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File: 1612171623231.png–(745B, 184x184, REQ.png)
No.10997 Stickied
Requests for all boards go in THIS THREAD.
¨ No.10998
i posted on /s/ earlier.. and i cant for the life of me find it on the bin archives, but there was a image set of a loli pissing in a cup with a goldfish in it, it was hot and i want to find it again
¨ No.11000
¨ No.11003
Need the p2p board back, so I can dump some links to new stuff I scanned.
¨ No.11004
Please bring the /p2p/ board back.
¨ No.11005
I want links to all space deaths art.
Star Grave, Hullbreach, or anything involving such subjects, which sadly I was the only one who posted those.
¨ No.11007
Anyone got a backup of Ayaswan's Pixiv? Exhentai only has the specifically Fanbox stuff, I'm looking for the random doodles and such. Specifically one small set with a beheaded Prinz Eugen.
¨ No.11008
Can we have a shill thread/board?
¨ No.11009
Any chance we can get the catalog pages back? They made it a lot easier to see what new content had been added and find old threads.
¨ No.11010
it's being worked on
¨ No.11011
Looking for deleted image of prinz eugen beind shoot then decapitated and throat fuck. It was 2 set image. Artist is probably reclaim3r but the pixiv id is deleted.
¨ No.11012
Is it planned to have previews to linked posts like on 4chan, or at the very least also have replies to a post displayed so navigation is easier?
¨ No.11013
Cant you just make a thread with those links on its respective board?

If the things you are shilling is directly related to guro or gurochan, you can make one on this board.

Its in the works

Also being worked on.
¨ No.11014
No, as I only really used the p2p board and don't care for the content on the other boards. I've pretty much come here only for caterpillars scans and sharing my own scans. But if it can't be made I'll just move on.
¨ No.11015
Good to know, thanks
(my question was >>11008)
¨ No.11017
can we get an Expand All images button?
¨ No.11018
Looking for art of Momo from MHA getting fucked w/ a nail in her head. There was a cum/no cum version with two in both versions (fresh corpse and slightly aged corpse) It was posted on Reddit yesterday but it got deleted.
¨ No.11019
There used to be an option to collapse/hide threads. I usually used it for things I am not interested in, or don't want to see. Any chance of bringing this feature back?
¨ No.11020
Anyone have the full set of this? The whole thing used to be on exhentai a while back, but it seems to have been deleted
¨ No.11021
Any chance we can get the search function back? It made it so much easier to find what you’re looking for.
¨ No.11037
Does anybody know what happened to that Angel Corps fangame that was being developed on the old board?
¨ No.11070
did someone have a old /f/ headless girl collection?
¨ No.11093
Can you pin this thread in /rp/?


The "previous" Gurochan had a main thread for RP partner search and it worked much better than having to sift through pages of random one-post threads. I re-created the "main" thread (see above) but ideally it should be pinned.

Also, for some reason, the "subject" line didn't get posted. If you can edit that post to add the subject "LOOKING FOR RP PARTNER / ADVERTISEMENT", that would be great.
¨ No.11094
Can someone say who is the author of this sfm video?
¨ No.11100
Does anyone have a copy of Slash & Execution 3 that works? One of the download options I tried gives me a black screen after the difficulty selection, and I can’t connect to the other one
¨ No.11101
I got my copy from the link on the creators pixiv. have you tried that already?
¨ No.11102
Yes, that’s how I got the version with the black screen after choosing the difficulty
¨ No.11103
I managed to get to the region start selection, but from there I get a screen that says “choose your fate” with no buttons or other ways to get past it.
¨ No.11104
Seems like that was a one-time fluke. If anyone has a copy of the game they know works they can post, that would be appreciated.
¨ No.11105
The old /art/ sticky "An Illustrated Guide to R-18G" was really good.
Helped when trying to find new art, which is good for everyone, right?
Could we get this back again in some way?
¨ No.11112
Seconding this.
Glad to see gurochan back again, but it feels bad to use without a lot of the 'standard' chan qol features.>>11009
¨ No.11114
Great to have you back! Does anyone have a pack of works Ted Owen and Rawng? Is there any news about the unlucky squirrel?
¨ No.11151
Create the thread, and we can sticky it

They will come with the new software, tolerate TinyIB for one or max 2 more months please. It's worth not losing old threads, right?
¨ No.11161
Hello. I am trying to find a manga that I've seen a year or so ago... but lost it unfortunately and left with just an elusive memory of a wholesome feeling that I cherished while reading it...

So any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!

It's a manga or a doujinshi, must be about 20-30+ pages long. It has gore elements in it. It's about a farm where girls are livestock. They are slaughtered and branded like cattle. There is no sex, the girls are just raised and slaughtered like animals, so it's may or may not be hentai though... There are no lactation fetish elements or anything like that either, but there is nudity though. The girls are like normal girls, without horns or tails. There was a scene with them on some sort of a pasture and a cattle pen. There was also a scene where they are being slaughtered and they cry from happiness because they "fulfilled their duty to provide food". The main emphasis of this manga was that the girls are very happy and grateful for everything that is happening to them.

It has very much the same vibe as Seijin Gishiki, but as I mentioned before, it was a full black and white manga with 20+ pages and the girls didn't have any horns or tails.

Does it ring any bells?
¨ No.11162
¨ No.11164
Thanks, but I've already combed through this one, akuma.moe and a few other hentai archives. No dice. I think that it may not be strictly hentai and sits on a threshold. It was a full manga with 20+ pages.
¨ No.11168
Can we request translations here, or is this just or files?
¨ No.11183
Would it be considered gauche to ask the team to look into adding a board specifically tailored for loli/shota/underage content? The reason I’m asking is because it gets really annoying when I’m scrolling through /lit/ or /g/ and get constantly bombarded with loli stuff when I am specifically NOT looking for loli or when I have to sift through dozens of loli images to get to what I’m looking for. It’s tedious and frustrating and I just wanna fap.

Failing that, would it be possible to add the infrastructure for a filter to sort through content by tag or by category? While it could wind up resulting in the users having to do more work to submit a thread, I believe that the benefits of users quickly finding the thread(s) they’re looking for and engaging with threads they actually want to engage in outweighs the drawbacks in the long term.
¨ No.11185
Thats a fair request. Regardless of a loli board, there will be a thread filter in the new software.
¨ No.11186
Separate board for lolis is stupid because you cannot even really define loli for the start and the entire GC is about lolis if you like older women you already have 10 other forums where lolis are banned and where you have 10 times more content than on GC. Gurochan without lolis is absolutely meaningless.

But I think the solution to your problem would be to add tags (at least just a select few) and the ability to hide certain tags if that is not too hard to implement for site admins
¨ No.11188
¨ No.11189

>Gurochan without lolis is absolutely meaningless

Where, exactly, did you get that from? That wasn’t what I was saying. That wasn’t what I was saying *at all.* In no way, shape, or form did I ever ask nor imply that loli content be outright banned. I’m not even sure how you came to that conclusion from me suggesting a separate board for lolis.

I realize that a separate board for lolis/shotas/underage stuff is stupidly idealistic, which is why I suggested that the team look into adding a tagging feature so that certain tags can be filtered.
¨ No.11190
I mean even boards on gurochan without lolis are meaningless
as I (and probably most people here) like both loli and non-loli content and it is quite nonsense if you now have to create a duplicate of every thread on the loli and nonloli board and track them both at the same time.
¨ No.11192
It would also be a hard rule to implement for moderators, as telling the difference between lolicon and non-lolicon content is often quite hard.
¨ No.11193

You still didn’t answer my original question. You added context to your original comment, yes, but I’m still not sure where you got the idea that I wanted a blanket ban on lolis (for the record, while such a ban wouldn’t bother me, I’m not going seeking it out, and certainly wouldn’t do so now).


I suppose it would be, if it weren’t already so easy to test with the simple question of “Does this character look like they’re underage?” If the answer to that question is yes, then it’s loli.

In any case, I suppose adding infrastructure for tagging/sorting through images would be a more elegant solution than a separate board, now that I think about it. For the sake of clarity, I voted “yes” for a separate section for underage content; it’s my ideal outcome for this situation, but I realize that it’s not something everyone else would find preferable.
¨ No.11194
The thread filtering feature sounds like a better way to address this and other subjects that some don't want to see, which I imagine are pretty diverse here. Would moving an existing thread to another section even be possible, or would mods have to delete stuff posted in the wrong place if this is implemented? They would be unable to message the posters to tell them. But I assume they would be able to add missing tags.
¨ No.11197
I got that idea from the fact that you dislike lolis and I assume that you would like to ban them if that was possible you just can't.
Maybe my assumption was wrong. But I just don't understand why any rational person would be so willing to hide lolis anyway, If you are just not interested in them there is plenty of content that is not interesting to you as well and you probably do not ask to hide it just because you are not interested.

"I suppose it would be, if it weren’t already so easy to test with the simple question of “Does this character look like they’re underage?” If the answer to that question is yes, then it’s loli."

The problem with that question is that ALL anime looks underage, practically by definition, only very few anime characters are adults usually as a contrast with loli/shota.
Even storywise, pretty much all anime scenarios are set in a school and characters behave like teenagers.

I can understand if you would be unhappy about pictures where big adult men rape and torture little girls but what the hell you have against the world where adults do not exist at all? aka the world which is practically a "Neverland" where nobody will grow up and regardless of their age they will look like teenagers or children. For all practical reasons Lolis are not children, they are adults who do not grow up.
Why are you so horribly upset about character looks that they do not look like grannies?
¨ No.11205
It would be pretty cool if gurochan.ga/g/ redirected to img.gurochan.ga/g/.
¨ No.11207
Am à pythonista django, and good with database. If there's anything I can help with. I know next to you guys am à little worm
¨ No.11218
I saw this poll on the main page and I think there should be a loli board but loli is still allowed on every other board. Love them lolis. Good lolis.
¨ No.11221
Yes, that pool is confusing because if there we have an extra loli board for nonguro stuff, that would be very good, and gurochan will attract lots of extra users. it may be even more than it can handle.

But if all lolis are supposed to be only on loli board that would be stupid idea.
¨ No.11229
I came to the decision with the loli boards.

1. I will not be explicitly banning lolis on any board. I will encourage that they are posted on the /lg/ - loliguro board, but no bans on any other boards. I do this because a ban like that would be hard to enforce in the first place. What is a loli? Where does one draw the line between loli and adult? You can still post lolis on any board if it fits the topic, but for the most part, loli-specific threads should go in the loliguro board. For example, do you want to see lolis getting decapitated? You COULD post it in the decapitation thread on /g/, but if you just want to see lolis getting decpitated, post it in the /lg/ thread.

2. Due to legal reasons, the loli guro board will be hosted on another site (that i own), but will be outside the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. The board will be linked here for ease of access, but still on a different site. This other site will also have 2 other boards, but neither of them are about guro so it is likely not of concern to you all. This website, and the loli/guro board will be implimented sometime in march, following the new software. In the meanwhile, keep posting as usual.

3. A tag system has been built into the new software, following the new replacement, when making a new thread, it is encouraged to add tags which can be easily sorted through in the catalog. Various other QOL features + more have been added. Expect some snapshots to come this month.
¨ No.11230
Sounds Awesome! Thank you kuz!
¨ No.11233
Does anyone know the link to the loliguro site related to this site?
¨ No.11234
>This website, and the loli/guro board will be implimented sometime in march, following the new software. In the meanwhile, keep posting as usual.
¨ No.11235
The first point still seems like a needless complication, but another website with different ownership and jurisdiction could at least provide a backup if this one goes down.
¨ No.11239

Thanks for the info, I look forward to visiting it. Until then, I won't post anything loli related so the Russians won't get all pissy with this site.....
¨ No.11259
Splitting them up like that makes it much easier to shut them down separately by ill-wishesr methinks.
¨ No.11260
¨ No.11263
Wasn't quite coherent, when I wrote that. Just thinking that if the services are split up and smaller they may be less resistant towards being taken down? Strength in numbers and all that? Then again if they don't split and some loli stuff needs to be taken down, or blocked by a country's filters they will just block the whole site.
¨ No.11265
If I got it right, Loli board is for lolis in general not for guro.

This is pretty much the same server with the same owner but what could be most frightening that just like in 4chan admins may (theoretically) decide to get rid of a specific board if there is enough of a userbase on the rest. If things are combinedd you just logically can't shut down them separately and all users and admins have to fight and protect the whole thing rather than just kicking out the portion of the userbase so there is some kind of safety on that matter.
¨ No.11269
Why does this new wannabe gurochan not even have a valid encryption? Ridiculous. Until it does I will certainly not post anything nor even look at any of the contents.
¨ No.11272
do you think we could get /kaki/ back? i know it was around back on gurochan.net
¨ No.11273
It will come back.
¨ No.11274
<3 ty!

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