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This thread is meant to discuss which shotas, lolis, teen girls and women you'd like to see pics of them being dead whether it's a crime scene, morgue, casket, etc.

For me, most of the girls and women from Girls Und Panzer would fit this role quite well in a number of different non-bloody death settings.

I'd also like to see casket pics of Nadeshiko's body from Cardcaptor Sakura, she must've been stunning in her casket.
¨ No.11241
I would like to see corpses of young virgin women who died in tragic and non-gory ways.

Perhaps a setting where they overdosed drugs in depression, or after an unexpected heart attack at her birthday, spending her last moments alive in hospital with her loved ones.

I can't think of any specific characters now, but I'd like to be alone with their corpse in the morgue myself, after their family sees the body for the last time. :)
¨ No.11251
The 4 year old girl that lives 2 houses to my right. Beaten to death after I play with her a little and then forcibly fuck her until I shoot my cum deep inside her.
¨ No.11252
leave this website and never come back
¨ No.11253
Why? She is just so cute and looks very innocent... seems a little interested in me as well ;) We got along well when I was babysitting her. Might have touched places I shouldn't have whilst doing so but noone knows about that yet.
¨ No.11254
thats illegal. you are a felon.
¨ No.11255
¨ No.11256
mods? this guy is fucking weird even though its a larp
¨ No.11258
I have big doubts if even if you totally disregarded any harm to the girl you would be physically able to fuck her and cum inside :)
It can be only done in fiction
¨ No.11276
larp? live action what, typing?

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