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File: 1611979817582.png–(34.80KB, 200x200, 2a.png)

I like to stream and take guro requests for company! I'll be streaming for a few hours tonight but I hope to revisit this thread for future sessions so keep an eye out!


The best part about piczel is it does not require you to register to watch a stream or chat; feel free to post your request here as well!

All finished art will be posted in thread.

WB guro-chan!
¨ No.4
1611986847605.png–(407.19KB, 580x902, bellydancer.png)
Request by Dangerous_World for a bellydancer
¨ No.27020
could ya draw a futa with her dick and balls chopped off? foreskin half pulled back, genitals on the floor, how it happened and her emotion, looks, up to you
¨ No.27236
you still around?
¨ No.27237
Hey GoreWhore, really like your art style and I'd love any illustrations for my story 'The Death Factory' / 'The Splatter Factory'.

Of course I'd particularly love depictions of the deaths, but anything related at all would be really cool.

For some reason I can't get onto your Piczel page, probably due to my crappy PC.

¨ No.27250
Can you have her dismembered and floating in space?
http://img.gurochan.ga/art/res/2.html#27026 (One with greyscale female spacemarine, Quake 4 concept art)
Also keep her hot in corpse form as well.
¨ No.27287
shame this artist disappeared, I was in their stream and they seemed so pumped about gurochan being back... I hope they're alright

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