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File: 1613950574625.png–(814.89KB, 1080x1602, 69764146_p1.png)
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1613953342261.png–(1.17MB, 1080x1080, canvas.png)

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1613953744920.jpg–(696.96KB, 1200x1200, 86900714_p1_master1200.jpg)
¨ No.27320
1613953923589.png–(1.60MB, 1080x1080, canvas2.png)

File: 1612371100742.jpg–(52.54KB, 852x1071, 2019_1.jpg)
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1612801000410.jpg–(28.69KB, 673x935, 2019_5.jpg)

¨ No.27264
Nice pics, simple but sexy
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1613936691218.jpg–(67.11KB, 580x900, 2019_8.jpg)

File: 1612594443969.jpg–(6.04MB, 2480x3508, Farmshop-10.jpg)
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Hey all! I've decided to try posting some of my art to gurochan. I've recently been getting back into drawing fetish art and am excited to post some new work, as well as older stuff.
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¨ No.27286
1613659182360.jpg–(5.03MB, 2480x3508, beachbarbeque.jpg)

Hey lol! Didn't know you were a fellow brit. Another colour sketch.
¨ No.27293
1613858813516.jpg–(4.00MB, 2480x2480, cunt-album.jpg)
Some more cunt steak! (one of my favourite subjects lol).
¨ No.27294
1613859060751.jpg–(3.14MB, 2480x3508, decap-03.jpg)
And a fantasy decapitation

File: 1613720248672.jpg–(708.65KB, 1224x1280, 1613721391850.jpg)
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File: 1613720206723.jpg–(83.74KB, 600x538, cumdinner.jpg)
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File: 1611979817582.png–(34.80KB, 200x200, 2a.png)
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I like to stream and take guro requests for company! I'll be streaming for a few hours tonight but I hope to revisit this thread for future sessions so keep an eye out!


The best part about piczel is it does not require you to register to watch a stream or chat; feel free to post your request here as well!

All finished art will be posted in thread.

WB guro-chan!
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¨ No.27237
Hey GoreWhore, really like your art style and I'd love any illustrations for my story 'The Death Factory' / 'The Splatter Factory'.

Of course I'd particularly love depictions of the deaths, but anything related at all would be really cool.

For some reason I can't get onto your Piczel page, probably due to my crappy PC.

¨ No.27250
Can you have her dismembered and floating in space?
http://img.gurochan.ga/art/res/2.html#27026 (One with greyscale female spacemarine, Quake 4 concept art)
Also keep her hot in corpse form as well.
¨ No.27287
shame this artist disappeared, I was in their stream and they seemed so pumped about gurochan being back... I hope they're alright

File: 1612302662484.png–(700.66KB, 3537x5193, WE WANT YOUR MEAT 1.png)
No.27067  [Reply]
Finally back!
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¨ No.27231
1612885308816.png–(2.61MB, 4961x7016, Halloween 2020 4.png)

¨ No.27273
1613129010244.png–(0.99MB, 3525x5185, Gold Brown.png)

¨ No.27283
You flooded everything with pictures so nobody knows what to say.
But it is nice to see you back here
And you invented a new word :)

File: 1612282011822.jpg–(683.27KB, 823x1010, quickyfixonsteve.jpg)
No.27062  [Reply]
We wont even except money anymore.

This things captcha is joto. Is gurochan now brought to you by the power of stand captchas :P?

"you messed up, your clearly a robot, you are already dead."
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¨ No.27244
1612988091153.jpg–(1.62MB, 2250x1265, gothhexspitcl.jpg)

¨ No.27253
hell yeah JS, love it ^_^
¨ No.27277
At last, I can see your works again. I missed you.
Or did you post them somewhere else when GC was dead?

File: 1612996622617.png–(297.38KB, 800x1000, Jinx Cut Blur.png)
No.27246  [Reply]
Hey, glad to see gurochan back! Here's something I just drew. Will consider requests and post some of my older art.

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¨ No.27266
1613093043315.jpg–(17.12KB, 260x286, image.jpeg)
Ooh think you could draw Fran from Minoria having her severed head be used as a fucktoy?
¨ No.27270
1613120931281.png–(624.04KB, 707x1000, illust_45832158_20210212_170621.png)
Your works are great……!Would you like to do a trophy for Nanamo Ul Namo?
¨ No.27275
1613163628774.jpg–(82.11KB, 706x1000, sample-59961057d0a05720e7515f55841ab8fe.jpg)
oooh nice you are one of my favorite artists, since you consider requests would you consider snuffing tamamo no mae lancer from fate/grand order?

I like necrophilia but anything is good

File: 1612167389708.jpg–(2.58MB, 2456x1736, Mirajane 1.jpg)
No.27048  [Reply]
Never thought I'd finally be a contributor in this site! :D I've only been a lurker since last decade when I found Gurochan. Only started doing art while this place was shut down.

I hope you enjoy my works! ;) I'll be posting my a couple of my favourites :D
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¨ No.27056
1612168221834.jpg–(2.19MB, 2500x2500, anderhorlo at.jpg)

¨ No.27107
1612519828766.jpg–(1.06MB, 2301x1447, Mimicry - Copy.jpg)
A commission from a few months back ^.^
¨ No.27265
1613088180247.jpg–(930.88KB, 1736x2456, Moana be done CEN.jpg)
a small commission of Moana I just recently got ^^

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