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File: 1612570766991.png–(679.71KB, 640x960, GuroBoi.png)
No.27118  [Reply]
Some guro doodles and artwork ive done over the years or so! I don't share these on my main accounts, but I do share them in places of similar interests.
Find me with @Starfazers anywhere, including Discord!
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¨ No.27222
1612826059968.png–(500.39KB, 1000x1000, Starri Injured.png)

¨ No.27223
1612826123776.png–(104.43KB, 800x1000, Tyson.png)

¨ No.27224
1612826186846.png–(606.24KB, 800x1000, Headless.png)
god these are so old lmao

File: 1612092890163.png–(308.40KB, 2400x3200, illust_86879555_20210131_043239.png)
No.27032  [Reply]
Feel free to make requests or hit me up via discord for an art trade. I'm more likely to take you up on an art trade though UwU

Sadgirl loves you~
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¨ No.27170
Srry bout that I don't necessarily have that much of an interest for it but I'd be more than happy to trade you if you can show me some of your works<3 uwu Discord: Sadkid#2224
¨ No.27171
¨ No.27203
Could you draw someone fucking Overwatch's Tracer's decapitated head?

File: 1611987692823.gif–(1.96MB, 747x420, OperatorIrradiated.gif)
No.5  [Reply]
Hello everyone, and it's an honour that someone told me to come back here. Now I'm posting a lot of works in my Pixiv Fanbox fanbox.cc/deathfactory
If you want to see all my works, please subscribe, for this gurochan place, I'm posting some works, not all.

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions. I like to read them for ideas. :)
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¨ No.27066
1612300355624.jpg–(3.06MB, 2481x3507, AmonghtUs2Green1.jpg)
¨ No.27185
1612608707617.jpg–(1.98MB, 1800x2500, slip1.jpg)

¨ No.27186
1612608749025.jpg–(2.54MB, 1800x2500, slip2.jpg)

File: 1612571394901.png–(10.84KB, 292x541, 1584866800131.png)
No.27146  [Reply]
Remember these? You know the drill. Drop your requests. If you REALLY want your idea done, message me via discord at Sadkid#2224 for an art trade and your idea will be prioritized.
¨ No.27152
1612571509359.png–(70.88KB, 1102x737, 1584882127971.png)

¨ No.27155
1612571540039.png–(22.23KB, 1138x733, 1584882229660.png)

File: 1612534873406.png–(33.67KB, 267x550, 1438822116429.png)
No.27111  [Reply]

File: 1612515401876.jpg–(2.05MB, 1818x3650, 1612518420406.jpg)
No.27105  [Reply]

File: 1612509865985.jpg–(111.48KB, 600x728, hellkitchen.jpg)
No.27104  [Reply]

File: 1612509730334.jpg–(570.83KB, 1079x1203, 1612512661028.jpg)
No.27103  [Reply]

File: 1612204169801.png–(2.75MB, 5795x1290, laser gut collage.png)
No.27058  [Reply]
My biggest hentai retouch so far! I added the belly wounds, the guts, the lasers, cum, piss, changed some faces, and edited out some stuff.

File: 1611999627851.png–(414.66KB, 1000x1000, 4ECE2A5A-94B8-451D-8636-3C6D00F191CB.png)
No.27021  [Reply]
Abstract piece

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