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Since people were wondering what was happening with the drama, here is my crosspost from reddit.


Not sure how long it will stay here.
¨ No.11213
biased, very biased. but at least not a shit-flinging mess like straitjakits posts. good read.
¨ No.11216
Actually, nothing of that makes any sense and sounds like a speech on the Infowars channel.

disagreement over ads on gurochan sound extremely suspicious, because who the hell is going to pay for advertising on gudochan? drug lords assassins and get rich quick scammers LOL? GC has a relatively small userbase as well and even if everyone were clicking on these ads it would not generate that much profit.

Also, all that suing thing is just equally ridiculous, do we have a legal battle over something nobody cared about for a year? Is Kuz so insane that he decided to spend loads of money on buying domains and trademarks when until now nobody was willing to pay 10$ a month for hosting services?
What he is going to do with that trademark?

So nothing on that Reddit post sounds at least remotely realistic
¨ No.11217
check the archived reddit post and the other links though
kuz is writing himself threatening people with lawsuits and trademarks
¨ No.11219
i dont believe any of this for a second.

and really, who fucking cares? if i can jerk off to guro thats enough for mey.
¨ No.11220
Judging from the kagvya explanation straitjackit must have some screws loose if he decided to ban the owner of the server which he is probably keeping next to his bed. Being in such a situation you are totally under the mercy of the server owner and can't raise any demands at all. In that situation straitjakit is just the same user as everyone else (besides that he also had moderator powers and probably could see our IPs and spy on everyone ;)
At this time we can only be grateful to kuz that rather than kicking straitjakit out with all his gurochan from his computer he decided to keep it running.
It is even hard to believe that this conflict happened because of such a stupid issue.

I probably even don't mind advertising if this is doing to help in any way we all have adblockers and it would be very surprising that someone will agree to provide ads to gurochan anyway.
¨ No.11222
no one, literally fucking no one is advertising here. this place is about as bad as it gets on the clearweb, from an advertisers perspective. This post and straitjakits arguments are beyond stupid.
¨ No.11224
The links check out though. It is trivial to verify that a lot of it came from kuz himself. And like one of the links say, "In a very short amount of time he has gained a very bad reputation, as things to become less of hearsay and more of a pattern."

There is definitely some bullshit going on.

It's true Straitjackit has screws loose and I don't really like the guy, but he did mostly function for a long time.

And it's not even about Straitjackit, but the reaction. Like stealing candy from a retarded kid who was bullying your sister and then blasting his head off when he doesn't give it to you.
¨ No.11225
I don't really care as long as the site is up... I don't know what did this kuz do, but he seems like a good admin at least
¨ No.11227
im not saying i dont believe you, but why should i not use this site? I wont host with kuz because im not a website maker, i just cum to guro. give me a reason to leave
¨ No.11228
up to you
I also use Amazon even though (or because?) everyone knows Jeff Bezos polishes his egg with orphan kitten blood

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