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File: 1611982081775.gif–(5.85MB, 560x315, ButtSaw2.gif)
We're back, baby.



¨ No.2
1611982981143.gif–(2.84MB, 560x315, crtngif.gif)
¨ No.3
1611983077246.gif–(5.85MB, 560x315, LFFgif.gif)

¨ No.4
1611983161105.gif–(5.80MB, 560x315, Coops.gif)
¨ No.5
1611983514121.jpg–(52.79KB, 1892x965, prvw.JPG)
¨ No.6
1611984007712.png–(975.20KB, 917x1585, Spooke.png)
My stuff could really use some more light.
¨ No.7
1611984071959.gif–(5.18MB, 560x315, Ebdoe.gif)
¨ No.8
1611984153010.gif–(2.76MB, 560x315, AGNHEo.gif)
¨ No.11
Now that's some excellent content. How have I managed to miss adding these to my little archive of depravity?
¨ No.16
Love your work Chalk <3 Welcome back!
¨ No.17
Welcome back to the site, Chalk!
Looking forward to seeing new stuff from you.
¨ No.19
love the dva and tifa one
¨ No.27
i've met you on pixiv while gurochan was down, good to know what you will be here too!!
¨ No.31
btw can you do bigger boobs with bigger areolas stuff man. thx for video
¨ No.44
Can we get link for
Chalk 21/01/30(Sat)05:04:37 No.3
1611983077246.gif–(5.85MB, 560x315, LFFgif.gif)
¨ No.45
These are superb! Very sexy animations.
¨ No.46
That was a test animation, Chalk never made a full-length for that one.

Wouldn't mind one though, maybe delay cutting her in half a little :P
¨ No.50
Damn, I've never seen your content before, but this is some good shit.
¨ No.51
Chalk, bro, you take commissions? Your work is fucking incredible. I'd love to see some specific characters get mutilated and fucked.
¨ No.65
awesome stuff so far man keep it up!

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