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No.11098  [Reply]
To give just one example, a girl got a spanking I obsess over but I would choose something better for her.

No.11065  [Reply]
Random question: do any of the debreasting/tit torture fans masturbate to breast reduction before/after pics. I think they're incredibly hot--women willingly sacrificing part of their beauty ( which they're doing for totally valid medical reasons, but still).
¨ No.11066
I, for one, don't. For me this fantasy is purely about the act itself and the pain it brings - but also the eroticism of 'playing' with breasts - if that makes any sense.
¨ No.11077
I don't see that many hot women getting breast reduction surgeries.
Probably I could masturbate to that but it should be put in the right context. just looking at the medical pictures is the same as masturbating to an anatomy book.
DIY breast reduction with kitchen knife yeah! that's sexy.
A woman with removed breasts, also in some way, is sexy as some kind of novelty but I would prefer her to be in a more erotic pose than just a medical photo.

No.10994  [Reply]
Testing if any of the formatting still works.
Or if I remember any of it in the first place.

=equal signs=

==double equal signs==

===triple equal signs===

'single quotes'

''double single quotes''

'''triple single quotes'''

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¨ No.11030
Speaking of walls of text, an increase of character limit on /lit/ would be nice too.
¨ No.11031
will do
¨ No.11038
I second the post length increase! Yes please! :)

No.11023  [Reply]
¨ No.11024
¨ No.11029

No.11025  [Reply]
so gurochanop's stuff will be back on site?
¨ No.11026
It seems most if not all the postings are in the archives

No.11022  [Reply]
Sorry for the downtime everyone, im doing some file transfers which require server restarts. I hope the downtime is worth accessing more archives :)

No.10976  [Reply]
Are any of you worried about whatever company were hosting with kicking us off?
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¨ No.10980
I, straitjackit, am co-administrating with Yuri.
¨ No.10981
Sounds great. I'm no tech expert, but I guess being in close contact with the server owner will make it easier to defend against spam attacks?
¨ No.11002

No.10996  [Reply]
what boards might be added in the future?

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