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File: 1612171623231.png–(745B, 184x184, REQ.png)
No.10997 Stickied  [Reply]
Requests for all boards go in THIS THREAD.
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¨ No.11272
do you think we could get /kaki/ back? i know it was around back on gurochan.net
¨ No.11273
It will come back.
¨ No.11274
<3 ty!

No.11278  [Reply]
Who here like dead bodies of women, teen girls and kids from anime and manga being moved around for any reason?

I for one find it appealing as to me, it's a form of dominance over them like they've surrendered control of their body to whoever or whatever's moving them.

Which anime/manga woman, teen girl or kid did you find the most appealing being moved around in their canon series?
¨ No.11280
It's never to late to seek help from a professional. I know I shouldn't kink shame, but you fuckers here have some serious fucking problems.
¨ No.11281
What is your point on making such remarks on the guro board? That's the same as going to the PUA forum and preaching celibacy LOL
Oh, you are so dominant :) Live women would love you.
I don't like dominance that much so neither fully submissive nor dead women are interesting.

No.11279  [Reply]
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It's free and effortless money.

No.11261  [Reply]
Why are there so few posts and replies in it?
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¨ No.11268
Maybe we put it on the guro reddit?
¨ No.11275
Yeah I would check if (a version of) gurochan was back regularly for a while but I gradually lost hope and did less and less, people are going to take a while to find their way back here after a year absence. Posting that we're back on more popular imageboards where it's appropriate will help.
¨ No.11277
okay, lets do so!

No.11240  [Reply]
This thread is meant to discuss which shotas, lolis, teen girls and women you'd like to see pics of them being dead whether it's a crime scene, morgue, casket, etc.

For me, most of the girls and women from Girls Und Panzer would fit this role quite well in a number of different non-bloody death settings.

I'd also like to see casket pics of Nadeshiko's body from Cardcaptor Sakura, she must've been stunning in her casket.
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¨ No.11256
mods? this guy is fucking weird even though its a larp
¨ No.11258
I have big doubts if even if you totally disregarded any harm to the girl you would be physically able to fuck her and cum inside :)
It can be only done in fiction
¨ No.11276
larp? live action what, typing?

No.11262  [Reply]

No.11257  [Reply]

No.11243  [Reply]
can we start a board for gory Photo Manips? A couple of good ones are in /UPLOAD.
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¨ No.11247
Really? I haven't heard anything to that effect. I know there was a discussion about IRL gore someplace around here, but don't remember any mods saying they were setting up a new site for it.

In any case, manips aren't real life gore either.
¨ No.11249
It's on the frontpage
¨ No.11250
Ah, thanks!

No.11041  [Reply]
Newspost Discussion
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¨ No.11242
Voteing for the Vichan, website needs more features!>>11041
¨ No.11245
month/day/year actually makes the most sense in cases like this because when you have a large number of spread out dates organizing them by month is most useful

it doesn't really matter for what we're doing here though
¨ No.11248
Organising dates in that way (middle-endian) makes no sense in any universe.

yyyy/mm/dd format is the most logical, as it orders naturally either alphabetically or numerically, so makes sorting trivial, and is completely unambiguous regardless of what system you use locally.

The only local that uses mm/dd/yyyy is the USA, and it seems a bit much to inflict such a peculiar system on the rest of us.

No.11231  [Reply]

None has the car fight story? From the old gurochan! Thanks guy
¨ No.11236
¨ No.11237
Ok I love you.
¨ No.11238
I didn't know we had that.. tje old à good stuff

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