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File: 1612282663590.webm–(472.61KB, War Crimes Angle A WebM Version.webm)
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Before the fall of past gurochans, I was a lurker. During the off time, I became a content creator. I will post semi often here with my more extreme stuff.
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¨ No.28
Great work and welcome back ^_^
¨ No.49
Nice to see you here, welcome!
¨ No.57
Nice to see your work but I think you should not upload gigantic png files as they will waste server space and everyone's bandwidth and take quite some time to load.
It will be interesting to see what you will make next

File: 1613036140229.mp4–(6.85MB, execution 1.mp4)
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File: 1613032848444.mp4–(6.73MB, DBF_beexadeath2.mp4)
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File: 1612006033218.webm–(3.98MB, 3X0aa.webm)
No.9  [Reply]
Testing webm support ;)
¨ No.14
¨ No.32
I guess they still need to adjust the onclick interaction so the <video> tag gets a bigger width and height when it's opened/played.

File: 1612214997815.jpg–(281.97KB, 1411x1080, Mooni_OPremake2.jpg)
No.18  [Reply]
One of my fav works w/GurochanOP
¨ No.20
1612216473505.gif–(2.87MB, 800x450, necrofuck_prev.gif)

¨ No.29
¨ No.30
>dat ass

File: 1612006467768.mp4–(4.39MB, GW5371j.mp4)
No.10  [Reply]
MP4 support any better? 🤔
¨ No.12
What game is this?
¨ No.13
You can click on the webm link on your post to view
¨ No.21
it's blade and sorcery

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