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File: 1612594443969.jpg–(6.04MB, 2480x3508, Farmshop-10.jpg)
Hey all! I've decided to try posting some of my art to gurochan. I've recently been getting back into drawing fetish art and am excited to post some new work, as well as older stuff.
¨ No.27174
1612594483093.jpg–(4.34MB, 3508x2480, Midiroast.jpg)

¨ No.27175
1612594536212.jpg–(4.50MB, 2480x3508, Jenpic.jpg)

¨ No.27176
1612594580933.jpg–(3.64MB, 2480x3508, Deepress.jpg)

¨ No.27177
1612594652541.jpg–(2.39MB, 2480x3508, tonguecut.jpg)
And a sketch...I'll throw up some more and some older work in a bit, I've got plenty to share but don't want to flood too much!
¨ No.27226
This is fantastic work - reminds me of an old cannibal fetish story named "Eat! Eat!" by Menagerie. More please.
¨ No.27238
1612960967636.jpg–(820.44KB, 1403x992, pigcage.jpg)
Thanks for the kind words! I have plenty more stuff to post! Most of the rest of my BBW stuff leans more to the human livestock/implicit threat angle; here's a few pieces from over the years.
¨ No.27239
1612961288851.jpg–(1.55MB, 2480x3508, butchpig03.jpg)

¨ No.27240
1612969498633.jpg–(3.55MB, 3508x2480, Pigwalk07.jpg)

¨ No.27255
1613020699991.jpg–(4.42MB, 3017x4025, hardvore01.jpg)
quick silly idea lol
¨ No.27256
1613020728552.jpg–(3.55MB, 3017x4025, hardvore02.jpg)
and the companion piece
¨ No.27268
Human livestock and implied cannibalism? Yes please.

The more explicit cooking stuff is great too, but girls in cages being fattened up is always fun.
¨ No.27269
fan-bloody-tastic work, welcome Xyd :D
¨ No.27271
1613125873086.jpg–(3.06MB, 3508x2480, cheapcunt.jpg)
Hey Emikochan! Big fan of your work also, really meant a lot to me to see that message! Here's a fun food sketch.
¨ No.27272
1613125940007.jpg–(406.39KB, 992x1403, 3892863.jpg)
And something for those with the other sort of equipment
¨ No.27280
>>27271 Ty, ty
haha that'd be interesting to see down the chippy. reminds me of a kebab.
¨ No.27286
1613659182360.jpg–(5.03MB, 2480x3508, beachbarbeque.jpg)

Hey lol! Didn't know you were a fellow brit. Another colour sketch.
¨ No.27293
1613858813516.jpg–(4.00MB, 2480x2480, cunt-album.jpg)
Some more cunt steak! (one of my favourite subjects lol).
¨ No.27294
1613859060751.jpg–(3.14MB, 2480x3508, decap-03.jpg)
And a fantasy decapitation

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