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My co-administrator, straitjakit, has resigned from his position. He claims I have gone awol and threatened to remove me after I suggested some changes to the site, due to his instability, I have seized the site from him. We will continue operating as normal until he settles down. The former moderators are also welcome to come back should they please, but I have temporarily lost contact with them. In the meanwhile they have been replaced with Kolyma Network operatives.

This likely does not concern anyone besides those in question, so nothing will be changing until we get our new software.

¨ No.11128
I have taken all necessary steps and I will continue to do so to prevent you from doing any further damage, however since you have gone behind everyone's back and trademarked the site name the replacement will have to be by a different name.
¨ No.11129
I will also not stand for your homophobic remarks towards me, so what if im gay? grow up.
¨ No.11130

Unfortunate I cannot tripcode when I am unable to use the password, I suppose>>11128
¨ No.11131
Finally your unironic racism is disgusting as i have mixed race parents and i will make an alternative to gurochan. you are a sick disgusting man kuz.
¨ No.11132
i actually dont know how to code so if anyone has any suggestions please email me @ straitjakit@gmail.com
¨ No.11134
you.. you do realize kuz is a homosexual right? hes also a mixed race (chink + white)
¨ No.11135
Lmfao at kuz and kaguya banning everyone from the server, we're already getting a bunch of people back, gg, nice try
¨ No.11137
thank god. fuck straitjakit and his shitty cabal
¨ No.11138
why should i care? as long as the site works im using it, fuck this drama
¨ No.11140
>>11129 >>11131
You think people on a site for fapping to murder and mutilation are going to get mad because someone committed a social justice offense?
¨ No.11143
nothings changing? if so then idc lol
¨ No.11144
Good news for GUROchan. There were too much drama between two admins that could put this site in danger of closure yet again. Now that we have one admin, kuz can host the site much more consistent
¨ No.11145
is there literally any merit to straitjakits claims that you collect user data? i have yet to see proof so am a bit skeptical
¨ No.11149
kek, such an incompetent wimp
¨ No.11150
¨ No.11156
Fearmongering and concern shill. Don't pay attention to their schizo ramblings
¨ No.11157
¨ No.11169
Time to merge Gurochan and Heyuri to create the supreme imageboard.

Just use Lynxchan or JSchan to set up a site. Piss easy.
¨ No.11170
the thing is, hes such an incompitent good for nothing that he cant even do that. Gurochan had been down for a year and came back courtesy of kuz, if not for him it would still be down. If he could have started gurochan he would have already
¨ No.11172
Glad to hear this
¨ No.11177
this. he spent the time bitching on the steam group page about wanting the site back, too. it makes me think he was barely contributing anything
¨ No.11198
¨ No.11199
So one of the admins is trying to copyright something he didn't even create while the other one cries about social justice issues? Fucking hell if this is the way gurochan is starting off, we might as well let it die already. I guess it's a tradition for gurochan to have retarded admins but ffs it's not even funny at this point
¨ No.11200
I, for one, welcome the change of management.
Progress has been done, feedback was asked and the community is involved in the site's evolution - which is way ahead of previous iterations.

>muh privacy, we be getting hacked
Just use ToR on a VM with TailsOS if you're paranoid. Inspect the site's scripts...

And what exactly makes you a better admin than Kuz, your ability to smear or throw baseless accusations at him? HA! PATHETIC.
¨ No.11201
the door is that way :)
¨ No.11203
As users, we do not care who is the admin and it is even hard to understand why this conflict with straitjakit even happened at all. He should be happy that someone is willing to host the gurochan and of course the owner of the host makes all decisions.
As I remember he was not that much interested in development or anything and the only thing that should matter is that this site is alive again.
¨ No.11204
Wait so what's the tldr on this whole thing? I don't know who's right or wrong in this situation?
¨ No.11206
Straitjackit says kuz wants to add ads and trademark gurochan (supposedly), something he is very against and causes drama over it. He eventually gets booted off from the administration position and starts a hissy fit full of concern shilling fear mongering about Gurochan storing IP addresses. He says he will start a new gurochan and realizes he knows jackshit about logistics.

That's pretty much it. Straitjackit is a bitch.
¨ No.11210
¨ No.11223
This is a claim not disputed, the argument is if it's fair to trademark something you have no right to trademark.>>11206
¨ No.11226
>Straitjackit says kuz wants to add ads and trademark gurochan (supposedly)
Kuz very strongly claimed he already had trademarked gurochan a while ago, without telling anyone.

>He says he will start a new gurochan and realizes he knows jackshit about logistics.
He said he will start a new site under a new name, but kuz sent him legal threats about the new site.

All those are provably kuz's own words. https://archive.today/piVZG

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