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Newspost Discussion
¨ No.11042
Regarding the TINYIB vs Vichan debacle: I believe we should opt for Vichan if it has more features - the losses would be minimal (a month at most) of posts - with not that much OC produced here only. It is a loss, but it would be better long term if we picked up Vichan and improved upon that, rather than staying with TINYIB and putting that much more effort into bringing back essential missing features...
¨ No.11043
I would say return to Vichan if you believe you can fix the issues we had before.
¨ No.11044
Migrating and losing posts will probably irritate some people, but having the quality of life features that come with Vichan will be good for Gurochan. A lot of the features we're missing could push away future activity.
¨ No.11045
Luckily most of the users are lurking right now, but with more robust software, ease of use will incentivise posting more.
¨ No.11046
Search and catalogues are worth switching for
¨ No.11047
I would say the change needs to be done ASAP, and also add old boards like /req/ after the change. Losing two weeks worth of posts shouldn't be that much of problem for gurochan, and people can archive them using web services if they wish to, or simply recreate them (especially /lit/ and /art/ threads).
¨ No.11048
>Search and catalogues
As of relatively recently tinyib has in fact a catalogue https://gitlab.com/tslocum/tinyib/-/commit/d705edda91dd1743fd56f4cb0087ee6fed5a6b8a, as for searching (posts, I guess) you can use a query like https://www.google.com/search?q=site:gurochan.ga+[your+query+here] or similar in your search engine of choice.
¨ No.11050
I'd propose sticking with tinyib because it's great, simple and has a light footprint: it's 2 megs, as of now!
¨ No.11051
I say migrate, posts can be remade.
¨ No.11052
If we think in long term, I would prefer migration
¨ No.11053
The catalog and search should definitely come back, it made browsing much easier. While TinyIB has advantages, like being a simpler layout, Vichan offered better quality.>>11041
¨ No.11054
¨ No.11055
Option 1. Migrate. Why is this a question. 2 weeks are nothing
¨ No.11056
I'd say migrate, we aren't going to lose too much
¨ No.11057
i say migrate, we can re post everything
¨ No.11058
migrate for the same reasons other anons have already said (quality of life, easier to browse, not that many posts would be lost anyways and they can be reposted)
¨ No.11059
I don't come here often, but it can't be that hard to host an archive of all the pre-migration posts, can it?
¨ No.11060
External search engines can't be relied on to keep complete and up-to-date indices of posts.
¨ No.11061
Migrate, a week's worth of posts can easily be recouped over the coming months.
¨ No.11062
I'm for migrating, having features like the catalog and search and such will be better for site health in the long run I think.
also personaly I would like to be able to use 4chanx like I was able to when gurochan was running on vichan.
Maybe keep the tinyib instance up for a week or two after the switch so people can repost things they don't want to lose.
¨ No.11063
migrating is definitely the better option in the long term and it hasnt been too long anyway, stuff can get reposted.
¨ No.11064
Vichan seemed better to me than the TinyBB from what I remember. But I'm not an expert and I wasn't taking notes.

I don't mind re-uploading if it comes to that.
¨ No.11067
Yeah migrating makes sense, might as well do it now when there's not much content to be lost than later
¨ No.11068
already posted but I have a new idea: temporally move gurochan with tinyib to something like old.gurochan.ga, open Vichan to current img.gurochan.ga, and mods will delete threads at old.gurochan as we recreate them. After a while completely delete tinyIB
¨ No.11069
Definitely migrate.
¨ No.11071
Migrate. I don't care if we have to remake threads again if it means we get some of the best features gurochan used to have
¨ No.11072
It's a no-brainer decision. Losing 1.5 weeks of content is nothing compared to lacking all the features of an imageboard that are expected in modern era.
¨ No.11073
Follow-up thought: also, this should be done ASAP not only because there is more content to lose with each passing day, but because people see this discussion (and the current community consensus) and will hesitate to post content *FOR NOW* because they know that it will be wiped "sometime soon". So, much better to do it asap and let people start actively posting without second thoughts.
¨ No.11074
>people see this discussion (and the current community consensus) and will hesitate to post content *FOR NOW* because they know that it will be wiped "sometime soon".
I understand why people are hesitant to post right now, the migration is a WIP. Sorry for the delay, everyone.
¨ No.11075
I personally think migrating definitely is the best option, and especially now when gurochan hasn't been back up for long.
¨ No.11076
I say switch, it will be better for the sites health in the long term
¨ No.11078
seems to me like switching is the much better option. it shouldn't be too much of an issue moving all the posts, and even if they don't get reposted the loss is small compared to long term gains
¨ No.11079
Migrate. This is the easiest time to migrate. If in a year you realize you wish you had migrated it will be much harder to do then.
¨ No.11080
Migrate: Vichan has a great catalogue, killing a couple weeks of threads is fine.
¨ No.11081
I'm also a fan of going to vichan. Better now than later!
¨ No.11082
Migrate, absolutely no question.
¨ No.11083
If it was a year, two years' worth of content, I could understand the apprehension, but it's literally a single month. I say we go with Vichan.
¨ No.11084
What the hell move right now how is this even a question
¨ No.11085
I'm for migrating. The old features are just too usefuly, it's definitely worth it.
¨ No.11086
Seems like everyone has stopped posting until the migration is done, so i think you should do it ASAP.
¨ No.11087
Go for vichan catalog mode was awesome.
¨ No.11088
Absolutely migrate to Vichan. I'd prefer to have search and catalog personally.
¨ No.11089
We have decided on new software for migration, which does include the new features. However, we have also decided to make it so that the posts made on this current iteration can be ported into the new one with no loss.Please resume posting as normal.
¨ No.11090
dang, I can already tell this site is gonna be in good hands with how you guys handle issues.
¨ No.11091
¨ No.11092
Hell no! Every issue that's cropped up so far has been solved quickly and with community involvement
¨ No.11095
Bring back Vichan and migrate the backup of the old gurochan (pre 2018) post into ist.
¨ No.11097
switch to vichan imo, most people here are dedicated and will understand it
¨ No.11115
Migration would be for the best. Whatever is lost after January can always be reuploaded after the switch
¨ No.11148
nothing will be lost. the current posts will be transferred over
¨ No.11174
Not sure where to ask this, but could you remove that stupid captcha thing because no trolls use automated posts here anyway. And because the CAPTCHA function does not even work properly requiring multiple attempts to be accepted.
¨ No.11175
We will try to make it less annoying in kokonotsuba, but it is necessary at all times. KSTAT shows that we have blocked just under 1,550 spam posts.
¨ No.11176
Interesting, because old gurochan somehow lived without any kind of spam protection and even without moderators for some time. Although there were some temporary attacks.

Are you sure those blocked posts are spam and not captcha failures? because I hardly manage to make any post without retrying it few times. Looks like captcha timeouts in time when the post is being written.>>11175
¨ No.11178
I will allow trusted IP adresses to bypass the captcha on the new software, yours has been added to that list.

On a related note, development is going well and the software will be out in no more than 1 month from now. What other features would you all like to see in the new software besides basic qol like catalogs and search functions? Reminder that the reason we are building from scratch is so we can migrate the posts on this iteration to the next, that way removing the need for yet another wipe.
¨ No.11179
So I understood that GC didn't retain IP adresses for privacy reasons.

I'm curious how certain IPs can be greenlit without doing this.

It bothers me a little.
¨ No.11180
I don't mind the captchas, and would prefer that my IP isn't stored. Can I opt out?
¨ No.11182
Speaking about other requests I would like more management functionality, not just ability to delete their posts because people who post content (and especially OC content) sometimes need to make changes in their threads replace pictures, or even insert some post.
We were asking for this on the previous GC too.

Well, actually old gurochan was storing IP addresses for some time and even putting them in public because of the program bug.
remember how mods in the previous GC were fighting with that CP spammer, banned a bunch of IPs and bragged about the fact that they have every IP stored and going to report them.
This is sort of unavoidable to avoid spam and DDoS attacks and if you care about IP you should never trust any website about not collecting IPs because those who claim that don't to are lying or can do it anytime.
If anonymity is that big issue you should request tor version of gurochan or just use proxy.

Function of whitelisting IPs to bypass captchas does not require storing of IPs by design.
IP can be hashed making it untraceable and even put on display as a form of a username. Also, the logic can be that all unknown IPs have to do captchas unless they get stored.
I think there even could be a checkbox where everyone gets a choice to store their IP/hash as a form of automatic user registration /tripcode.
This would help with tracking conversations because when 10 anonymous people are talking to each other nobody knows who is who so some automatic user hash would help here.
¨ No.11184
sure. its a request-based thing so if you dont ask, you dont get. But i'll keep this in mind.

This is also a possibility.

Its worth mentioning that your IP is always on the site once you post, since all posts are publicly archived, technically your IP is too. Unless you delete your posts, due to the nature of gurochan we never delete old threads, so whats there is usually always there. We dont ever use your IP adress for anything but banning if you have done something wrong, and regular moderators cannot see IP addresses, only myself, and there is nothing I can do to "not see it", aside from literally not looking at the admin panel. I hope this answers some questions
¨ No.11187
I don't think anyone is worried that much about you or moderators seeing their IPs It is not that those IPs are very useful for a normal person
The thing which concerns people is if the GC server gets seized by police every user IP will be revealed to them. For most people, this is not an issue but some may get in trouble if this is used as extra evidence. Also, it is totally possible that the server will get hacked and all user information will leak to public.
The older version of GC (before straitjakit) only stored IPs for some time and later they were somehow deleted
So this is why I would suggest storing IP address not as plain text but as hash which is fully usable for ban purposes and logging but not for identifying physical users.

Although speaking about bans I would suggest avoiding them because anyone can use proxy and nothing irritates more than getting banned. On a site like this it can cause DOS attack. I think the previous site also fell when the admin started the war with some trol trying to ban him.

My creative solution to offenders would be rather than banning them, adding them to the special list of users whose posts can be deleted by anyone (for example mark those people and publish what password has to be used to delete post) that way those people can not even blame mods or admins and you will avoid conflict.
¨ No.11195

Interesting discussion. It's been an education.

>My creative solution to offenders would be rather than banning them, adding them to the special list of users whose posts can be deleted by anyone (for example mark those people and publish what password has to be used to delete post) that way those people can not even blame mods or admins and you will avoid conflict.

That seems like a nice idea, Onix!>>11187
¨ No.11196
A minor suggestion: The way the date codes on posts is presented is a bit confusing.

21/02/16 looks to me like 21 Feb 2016 lol. Then I remember. If the year was in full like 2021/02/16 that would be unambiguous.

At least your not using that crazy American system though :)
¨ No.11202
Just remembered one thing which was not implemented on the previous gurochan:

Please add a view counter to every picture and post to count how many times the thumbnail was enlarged. that way artists can see how many times their picture was viewed same as on pixiv.
Same would be useful for posts as well to see how many times the thread was expanded to read it.
¨ No.11242
Voteing for the Vichan, website needs more features!>>11041
¨ No.11245
month/day/year actually makes the most sense in cases like this because when you have a large number of spread out dates organizing them by month is most useful

it doesn't really matter for what we're doing here though
¨ No.11248
Organising dates in that way (middle-endian) makes no sense in any universe.

yyyy/mm/dd format is the most logical, as it orders naturally either alphabetically or numerically, so makes sorting trivial, and is completely unambiguous regardless of what system you use locally.

The only local that uses mm/dd/yyyy is the USA, and it seems a bit much to inflict such a peculiar system on the rest of us.

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