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File: 1611984137391.png–(363.97KB, 512x724, TamamoLancer2.png)
Here we go boys the most popular /art/ thread ever is back, here the rules:

-Post your request
-pray some artist will do it

I'll start with mine obviously, just snuff her please
¨ No.3
1611984998665.jpg–(1.09MB, 850x1202, sample_2c2ceb35caa3c161915afbed97803780.jpg)
I wanna see this cat get some necro fucking
¨ No.27011
1611989431585.jpg–(311.85KB, 2000x1906, Es8opmMXcAcrRIw.jpg)
Requesting a sexy big boobied shygal getting her intestines fucked and filled

Art by Gausscannon
¨ No.27016
1611991192685.png–(512.46KB, 1000x1000, fat princess.png)
Requesting fat princess having her chest surgically opened and her massive, diseased, somehow still-beating heart exposed before her very eyes.
¨ No.27018
Tamamo-no-mae. Interesting choice, -N-, might wanna do her
¨ No.27022
1612002524365.jpg–(271.44KB, 850x1133, sample_0820bd3eadcc4ae7180203f6bdf6724d9362bddc.jp)
What if Lyria got brainfucked from behind?
¨ No.27023
1612020465698.jpg–(235.73KB, 640x960, Colette_SR1.jpg)
Colette Brunel raped from behind while her throat is cut?
¨ No.27024
>>27018 :D
¨ No.27025
1612028414701.jpg–(170.95KB, 265x377, Uzaki-chan_Wants_to_Hang_Out!_volume_1_cover.jpg)
Requesting Uzaki-chan getting her tits brutally fucked/penetrated.

Like a dick penetrating from her underboob and out the top
¨ No.27026
1612030226344.jpg–(28.04KB, 279x720, Space_Marine_female.jpg)
I want her--Quake 4 female marine--floating in space as lifeless corpse, or being turned into Strogg/cyborg.
¨ No.27027
1612052499804.jpg–(4.04MB, 4780x4000, illust_79620321_20200220_154202-1.jpg)
Chris Thorndyke knife beheaded please
¨ No.27028
1612054909935.jpg–(12.62KB, 210x240, images.jpeg)
I've always imagined a situation after I saw the hentai of Ben 10 fucking Gwen (her cousin).

Ben starts fucking gwen and they were about to cum but the Omnitrix malfunctioned and Ben turned into Forearms (on of the alien avatars of ben) and Gwen just gets torn right from her pussy till her chest and her inners, drenched in cum, falling down. And ben is clueless of what happened.

(Forearms is giant alien and his dick probable would never fit any human girl)

Can any one draw this illustration. Please
¨ No.27029
1612062574568.jpg–(163.59KB, 850x617, sample_2ebda0c4e12a566fcc1d0a73875aea07.jpg)
requesting a short comic where d.va is beheaded on a livestream ISIS-style by reaper and gets necro fucked
¨ No.27030
1612068469449.png–(72.78KB, 274x387, image.png)
Requesting a busty Witch from Puyo Puyo getting snuffed and necrofucked~

Feel free to kill her in any way, though I enjoy strangulation, neck snaps and decapitations most
¨ No.27060
1612244632933.png–(2.91MB, 2228x2148, 891FF34A-CABA-4361-95D7-570386373D18.png)
Requesting Zero Suit Samus in a Post Mortem Decapitation, Imagine like a living Zero Suit carrying a wearer’s head (Similar to a Dullahan) . Since She has Chozo genes (bird like creature in the Metroid Series), I wonder how if Chozo species are like Chickens chopping off heads, but will Samus Survive Decapitation as well, unlike Humans did? We might never know until someone will make it? (Smiling Curious Face)

You can make multiple Variations of Emotions on her faces (if the artist wish for), I know some will creep out, but it’s fine.

-(Gory/Dullahan) Neck Stump Should be in a little bit deeper to her neck line from her suit. (Again similar to a living suit)
¨ No.27070
1612306261812.jpg–(396.31KB, 600x900, 1611998507324.jpg)
Requesting this girl ditching her head while fondling her breasts.
¨ No.27071
1612306778903.jpg–(211.74KB, 1448x2048, DEEA2DF0-F34E-4FC7-85E9-3476E8351860.jpeg)
Skull fucked to death please
¨ No.27076
¨ No.27079

Figured out i should be a bit more detailed about my request to help you, she is tamamo lancer from fate/grand order and i would like to see her snuffed, any method will work but i personally prefer anything involving necrophilia
¨ No.27089
1612411056997.png–(1.38MB, 641x870, EtU8wZNUYAAfKlh.png)
Requesting U-1196 from Cells At Work Black getting choked to death. She's then straddled onto as her tits are fucked, probably in a POV view since it's the easiest if it's possible!
¨ No.27093
Like what you see?
¨ No.27187
1612612857755.png–(454.51KB, 850x850, Untitled.png)
Requesting tall vampire lady from RE8 getting her huge milkers brutally penetrated by several dicks and filling it to the brim with cum

Artist for the post here https://twitter.com/CatgirlWitch/status/1356007699117301762
¨ No.27188
1612621745215.jpg–(334.42KB, 718x1029, Screenshot_20210206-092822_Gallery.jpg)
Requesting Takane Shojou lying dead in an open casket, All cleaned up and dressed.
¨ No.27189
1612630632950.jpg–(579.17KB, 846x1000, Baiken_03.jpg)
Requested Baiken being eyefucked to death as her killer taunts her.
¨ No.27202
1612636284914.jpg–(621.34KB, 850x1200, 151dd3d818b04d771a738dadde5ef1aa.jpeg)
Requesting Bremerton's decapitated head watching her cunt being raped
¨ No.27204
1612667441131.png–(1.24MB, 3188x1200, mina3.png)
It was a quick draw, but since I like mine too, i tried. I'm still a novice in art, but I hope you like it ^^>>27071
¨ No.27205

Not original requester but is very good
¨ No.27210
Lets be real here - none of these requests are gonna get fulfilled. Not unless youre paying.

And some of you guys are requesting a whole comic? Damn bruh greedy
¨ No.27211
Mostly true, but some requesters may still get lucky.
Personally i have troubles looking for artists that would want to even consider the stuff i like.
¨ No.27212
To be far, I've been quite lucky and gotten several requests drawn in past drawthreads.
¨ No.27213
Well, I'll not do a complete art, but a simple thing i'm very open to do, I'm not a good artist, so I take this as training. Obviously, I'll just take simple requests and from characters I know and like
¨ No.27214
1612717155404.jpg–(120.83KB, 640x640, kirika.jpg)
Requesting Kirika from Symphogear cut in half diagonally.
¨ No.27217
1612799624545.jpg–(755.44KB, 1092x886, 1567655058662.jpg)
This is such a stupid request, but can someone make it so that she is not decapitated? In other words: can you reattach her head?

Reference: http://bin.gurochan.ga/art/src/1567655108329.jpg

From Deaddino's old thread:
¨ No.27218
1612800238755.jpg–(31.74KB, 507x507, 1589029782128.jpg)
not sure what's so greedy about wanting two or three frames. nobody has any obligation to fulfill it anyways, just putting it out there in case anyone actually feels like it.
¨ No.27227
1612869245367.png–(716.11KB, 852x1342, 1579351954260.png)
Requesting Mirajane from Fairy Tail like in these panels but with an arm and a leg amputated and some bad wounds like slashes and see through holes.
¨ No.27232
1612887733431.jpg–(670.60KB, 2000x984, IMG_20200920_141829.jpg)
Cut her head off plz
¨ No.27234
1612909122478.png–(844.31KB, 634x1683, Danganronpa_V3_Miu_Iruma_Fullbody_Sprite_(29).png)
Requesting this arrogant hotty Miu Iruma, decapitated and her head being used
¨ No.27257
1613024486095.jpg–(784.68KB, 1062x1500, Pavolia_Reine_by_Iida_Pochi.jpg)
Requesting Reine cutting her belly open vertically, or just doing an initial stab in her navel.
¨ No.27258
1613047380082.jpg–(1.63MB, 2400x1714, ordering_from_the_menu_by_demontroll-d5fvvn8.jpg)
I would like cut marks like this but on a male body.
¨ No.27328
1614282884840.jpg–(1.91MB, 4612x1664, ashedrawrequest.jpg)
Requesting Ashe from Overwatch hanged on a trapdoor gallows similar to the reference pic. No piss / scat, would like if her breasts were exposed similar to the pic on the right.
¨ No.27329
1614295200803.jpg–(2.76MB, 3730x3568, illust_80320966_20200328_231351.jpg)
Tomoko Kuroki dead via an accieent invokving auto erotic asphyxiation?
¨ No.27332
1614319651397.png–(1.14MB, 618x1000, gch_req_2.png)
¨ No.27333
1614319687019.png–(1.78MB, 1000x1000, gch_req_1.png)
¨ No.27334
1614320432328.png–(1.49MB, 1000x1000, gch_req_1_alt.png)
¨ No.27336
I'm not the original requester of either but fine work, you draw really well!
¨ No.27337
Thank you! :))
¨ No.27339
1614399498150.jpg–(117.70KB, 720x1280, MahoChina.jpg)
Maho Nishizumi hanged by the neck via ambush hands free and kicking while wearing this outfit

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