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File: 1611984137391.png–(363.97KB, 512x724, TamamoLancer2.png)
No.2  [Reply]
Here we go boys the most popular /art/ thread ever is back, here the rules:

-Post your request
-pray some artist will do it

I'll start with mine obviously, just snuff her please
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¨ No.27333
1614319687019.png–(1.78MB, 1000x1000, gch_req_1.png)
¨ No.27334
1614320432328.png–(1.49MB, 1000x1000, gch_req_1_alt.png)
¨ No.27336
I'm not the original requester of either but fine work, you draw really well!

File: 1611989134297.jpg–(107.89KB, 1024x576, fdgfdgfdgfdgcvvb.jpg)
No.27003  [Reply]
Hi, i like to make guro from game screenshots.
blade and sorcery, postal 2, rdr2, gmod, fallout etc
here is my deviantart https://www.deviantart.com/eunuch666

feedback or suggestions are appreciated.
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¨ No.27015
1611989682187.jpg–(105.17KB, 1024x576, 5hggf6rt.jpg)

¨ No.27278
Just caught your blade and sorcery video on youtube, good shit man
I cracked the fuck up when you were pretending to fuck her whilst wailing on the back of her head
¨ No.27335
my deviantart got banned as they apparently dont allow guro even though i saw alot, so i now host my shit on here for anyone who cares


File: 1614318410969.png–(2.30MB, 2048x1536, Redo.png)
No.27330  [Reply]
Hi guys. Long time lurker. Been trying for a while to learn how to draw. My 1st online art post...

Some 'Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi' fan art. :)
¨ No.27331
1614318494617.gif–(0.99MB, 480x360, Redo-gif.gif)

File: 1612595230087.png–(1.73MB, 2420x1289, cutebutamputated.png)
No.27178  [Reply]
Hello once again gurochan! I'm iciclit (icy-clit)

I draw a lot of queer-ass cannibalism & snuff (and sometimes hetero stuff if I feel like it)
cuntboys are my favorite subject!

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¨ No.27184
1612596497237.png–(3.07MB, 1500x1499, xydIcygutfucking_sm.png)
I'm stopping here for now! Let me know if you'd like to see a particular drawing sooner than later.
¨ No.27225
Nice to see you again! Love your stuff. Especially everything regarding voluntary cannibalism. 😋
¨ No.27327
Super glad your back!

File: 1613750687211.jpg–(447.49KB, 1000x707, MS 19 700.jpg)
No.27290  [Reply]
Art of BloodOtaku: guro, dolcett, sex
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¨ No.27323
1614094074319.jpg–(338.63KB, 1000x707, MS 10 700 1.jpg)
У меня много всякого есть. По названию не вспомню сейчас
¨ No.27325
1614094424796.jpg–(214.86KB, 800x565, FF 142 800.jpg)
¨ No.27326
1614094495814.jpg–(210.73KB, 800x522, FF 137 800.jpg)

File: 1614094310449.jpg–(243.50KB, 800x522, FF 133 800.jpg)
No.27324  [Reply]
вот еще

File: 1612399889480.png–(69.57KB, 1221x488, SpaceDeathGuro.png)
No.27081  [Reply]
So here is my drawings I made on imaginations, mostly involving dead people in space.
Note: Most of my art being done for reference and sharing ideas to people with better drawing than I am. I will NOT be accepting commissions from anyone.
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¨ No.27285
1613444350901.png–(22.02KB, 904x600, SpaceDeathComic2.png)
A variant involving "realistic" space corpse who would dried out in space.
¨ No.27292
1613845701249.png–(13.77KB, 396x310, HullbreachBridge.png)
An attempt at drawing space death art, a captain trying to float up but restrained by her chair's seat belt.
¨ No.27321
1613967189719.png–(39.88KB, 936x535, SpaceGuro Girls.png)
zero gravity corpse art for commission ideas.

File: 1613950574625.png–(814.89KB, 1080x1602, 69764146_p1.png)
No.27296  [Reply]

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¨ No.27317
1613953342261.png–(1.17MB, 1080x1080, canvas.png)

¨ No.27319
1613953744920.jpg–(696.96KB, 1200x1200, 86900714_p1_master1200.jpg)
¨ No.27320
1613953923589.png–(1.60MB, 1080x1080, canvas2.png)

File: 1612371100742.jpg–(52.54KB, 852x1071, 2019_1.jpg)
No.27077  [Reply]

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¨ No.27219
1612801000410.jpg–(28.69KB, 673x935, 2019_5.jpg)

¨ No.27264
Nice pics, simple but sexy
¨ No.27295
1613936691218.jpg–(67.11KB, 580x900, 2019_8.jpg)

File: 1612594443969.jpg–(6.04MB, 2480x3508, Farmshop-10.jpg)
No.27173  [Reply]
Hey all! I've decided to try posting some of my art to gurochan. I've recently been getting back into drawing fetish art and am excited to post some new work, as well as older stuff.
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¨ No.27286
1613659182360.jpg–(5.03MB, 2480x3508, beachbarbeque.jpg)

Hey lol! Didn't know you were a fellow brit. Another colour sketch.
¨ No.27293
1613858813516.jpg–(4.00MB, 2480x2480, cunt-album.jpg)
Some more cunt steak! (one of my favourite subjects lol).
¨ No.27294
1613859060751.jpg–(3.14MB, 2480x3508, decap-03.jpg)
And a fantasy decapitation

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