stroggification from Quake 2 and 4 (no canonical appearance yet, except for lores and implications with Iron Maiden).
I am also open to Borgs, System Shock 1 and 2, and others as well.
Source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/49506268
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¨ No.5180
nevermind just realised i'm an idiot.
¨ No.5181
1613931639903.jpg–(109.49KB, 1366x768, EoU7KNVUcAE6Hus.jpg)
Another Original
¨ No.5188
1614022841022.jpg–(121.84KB, 900x920, MikaCyborgDraft.jpg)
The closest thing to Iron Maiden, the one on the left.
Source: https://www.deviantart.com/mikazukishigure/art/Female-Cyborg-draft-176728505

File: 1612170948648.jpg–(256.72KB, 752x1132, dickless ryuko.jpg)
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WOOO dickless threads are back boys
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¨ No.5175
1613796328655.jpg–(93.58KB, 631x901, 1467174828874.jpg)

¨ No.5176
1613796358806.jpg–(176.60KB, 1169x1181, 1459948171602.jpg)

¨ No.5177
1613796394020.jpg–(56.40KB, 500x706, 1467383780467.jpg)

File: 1612215452207.png–(949.32KB, 2500x2631, 1550333217235.png)
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I figure it would fit here, so here's a thread for "unique" futa. Namely futanari with dicks that aren't normally on a human. dog dicks, horse dicks, generally weird dicks and such.
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¨ No.5153
1613681024119.jpg–(75.22KB, 993x1340, 1580286553087.jpg)

¨ No.5162
1613702759369.png–(549.71KB, 840x1500, 1606453432547.png)

¨ No.5171
1613792871169.png–(1.74MB, 1280x1600, 1563146351243.png)

File: 1612631565216.png–(148.44KB, 711x1124, headlips_kousaka_honoka.png)
No.5037  [Reply]
Let's put girl with no head with floating lips/mouth or replace her head with lips/mouth anyways edits are still welcome

<-- Here some example
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¨ No.5114
1613301612086.png–(1.06MB, 3918x838, headless_girls_by_mrgigazod_ddux3jr.png)
also this one too
¨ No.5136
1613536362345.png–(339.92KB, 458x640, lips_head.png)

¨ No.5170
1613759105884.png–(605.04KB, 850x1201, 48.png)

File: 1612879758252.jpg–(28.99KB, 553x641, 20030219-04.jpg)
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¨ No.5090
1613142252734.png–(1.06MB, 1024x678, half_and_half_by_eyeotm-db053k1.png)

¨ No.5120
1613397144283.png–(512.04KB, 1200x1043, rearranged_by_drakithu-d9elk8a.png)

¨ No.5161
1613688005101.jpg–(583.41KB, 825x1200, 58589303_p0_master1200.jpg)

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