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No.11232  [Reply]
Are there any stories involving femicide? Looking for them for fictionalgynocide forums.

No.11212  [Reply]
Since people were wondering what was happening with the drama, here is my crosspost from reddit.


Not sure how long it will stay here.
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¨ No.11225
I don't really care as long as the site is up... I don't know what did this kuz do, but he seems like a good admin at least
¨ No.11227
im not saying i dont believe you, but why should i not use this site? I wont host with kuz because im not a website maker, i just cum to guro. give me a reason to leave
¨ No.11228
up to you
I also use Amazon even though (or because?) everyone knows Jeff Bezos polishes his egg with orphan kitten blood

No.11146  [Reply]
¨ No.11215

File: 1611940999034.jpg–(37.64KB, 736x724, 7a8d78eff95588848374324527be8a498d7e35eer1-736-724)
No.100  [Reply]
So, we're back. You can ask the team questions here!
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¨ No.11153
>will the p2p still not be coming back
Licensed content which used make most of p2p puts kuz in risk of getting fined, so probably not. Use https://zip.gurochan.ga/ for your file uploads please
¨ No.11208
I was a mod on the last iteration or two of gurochan, would there be any way of getting back mod/applying for it again?
¨ No.11214
email me >> kuz@kolyma.jp

No.11123  [Reply]
Can you guys recommend a good artist for commissioning, or a place for discussing commission ideas?
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¨ No.11141
Thank you both for those tips, i'll check them out.
¨ No.11142
It's just me; but glad to help.
¨ No.11211
Extremophile over on Hentai Foundry and Pixiv, he's usually accepting commissions. I think his Reddit name is u/Exxxtremophile

No.11109  [Reply]
Give me some convincing reasons as to why a real-life guro board is a bad idea
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¨ No.11118
I actually would like real life guro board to exist or at least allow photo manipulations.
But real-life guro poses some problems with lolis.
I think if You even reposted a certain video from youtube or other gore boards here that would cause a severe backlash because they will be put in an erotic context.
It would be a better idea to make another site let's say "Gorechan" which would allow any kind of gore but it would be required to pretend that it is not erotic at all. and we are all unanimously making comments about how horrible and disgusting it is. (maybe even adding some AI bots would be a good idea LOL) That way you can post the most hardcore snuff porn in plain sight and it will be totally fine.
¨ No.11173
I'd like there to be a real life gore board somewhere but having it next to boards for erotic art is probably going too far in some way
¨ No.11209
What about /b/ on the various imageboards? Snuff clips and real gore are posted all the time on there?

No.11096  [Reply]
Would love to see a story of a girl cut in half after masturbating, she is scared but after long she plays with herself.
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¨ No.11167
oh i can for i night of intense reading and feeling
¨ No.11181
I have an idea: how about we make a story on the /lit with pictures.
But you have to participate too. We all know your desire to get cut in half so play along.
I think I will add details myself and you can tell your reaction and your choices.

So are a technician you got a job in the woodworking shop to repair a very big circular saw. Would you like to test it?
¨ No.11191
Oh please yes, I will with pleasure. I will play alone with no doubt.

No.11016  [Reply]
For those interested I have my own discord server set up for people to post cartoonish or fictional creatures getting abused or gored. This includes Pokemon, MLP ponies, yukkuris, Jissousekkis, fluffies, and anything in-between. We also have channels for conventional guro. The invite link is below, I ask simply that those joining us be relaxed and respectful.


(I was given permission to shill here: http://img.gurochan.ga/dis/res/10997.html#11013, if that was a mistake or I misinterpreted I apologize)
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¨ No.11036
we have an official site discord, but no guro or nsfw images are allowed on it. Discord's TOS forbids it, and it is best to keep activity on this site rather than a discord.
¨ No.11099
¨ No.11171
This link is invalid.

No.11032  [Reply]
I've always been a little confused about this board. On the one hand, people say that 3D works don't belong in /g/ but the way it seemed to be used was that only OC stuff actually appeared in /3dcg/.

So this actually discouraged me from upload any 3D content. Sometimes I'd forget and put stuff in /g/ and no-one seemed to mind.

Also sometimes it seems that it's a grey area anyway, where an artist uses a mix of techniques. Then what?

So I guess I'm just seeking clarification. Is /3dcg/ only for OC works, or for all 3D content?
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¨ No.11120
I think that since there is not that much 3d guro and most of it is OC content as well, there is no reason to make a separate 3d board.

Not sure what other people would say about that but probably it will be better to post occasional 3d pictures on the general /g/s/f boards as you did before than on the /3dcg board because there are just too few of those 3d images available.
¨ No.11121
But that's wrong, there's way more 3D guro art than 2D, its just the majority of 3D guro art is poorly done and bad, thus it should be contained on its own board.
¨ No.11126
No, 3d guro is really prety uncommon in comparison to 2d even for the very simple reason that doing guro in 3d is extremely hard and it does not look that good even if you make it perfect. (Unless it is something simple like hangings and decapitations without any gore or body fluids.) the problem is not even in the lack of skill but in the fact that you have to make a picture properly unrealistic.
Also on this day lost fo 2d art is actually a 3d game screenshots rendered in 2d style

But your reasoning is logically flawed if you assume that the reason why 3d guro should be contained on its own board is quality. By that reasoning we need a separate board for high quality and low-quality art in general not a separate board for 2d and 3d there is just as much if not more bad quality 2d art as 3d art.

No.11124  [Reply]
Anyone know anything about this? A lot of really good Chinese artiss have suddenly stopped posting/deleted their accounts. Is there any truth here, or just coincidence/rumor?
¨ No.11125
The thread title was supposed to be "Chinese Guro crackdown", lol

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