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File: 1611982081775.gif–(5.85MB, 560x315, ButtSaw2.gif)
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We're back, baby.



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¨ No.51
Chalk, bro, you take commissions? Your work is fucking incredible. I'd love to see some specific characters get mutilated and fucked.
¨ No.65
awesome stuff so far man keep it up!
¨ No.116
stop the fucking CP shit its digusting and killed the last gurochan

File: 1613595274146.png–(473.24KB, 720x503, Screenshot_20210126-212839.png)
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Mutants destroy girl
Short movie
¨ No.115

File: 1612524931999.jpg–(4.14MB, 7680x4800, 87077886_p0.jpg)
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¨ No.112
1614349110089.jpg–(173.29KB, 1024x768, elf_queen_04_by_gallows_girl_amy_dcx2227-fullview.)
¨ No.113
1614349129588.jpg–(149.19KB, 1024x1366, elf_queen_05_by_gallows_girl_amy_dcx227w-fullview.)
¨ No.114
1614349168731.jpg–(404.99KB, 1024x1366, elf_queen_07_by_gallows_girl_amy_dcx22ke-fullview.)
and there you go :) .

File: 1614034846390.jpg–(168.45KB, 1366x768, BunkerMassacre001.jpg)
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Sup everyone ^^ Glad to see gchan is back. I'm gonna repost my stuff from the oldest pics to fill up the board :)
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¨ No.104
1614250942712.jpg–(248.16KB, 1366x1093, BunkerMassacre019.jpg)

¨ No.105
1614250980177.jpg–(378.21KB, 1366x1093, BunkerMassacre020.jpg)

¨ No.106
1614251027918.jpg–(298.57KB, 1366x1093, BunkerMassacre021.jpg)

File: 1614228214086.png–(3.58MB, 2560x1582, RWBY1 - Copy.png)
No.92  [Reply]
Ruby cried softly as she was led up the tiled gallows by two Atlesian Huntsmen. She wore only her red cape, her stockings, and her boots - leaving her modest breasts and small, hormone softened penis visible to the crowd. Dozens of influential Atlesians were in attendance, with thousands more watching live on their scrolls. Her muscles were weak from the two days of near-constant rape she and her team had endured after being installed in the Atlas Academy's men's toilets. Not mention the pain from the removal of all her teeth - standard Atlesian practice for it's "Comfort Stations". Dried semen stained her breasts, her mouth, her thighs, every piece of clothing she was still wearing. Her cloak was encrusted with white stains, the remnants of Rubys last meal - a litre of horse semen. She and her team had been given a day between their public rape and their execution date; where they had been force fed various disgusting substances. She now knew what Winter Snchee's shit tasted like.

She was so weak from the terror that she had to be helped up the gallows, and she felt a pressure build between her legs as they placed a noose around her neck. No blindfold or hood was produced, though her hands were left tied behind her back with heavy duty anti-huntress cuffs - though as her Aura had been permanently destroyed by an Atlesian nanobot-drug, there was no real point. Yang had screamed defiance for so long, but she was quiet now. She still stared the crowd in the eye, but did not resist as the rope was placed around her neck. Her hand was secured to her stump, and she blinked back tears.

"Comfort Stations Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long, you have been found guilty of theft of Atlesian military property and sentenced to death. Due to your enrollment as student Huntresses, you are subject to the Anti-Rouge Huntress Law. You have already served your mandatory term as a comfort station, and will also be subject to mandatory recycling. Comfort Station Xiao Long, your corpse will be sanitised and used for faunus feed. Your remains were purchased by the Schnee Dust Company. Comfort Station Rose, your remains will be sanitised, your organs removed and used for faunus feed, and then subjected to a plasticisation process to make you suitable for use as a long-term comfort station. Your remains were purchased by Jacques Schnee," a Huntsmen read out in a bored tone. Ruby felt pressure grow between her legs as her fate was read out, and she started to hyperventilate. Something wet and warm splashed against her legs, and Ruby realised she had just pissed herself in front of thousands of people when the trapdoor beneath her feet swung open.
¨ No.93
1614228310095.png–(3.53MB, 2560x1582, RWBY2 - Copy.png)
Ruby had time to let off only a short, sharp scream before the noose started to bite into her neck. Unlike ordinary criminals in Atlas, rouge Huntresses were subject to short drop hangings. Her lungs burnt as she feebly kicked and tried desperately to activate her semblance, but it wouldn't come. She tried to find purchase on the side of the gallows, but her boots were slippery with piss and only slid right off. Yang was fighting wildly, kicking and scrambling. Her huge breasts bounced as she choked to death, and soon enough a stream of golden piss flowed down her legs as Yang's fear finally got the better of her. Semen globed out of her abused cunt as several women and girls in the crowd started to discretely service their male companions. Several boxed comfort stations - including Team JNPR and Oscar - were also being used.

Ruby tried one last time to activate her semblance, but all her efforts achieved was to loosen her sphincter enough for a blast of runny shit to splatter her legs. Yang started to cry as a large, solid piece of excrement passed through her asscheeks, followed by a similar blast of shit to Ruby's. Her kicks started to slow, and so did Ruby's. The black-haired girl finally felt her urine flow to a stop as her vision started to go dark around the edges.
¨ No.94
1614228388816.png–(3.53MB, 2560x1582, RWBY3 - Copy.png)
Ruby's soft, small penis managed a half-hearted erection as she kicked soflty and swayed on the end of a noose. She felt immense shame as she began to die, and then she saw her sister spray her already slick thighs with arousal as she obviously and humiliatingly squirted on the end of a noose. Shit contained to flow from her asshole, just as Ruby felt herself orgasm. A jet of weak, watery fluid sprouted from her half-hard penis. The pleasure almost drowned out the pain and the shame, but then her vision grew dark. Her kicks faded to twitches. Yang, desperate for another release, managed to position her cunt over Ruby's leg. Her hard-won muscles strained as she masturbated with her sister's corpse. Then she too grew still. They dangled there for a few minutes, piss still dripping from their boots, and then after a nurse gave a nod, the ropes holding them up came loose.
¨ No.95
1614228489700.png–(5.75MB, 2560x1582, RWBY4 - Copy.png)
The two sisters collapsed bonelessly into their own waste, their necks bruised and red. Ruby's cape settled amongst the foul mixture of cum, piss, and shit that had fallen from her during her hanging, as her own corpse did. Yang landed with her legs lewdly spread, her much abused cunt on full display. Their toothless mouths loled open, just like their empty eyes - that stared out into the crowd and at Blake and Weiss. The two remaining members of team RWBY felt the men using their mouths finish and were then roughly lifted up onto the gallows....

File: 1614084169679.jpg–(120.82KB, 1280x720, Shiftop_Elizabeth_Lamb_of_Columbia_17_Bonus_Public)
No.87  [Reply]
Seems to be a mostly ryona artist that occassionally do guro-ish stuffs. If anyone happen to have their (hopefully more extreme) patreon/fanbox stuffs, that'd be greatly appreciated
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¨ No.89
1614084229658.jpg–(298.85KB, 1080x1920, Shiftop_Underwater_desires_5_3.jpg)

¨ No.90
1614084263785.jpg–(138.33KB, 1280x720, Shiftop_Elizabeth_Elsa_Tasty_Mares_2_Public.jpg)

¨ No.91
1614084289356.jpg–(193.15KB, 1280x720, Shiftop_Elizabeth_Unlucky_day_02_Public.jpg)

File: 1612911588644.png–(1.57MB, 2221x1249, img.png)
No.48  [Reply]
Posting what I think is the full archive of TheHornyRock's guro HMVs from before the cleanse of the last board--hoping he comes back soon.

Mega Folder: https://mega.nz/folder/BmY2QbpQ#mum2XdDCA47fXqBui3cpAA
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¨ No.62
We'll just have to wait and see if TheHornyRock comes back, not sure about his return after the last chan got nuked.
¨ No.63
If anyone has copies of any artists 3dcg animations from the old Gurochans please post them as well, I've been having a helluva time trying to find anything other than gurochanOPs stuff. I had previously purged my own archive out of concern it would be found by family borrowing my computer, so I can't be of much help, but we really need to rebuild this board.

In particular I've been looking for some clips that feature the characters from Life is Strange. (features hanging, a horse at one point, and general hard guro)
¨ No.76
is there a good torrent or download of the source material for these?

File: 1613102438954.jpg–(273.86KB, 1920x1080, 85713024.jpg)
No.59  [Reply]
Animated scene: https://files.catbox.moe/s24x02.png

Starting thread.

Artist Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/85713024
Artist Fanbox https://animated-maker.fanbox.cc/posts/1601761

File: 1612030137861.jpg–(128.15KB, 1024x554, Sarcophagus Ship preview.jpg)
No.15  [Reply]
Hullbreach, zero gravity, and other ceasing of life from space in CGI form compiled right here.
Link to the artist who made this image, though it's under paywall: https://www.deviantart.com/morguerbb
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¨ No.26
1612381944579.jpg–(80.74KB, 1024x516, SarcophagusShip Requiem 2.jpg)
¨ No.47
1612818077413.jpg–(318.75KB, 1112x1800, HullbreachSamusCGI.jpg)
¨ No.58
1613095554652.jpg–(6.03MB, 3840x2160, HullbreachCGI1.jpg)

File: 1612282663590.webm–(472.61KB, War Crimes Angle A WebM Version.webm)
No.22  [Reply]
Before the fall of past gurochans, I was a lurker. During the off time, I became a content creator. I will post semi often here with my more extreme stuff.
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¨ No.28
Great work and welcome back ^_^
¨ No.49
Nice to see you here, welcome!
¨ No.57
Nice to see your work but I think you should not upload gigantic png files as they will waste server space and everyone's bandwidth and take quite some time to load.
It will be interesting to see what you will make next

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