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File: 1612399889480.png–(69.57KB, 1221x488, SpaceDeathGuro.png)
So here is my drawings I made on imaginations, mostly involving dead people in space.
Note: Most of my art being done for reference and sharing ideas to people with better drawing than I am. I will NOT be accepting commissions from anyone.
¨ No.27082
1612399941753.png–(232.88KB, 1138x1722, Mospeada DeadCrew Art 1.png)
Here are the list of arts I have drawn.
¨ No.27083
1612399963723.png–(163.20KB, 1178x1706, Mospeada DeadCrews Art 2.png)
¨ No.27085
1612400127410.png–(23.73KB, 648x423, Hullbreach Art.png)
Template of group space deaths art
¨ No.27086
1612400177381.png–(38.00KB, 648x423, Hullbreach Mospeada.png)
Mospeada, set in debris of destroyed ships after first episode.
¨ No.27087
1612400214697.png–(37.56KB, 648x423, Hullbreach Geneshaft.png)
Geneshaft after station had hullbreaches
¨ No.27088
1612400380907.png–(30.78KB, 648x423, Hullbreach Drowtales.png)
Drowtales: Space Age, it's a hentai but no space based guro. Mostly in one of space battles where ships were destroyed.
¨ No.27215
1612728123232.png–(70.53KB, 617x528, Mospeada Hullbreach Scene2.png)
more drawings
¨ No.27220
1612807839496.png–(15.78KB, 295x321, Hullbreach AmongUs.png)
Among Us space guro art
¨ No.27235
1612923880403.png–(120.10KB, 2236x1016, Quake4 GuroSets Colored New.png)
various stages of dead floating version of Quake Marine, but as female based on concept art.
¨ No.27267
1613095660133.png–(61.72KB, 844x672, SpaceDeathGuro 2.png)

¨ No.27274
1613159021093.png–(155.71KB, 1230x1370, Mospeada DeadCrews.png)
More sketch on zero gravity corpses with Mospeada Mars Base uniform.
¨ No.27276
1613241809297.png–(114.66KB, 2386x788, VaultGirl Guro.png)
First of my non-space themed guro drawing.
Vault Girl in Bloody Mess (Fallout 1 and 2)
¨ No.27279
1613328610413.png–(83.74KB, 1608x902, CyborgRPTemplate EG.png)
A female crew being processed into Cyborg.
¨ No.27282
1613410732629.png–(424.26KB, 2220x2040, Talia 6th Day Guro.png)
Sketch on Talia Elsworth, mostly for reference purposes on her nude form.
¨ No.27284
1613444309810.png–(21.64KB, 904x600, SpaceDeathComic.png)
Comic I made of space deaths with dialogue between two salvage crews.
¨ No.27285
1613444350901.png–(22.02KB, 904x600, SpaceDeathComic2.png)
A variant involving "realistic" space corpse who would dried out in space.
¨ No.27292
1613845701249.png–(13.77KB, 396x310, HullbreachBridge.png)
An attempt at drawing space death art, a captain trying to float up but restrained by her chair's seat belt.
¨ No.27321
1613967189719.png–(39.88KB, 936x535, SpaceGuro Girls.png)
zero gravity corpse art for commission ideas.

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